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MQL4 Source Code Library for the MetaTrader 4 - Experts

Want to learn the MQL4 programming language, but don't know where to start? Here you can find a lot of MQL4 programs for the MetaTrader 4 client terminal. Study these examples and develop your own indicators and Expert Advisors. Being published in the largest library of codes in the MQL4 language, your applications will be accessible from every MetaTrader 4 terminal and MetaEditor IDE.

Your examples in MQL5 will be distributed throughout the world and hundreds of thousands of traders will learn about you!


Expert Advisor that closes orders after defined profit or loss.

Realize virtual profit trailing.

An EA with Parabolic SAR indicator to check for Buy and Sell signals and automatically close the positions to lock in profits.

Expert Advisor template with Trailing Stop, autolots, candle scan, buy block sell and more.

This Expert Advisor is based on SMA, ADX and SAR indicators.

The Expert Advisor shows the current values of World Stock Indices from Google Finance using WebRequest function.

The Expert Advisor shows the properties of the signals, allows to modify the signal copy settings and subscribe or unsubscribe to the selected trade signal.

This is a percentage of the user set stop-loss or profit robot.

Advisor exposes not visible to brokers levels StopLoss, TakeProfit, Breakeven, Traling stop

My first exad.....comment if any not modified and improve ment running..

The EA opens transactions when RSI is Upper or Below 50

EA Crossing of 2 MA

This is the last EA that I created, and I want to share to friends traders. This EA just using a very simple formula, but according to my experience, the formula was accurate enough to make a profit.

This is my first Expert Advisor so please give feedback on how I can improve it to make the best possible EA. Thanks for the inputs in advance and happy trading.

This Expert Advisor is based on your human ability to predict medium and long term trends.

It opens and close transactions depends on MACD vs signal line - upper - opens buy, closes sell, below - closes buy, opens sell.

Adviser may trade in two modes: Martingale and antimartingeyl ...

This code is an Alternative of the missing OnTrade() event in MQL4.

Good For EURUSD. Start by Money $300.

EA depend on distances for 9 orders opened with condition of Stoc 4H >80 sell &

How to load csv signals into your expert

Amazing EA that does not use any indicator. Instead, it follows the price action. Tested from 18 August 1995 to 29th January 2014. It has managed to turn $10,000 to 11,958,183.37.

Artificial Intellegence (by Reshetov) original code is optimized with higher returns and accuracy for positional traders.

GBPJPY 5M Only. Good luck.

liquidex is a HFT EA. It uses moving average and range to determine it's entries and exits.

When price crosses Kijun Sen the EA will closes open positions on the chart.

When price crosses MA the EA will closes open positions on the chart.

It Is placing stop loss and take profit at a given distance. Displays the current status of open orders. For closing of the order it is enough to select and move the label to the left.

Example of working with OBJ_EDIT graphic object.

This isn't an operating EA, but profit management EA.

Example of working with OBJ_LABEL graphic object.

It uses 3 fast MAs to determine entries and exits as well in an event of a crossover.

This is the Expert Advisor with Money Management and signal selection. You can add your own signals in this EA very easily by just adjusting the function signals.

Coensio Swing Trader makes it possible to trade semi-automatically using manually pre-defined support/resistance or breakout levels.

Best used on monthly candlestick charts with four decimal points to a pip (use the JPY version for other pairs). This EA calculates the likelihood of your desired range of pips being hit based on two years of past trading ranges and a statistical forecast

Trade 5min charts mostly EURUSD. Added news filter from Forex Factory and stops. Loads of versions inside. Good luck

EA for Trading on News event, will set BUY and SELL Stop (pending order) then will delete one pending order after open BUY/SELL occur (OCO) on specifed date and time.

Timer is a break trough system.

The idea of this robot is to catch long trends. Crossing the 15Min moving average triggers buy and sell orders.

Trade EURUSD 5 min scalping or similar. Good Luck.