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MisterH 2011.11.08 20:00 30 - 60 USD   from 1 to 5 day(s)

I have an indicator called "zig zag close nrp" in mql4.

2 things need to be done:

1) fix it: sometimes it happens that a rising segment is followed by another rising segment (with different slope). This is not correct: if you look at the zig zag indicator you will see that a rising segment can only be followed by a declining segment and vice versa: so no 2 segments with equal sign of slope can follow each other. If you place my current indicator on the chart and let it sit there for a while (i.e. 1 minute chart) does that sometimes: it doesn't do that right after you drop it on the chart, but only if placed on a live chart and left on there for some time. So this needs to be fixed.

2) This indicator is called zig zag close nrp: this means it's similar to the standard zig zag indicator, but with 2 differences: it is only calculated on close prices and it does not repaint (nrp): this means that it does not draw the last leg in real time, but it also means that once the last leg is actually drawn, it does not change values any more. So it is a causal indicator with a bit of delay.

Now this new indicator needs to count the number of bars since the last update of this indicator: since the last time it had a value: if you look in the data window you see that it only gets a value when 2 segments come together: all other bars this indicator has no value. That should make it easy to count.


So first do 1) and then do 2)

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Nero 2011.11.08 21:14 < 30 USD     to 5 day(s)


I can perform this job for you!

Sincerely yours 


Wex 2011.11.08 21:50 > 60 USD     from 5 day(s)
I can help you.
Nazariy Stapyak

WWer 2011.11.11 16:18 30 USD     from 1 to 3 day(s)


I can help you. More about my experience and completed project by request.


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