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lktan98 2013.07.18 20:54    from 5 day(s)

EA will based on moving average cross and candle stick closed for enter of trade and using fractal as initial stop loss reference, once the trade become profit, it will set SL as minimum profit and use trailing SL to TP. 

Money management as one of the feature, if long trade take place at price 1.5000, and fractal at 1.4980, SL = fractal + 10pips = 1.4970 (SL=30pips), Equity = 10,000, risk factor = 2%

therefore, amount allocated for SL = 0.02x10000 = 200, Lot size= 200/30 = 6.67 

Parameter to set : period of MA, MA method, Apply to, period, minimum profit ( different broker have different requirement to set initial SL ),

no of pips above/below fractal as SL, Stop level ( when equity drop to a certain level, EA will stop running).

Work on any time frame and multipair currency 

can run at 4/5 digit, ECN/non ECN broker. 

only developer with proposed price will be consider, not necessary go to lowest bidder. 


Job completed in 4 minutes. The portfolio of hnp2500 contains 791 finished jobs. This developer received 308 feedbacks with an average rate of 4.93.
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Bsher Jack Rahmoun Rahwan

JackRh1 2013.07.18 20:58 > 35 USD

Please check out my private message and let me know what do you think, Thanks in advance !

Totom Sukopratomo

tomsuk001 2013.07.18 21:11 > 75 USD     to 3 day(s)
Let me help you
Sergey Diubakin

Diubakin 2013.07.18 21:36
Hello, let me do it.

Skype : Diubakin;  E-mail :  

Bacha Rehman

bachapk 2013.07.18 21:54 80 USD


Let me do it for you :)

Maxim Bondarchuk

belkamax05 2013.07.19 01:47 > 80 USD     from 3 day(s)
Can I see full spec?

Skype: belkamax05

Mail: belkamax05 (a)


about me:

О себе:

  • 100+ выполненных проектов по mql4 в компании
  • программирование на C# для MT4.
  • написание панелей для визуального управления сделками (например

Ricky Wen

wsuib 2013.07.19 02:54 > 75 USD     from 1 to 2 day(s)
Hi, i can do skypeid: ChinaRickySkype.
I created hundreds of EA, indicators for my clients in the past few years, owned rich programming experience on MT4 and MT5.  Also I owned 10 years' IT experience and have rich communication skills.

Feedback of previous jobs from my clients on MQL5.COM (MetaTrader official website) are ALL EXCELLENT:   


EricHe 2013.07.19 05:50
I can do this job.  My feedbacks.
 1) First of all, the software will be implemented completely meeting all your requirements. 
 2) You will have enough time to verify the product. 
 3) Code will be commented, clear, and optimized.
 4) High speed of operation, testing and optimization.
 5) Correct operation under any types of accounts, and any operation mode, for any broker.
 6) Absolute possibilities of optimization of any parameters.

 7) Warranty of intellectual property rights. Your adviser/indicator/script will never be used by us or any others.
 8) Some suggestion on strategy improvement may be provided if needed.

Below is samples of the feedback from my customers.
infarm: Each job gives me more confidence in EricHe. Doesn't give up the job until it works as wanted, even if there is little money to loose. Great programmer!! 
infarm: Great programmer. Developes the job as wanted. I recommend him. 
Vos77: My difficult Mql5 modifications were completed on time and without fault. Perfect... Thanks Eric. 
DXanatos: Your willingness to spend time in a meticulous manner to accomplish and bring to life a new form of trading analysis leaves us at a loss for words to describe the gratitude our team has for your contributions. You have set a benchmark by which all other programmers and developers should be measured. 
ghost_jc: Fantastic work on my Zig Zag EA. Work accordingly to my requirements. Will look forward to work with Eric again soon. 
DXanatos: Have been working with EricHe for 5 months, he has earned customer loyalty with his attention to detail and focus superior programming skills... Great Job 

Wex 2013.07.19 07:30 > 110 USD
hooshang nosratpanah

hnp2500 2013.07.19 10:53 40 USD     2 day(s)

let me do it for you

skype tidicofx



leonid100 2013.07.19 12:02 > 100 USD


I can do it

Irek Gilmutdinov

forexmts 2013.07.19 15:48 100 USD
I can help
Amr Sakr

ElSakr 2013.07.19 23:31
I can do that, contact me.
XuWei Li

kolier 2013.07.20 01:45 < 100 USD     to 3 day(s)

I can do it.

Best regards.


Jian Chen

forex2start 2013.07.20 14:40
Hello. I can do this job. Thanks.
Hadil Mutaqin SE

lazellnet 2013.07.20 17:12 100 USD     from 2 to 5 day(s)
Let me help you
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