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lsl1919 2010.05.19 15:59

When I set a breakpoint in MetaEditor and click "debug" menu, a message box will be popped saying "specified symbol is not selected".

And I can't find a way to go on. How to use the debugger in MT5? Is there any available document about how to debug?

If I stop at function OnCalculate,when next tick comes, what will the debugger act?


Documentation on MQL5: Language Basics / Functions / Event Handling Functions
Language Basics / Functions / Event Handling Functions - Documentation on MQL5
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lsl1919 2010.05.19 17:01

When I press F5, no "debug" tab appears.
lsl1919 2010.05.19 17:09

I just tried on an indicator,when trying EA, the debugger works.

What a pity if indicator is not supported...

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