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Genie Pivot Point Reversal : Pivot Point Reversal scalping Expert Advisor. Author: Genie
Aku Rapopo : The indicator calculates and draws the highest, lowest and median point of certain period. Author: Slamet Hardiyanto
Advanced MTF RSI : With the MTF RSI Indicator you can easily identify the oversold/overbought levels on several different timeframes by using only one chart. Author: Ponder Solutions Limited
BnB : The indicator shows the power of bulls and bears. Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Analyze History : Have you ever wondered if your history files are complete or have gaps (i.e. data missing for some periods of time) ?  This EA reports all the gaps in your history file for the symbol and timeframe selected. Launch the EA in the strategy tester with 'Use date' checkbox...
IDT trading scripts : There are some scripts in the zip archive which could be very usefull in intraday trading. With them you can respond on market changes very quickly. Author: Tomas
The Heavy : The indicator helps to find the correct trend before enter the market. Open trade when Lime Line is greater then Green Line and exit trade when Lime Line is lesser then Green Line. Author: Totom Sukopratomo
Volatility Quality EA : This expert advisor is based on the Volatility Quality Index indicator created by raff1410. Author: bobby
SendAdvancedEmail : SendAdvancedEmail function for Metatrader 4 and 5 with HTML mailbody support. My goal was to have a nice and easy email notification. MQL[45] did not suit me, so I decided to code this in C#. Basically I pass every variable from MQL[45] to this DLL. That is all. You can find...
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BBMACD : BBMACD is the Bollinger Bands® and MACD indicator in the same place at separate window. Author: 3rjfx
Mercado Aberto : Simple indicator that shows when market is open. Author: Marcelo Hoepfner
New article Using MetaTrader 5 Indicators with ENCOG Machine Learning Framework for Timeseries Prediction is published: This article presents connecting MetaTrader 5 to ENCOG - Advanced Neural Network and Machine Learning Framework. It contains description and implementation of a simple neural...
The class for drawing the ADX using the ring buffer : The class is designed for calculation of a technical indicator Average Directional Movement Index (Average Directional Movement Index, ADX) using the algorithm of the ring buffer. The result of the work of the Test_ADX_OnArrayRB.mq5 with the size...
ADX Cross Hull Style : A semaphore, arrow indicator based on the ADX technical indicator Fig.1 The ADX Cross Hull Style indicator Author: Nikolay Kositsin
Tma Slope : TMA Slope indicator (non-repainting version). Author: Alexandre Julien-Pelletier
FxTrend 25EMA : FxTrend 25EMA is based on the difference of the EMA 25 value during two different moments. The FxTrend 25EMA value represent the momentum and the strength in the market. And the color represents the trend. Green => Bullish; Grey   => no trend; Red...
ATR_Filter : Smoothed ATR indicator. Author: mehdi khoshbakhtvash
CCI_Filter : Smoothed CCI indicator. Author: mehdi khoshbakhtvash
RSI_Filter : Smoothed RSI indicator. Author: mehdi khoshbakhtvash
Long Pending Order : When you drag this script onto the chart, it will calculate the price where you drop the script and use this price to figure out if a Buy Stop or Buy Limit pending order should be placed. Author: Marcus Wyatt
Short position : A simple script that allows you to open a Short position using the current price location with a specified Risk Percentage and Reward Ratio. Author: Marcus Wyatt
Long position : A simple script that allows you to open a long position using the current price location with a specified Risk Percentage and Reward Ratio. Author: Marcus Wyatt
MTF EMA 20 : This indicator helps to find possible support/resistance areas after a trend has developed (normally first pullback ends at EMA's region). Author: nc32007a
VR---FIGURA : Different view of the figures and the patterns of the day .... Author: Владимир
New article Building a Social Technology Startup, Part II: Programming an MQL5 REST Client has been published: In the previous part of this article, we presented the architecture of a so-called Social Decision Support System. On the one hand, this system consists of a MetaTrader 5 terminal sending...
CEK OP : The indicator plots trade history on the chart and account informaton. Author: Umar Ismail
MA World : This Expert can run on all Symbols and Time Frames and uses the crossover of two Linear Moving Averages as Signal and an Exponential Moving Average as Trailing Stop. Use the Strategy Tester and build up your complete Trading System. Signal of the Expert is based on the crossover of two...
Mail All Order Status Periodically : Mail all order status periodically. Author: Hongliang Liu
Quickly Open Charts with Different Timeframes : Easy script to help analyze specified symbol, it opens 8 new charts with different periods and applies a specified template. Author: Tadeusz Kiesner
DonForex MinInfo : Some basic information which every trader needs. This indicator is tick - and timer-based also, so you don't have to wait for a new tick to update the time value! It is very useful for display of remaining time. Price display in large font size (last digit is in different...