Little Feet V3.1 running on XM Micro Account

The name Little Feet was chosen, because this EA will trade relentlessly using small lots and many small steps. It is therefore perfect for rebates as well, and it runs 24/7.

V1.0, V2.0 and V3.0 are all based on the same concept.  The main difference with V3.1 is filtering of sharp falls and spikes.  DD is reduced but profit is similar.

Little Feet is a Three Dimensional Grid system.  It works hard, does a lot, generates healthy rebates, but also relies on DD.

So lets answer the questions before they even get asked:

1) Stop Losses:  These are hidden, so you will NOT see Stop losses

2) Profit Estimate: Our goal is to obtain gains of approximately 40+ percent in each 60 day period, a very achievable target. This EA is very cyclic, gains are gradual, DD can grow quickly, and rebounds tends to be even quicker.   When used correctly you can expect good profits in each cycle, although each cycle will have its highs and lows.

3 Drawdown:  DD on a worst case scenario is estimated to reach 30%, so... we advise you NOW that you can expect a 30% Draw Down from time to time.  This is not an 'if', but a 'will'.  When this happens you will find the Account will accumulate DD quickly, consolidate, and then spring back with Venim!   If this DrawDown OR the Absence of Server Side Stop Losses (SLs) scares you, then run for the hills and don’t look back. Sorry to see you go, but wish you all the best.

4) Account Configuration: $100 in a Micro account (I use XM).  If you have any questions, then you must ask.

DO NOT follow this signal with money you can not afford to lose.  The 'only' promise we can make, is that we will treat your funds with the 'same' diligence as we treat our own funds.

And be sure to connect this account to a Good Rebate Service.  This EA will generate 10% of rebates per month.  The sibling V2.1 signal has generated $180 in rebates since starting 8 weeks ago.

A good Rebate Service will earn you 10% per month (almost worthwhile by itself).  It would be best if you contact me before opening an XM account. 

Just let the results speak for themselves...  Questions are welcome

Happy tradings...

The EA has been sent to MQL for approval.

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交易: 8 761
盈利交易: 7 746 (88.41%)
亏损交易: 1 015 (11.59%)
最好交易: 2.32 EUR
最差交易: -5.26 EUR
毛利: 217.33 EUR (1 623 833 pips)
毛利亏损: -154.12 EUR (1 621 450 pips)
最大连续赢利: 566 (7.38 EUR)
最大连续盈利: 13.20 EUR (410)
夏普比率: 0.05
交易活动: 100.00%
最大入金加载: 13.89%
采收率: 2.69
长期交易: 8 717 (99.50%)
短期交易: 44 (0.50%)
利润因子: 1.41
预期回报: 0.01 EUR
平均利润: 0.03 EUR
平均损失: -0.15 EUR
最大连续失误: 24 (-3.01 EUR)
最大连续亏损: -20.02 EUR (15)
每月增长: 0.74%
年度预测: 8.97%
最好交易: 2.32 EUR
最大连续赢利: 566 (7.38 EUR)
最大连续盈利: 13.20 EUR (410)
最差交易: -5.26 EUR
最大连续失误: 24 (-3.01 EUR)
最大连续亏损: -20.02 EUR (15)
绝对: 8.64 EUR
最大值: 23.49 EUR (18.59%)
结余: 18.59% (23.49 EUR)
净值: 44.37% (38.14 EUR)

MFE和 MAE分布点图




交易品种 交易 Sell Buy
GBPAUDmicro 1823
GBPJPYmicro 1311
CADJPYmicro 957
AUDJPYmicro 861
NZDJPYmicro 634
AUDCHFmicro 567
NZDUSDmicro 532
EURUSDmicro 479
EURCHFmicro 450
GBPUSDmicro 391
AUDUSDmicro 373
GOLDmicro 239
AUDNZDmicro 142
USDJPYmicro 2

基于有关不同交易商真实账户的执行统计的平均滑移点按点数指定。它取决于 XM.COM-AU-Real 16 提供商以及订阅者之间不同的报价,以及订单执行的延迟。值越低意味着复制的质量越高。

XM.COM-Real 18
0.00 × 4
XM.COM-Real 3
0.00 × 9
XM.COM-AU-Real 17
0.19 × 27
XM.COM-Real 16
0.44 × 2676
XM.COM-Real 13
0.60 × 1532
XM.COM-Real 17
1.12 × 25
XMTrading-Real 12
1.63 × 16
2.00 × 22
6.00 × 2
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Petr Jelen
2016.12.17 11:23 

I am a subscriber of Little Feet Micro since september (there was also one previous signal, which ended +40%) and can confirm, that this signal based on Little Feet EA generates stable long-term profits (avg. 40% per 2 months).

Cornelis is very helpful, fair and communicative. Recommended.

I have now bought the Little Feet EA to have the grid adapted to my account balance:

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