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How to Subscribe to Trading Signals

| 9 October, 2012 | Views: 51331 | English Russian Chinese Spanish Portuguese

"Signals" in MetaTrader 5 trading platform allow traders to connect to any signal issued by providers. Select and subscribe to any trading signals provider to copy all his or her deals on your account.

Trading Signals in MetaTrader 5

The reliability of all signal providers is carefully checked to provide maximum security. All signals will work only in demo mode within a month. However, you already can master them by subscribing to one of the Expert Advisors participating in the Automated Trading Championship 2012. Please keep in mind that automatic copying of performed deals is possible only when your trading terminal is active (connected to the trade server).

So, how to become an investor?

  1. Open a real or a demo trading account on MetaTrader 5. "Signals" can work with both account types. Download MetaTrader 5 and open an account.

  2. Open an account on

  3. Go to the client terminal Settings and specify your login and password from your account. 

    Specify your login and password from your account

  4. Select a suitable signal in the trading terminal and subscribe to it. Subscription to a signals source will be set with standard parameters: the current day will be set as a start date and duration will be set to 1 month.

    Subscribe to a Signal

  5. Go to the client terminal Settings and check two options in the "Signals" tab: Agree to the terms of use signal service and Enable realtime signal subscription.

    Trading Signals Settings

  6. All is set! From now on, all trading operations performed by the selected signals provider will be automatically copied in your MetaTrader 5 terminal.

 How to Be an Investor with the Signals

You can subscribe to a signal not only from your terminal but also via website. To do this, select a necessary trading signal from the list and click "Subscribe". Select subscription period (weekly or monthly) and a start date. Specify a broker's name (the list of all appropriate names will be shown when you start typing the first symbols) and your login (trading account number) to copy trading deals to.

Monitoring of Trading Signals on displays trading results of all proposed providers. The choice can be made based on the success of trading operations performed by different signal providers. All providers are carefully checked for reliability and allowed to offer their signals only after they successfully pass the test period.

To subscribe to a paid signals source, your account should have sufficient funds to cover the subscription fee. All payments are made in the internal Payment System. Find more information in the "Rules of Using the "Signals" Service".

You can manage your subscriptions via "My Subscriptions" section. Go to the section, select and subscribe to the most suitable signal and try it!


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Alain Verleyen
angevoyageur | 11 Apr 2014 at 18:34

Hi, I noticed my MT4 do not have some instruments such as the NQZ1, NQM2 and NQU2. How can I get them to be activated?

Ask your broker, or find an other that provides these instruments.
mrwayne | 14 Apr 2014 at 07:37
I don't see a " Signal " tab under my MT4 terminal guys ~ even after login at tools -> option -> community
mrwayne | 15 Apr 2014 at 17:12

Haha ! Thank you very much ! The picture is so beautiful >.< !
Rodolfo Almeida Marin
Vhenom | 15 Apr 2014 at 22:57
I had the same problem once , signal tab wasn't enable I just send a message to the support department on the broker i use and just to empazise it in I send them the screenshot of how it was suppose to be and they fix it right away , you should try to do the same... goodluck
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