I am an experienced trader with more than 8 years experience who is currently working in investment firm, join me if you hope to grow with me. Thank you.

My famous QUOTES: Safe trading is safe and profitable in long term! Stop trading when it is unsafe!

This Signal is intended for deposit of at least 2000 USD and above. After many months of very successful trading in my another signal, i am asked to open a new signal as a complement for big capital account so that it will provide a much balanced and better reward for big investors. Due to much bigger startup of the capital, so the trades are expected to be less but they are of higher quality, and it is expected to have only 5-20 trades per month to limit unwanted risk.

Trading mode: Manual trading based on big investment banks money flow, policy maker's statement and economic data with the help of technical analysis of divergence, dow theory, price ambiguity and bollinger band.

Strategy: Both scalping and long term trading

Recommended Broker: CLICK!!! (Please choose under FSA Seychelles regulator on top of the page of registration and open an ECN PRO account after account verification, this broker is a true STP broker which means it passes your trading orders directly to liquidity provider and it has no conflict of interest with their clients, hence it provides a safer place for you to keep your fund, this broker has also been proven to be best in copying mql5 signal as it provides lowest spread and latency in trade copying without restricting their clients to use any type of trading strategy. Please inbox me if you need help in account opening)

*You will get an extra 5% commission discount on all trades if you register using my IB code: IB94102285 during trading account registration under the recommended broker

Minimum suggested deposit: 2000 USD

You will be having same risk as mine in this signal.

Spread and trade execution: You will need a low spread and latency broker to copy my signal to avoid slippage, i would strongly recommend to register through the promotional link above to get 5% discount in commission from the broker with lowest latency to reduce any possible risk of slippage and have exact trades as mine!

Expected WIN:LOSS ratio will be 9:1 in long term. Cut loss when trading condition is out of control is expected!

Do drop me a private message if you need any help for this signal, i am always happy to assist you.

Warning: Copy Trades quality will greatly be reduced if subscription without the use of low spread broker as suggested! Trading might be stopped during unfavorable moment for days to avoid risky trading.
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交易: 61
盈利交易: 59 (96.72%)
亏损交易: 2 (3.28%)
最好交易: 2 785.82 USD
最差交易: -305.15 USD
毛利: 25 435.74 USD (1 722 pips)
毛利亏损: -440.52 USD (39 pips)
最大连续赢利: 32 (17 876.62 USD)
最大连续盈利: 17 876.62 USD (32)
夏普比率: 0.91
交易活动: 60.90%
最大入金加载: 61.82%
采收率: 81.91
长期交易: 27 (44.26%)
短期交易: 34 (55.74%)
利润因子: 57.74
预期回报: 409.76 USD
平均利润: 431.11 USD
平均损失: -220.26 USD
最大连续失误: 1 (-305.15 USD)
最大连续亏损: -305.15 USD (1)
每月增长: 13.52%
年度预测: 164.02%
最好交易: 2 785.82 USD
最大连续赢利: 32 (17 876.62 USD)
最大连续盈利: 17 876.62 USD (32)
最差交易: -305.15 USD
最大连续失误: 1 (-305.15 USD)
最大连续亏损: -305.15 USD (1)
绝对: 0.00 USD
最大值: 305.15 USD (2.27%)
结余: 2.25% (305.15 USD)
净值: 55.28% (5 117.08 USD)

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2017.03.23 21:29 


2017.03.23 03:21  (已更改2017.03.23 03:25)   

Hi The link provided does not allow subscription renewal. Still keeping the faith that we recover. Break even 1.065 Set email alarms for this level and keep tracking if your account can not be renewed.

2017.03.22 01:16   

Praying doesn't help in this case :-)

I guess it's time to calculate how much the price could move against you, before it wipes you out.

With current trades & if no deposit will be made in the meantime, Angie will be wiped out somewhere at 1.097. By that price level, I guess most of us will be wiped out as well. I know I will be.

2017.03.21 11:43 


@ Douglas: Well if you are already subscribed, I believe it's possible to renew. Option is available in tabs Signals=>My subscriptions.

It's going to be tough now. 1,08 -1,082 must hold. Good luck all.


Thank you for the frequent updates. It's a pity FED meeting didn't had the effect which was anticipated by many (signal providers and analysts). Forex is not riskfree. I have faith Ching Angie can recover and who knows: Maybe even have an acceptable risk reward. Good luck all.

@ Juan: My max DD is 27% today at worst moment. If you have 40% your settings and/or balance are/is not OK.

@ all: if your account is already blown you have multiplied trades or insufficient balance for opening the smallest lotsize.


Good risk reward ratio. Not trading during uncertain market circumstances. Great communication ... By far my favourite trader from all signals I have. Happy to be back. Keep up the good work!!


Thank you for all the updates. In my opinion a bit too much, but you have to calm down the subscribers on SMALL TO BIG MONEY. I understand that. Happy with trading views and entries. Hopefully it will hit your hit your TP. That's almost 20% profits, which will be a great risk reward ratio. Good luck all!


Thanks for the update Angie. Like I have said earlier, Angie is one of the best in communication and the explanation/view on fundamentals is in my opinion legit. I hope the running trades turn into profit by the end of this week with lots of data.

I have to correct something. I have stated that there was quite a large DD, around 40%. If I was more patient it turned out OK. I intervened myself and took losses. But this DD is way lower than other signals I have experienced. Some signals had to deposit x5 its balance to survive. Forex is not a risk less business. I must say if DD of 10% makes you nervous (though a lot sources say not more then 5% per trade), Forex is not your thing. As long as risk reward ration is in line (1:1) or better, it's fine by me. Good luck all!!

---Update 31-1-2017---

Pity we missed the adjusted TP with just 5 pips. Adjustment was right, compared to the risked pips. it's always easy to make conclusions afterwards...


I had followed another signal of Angie in 2016, cancelled sub after a big DD and accepted my losses. In the end everything ended with a little profit, though the risk reward ratio was very bad. But Angie is one of the best in communication and I do appreciate her comment in the What's New section!

Historical trades of this signal are looking quite good, so I'm gonna give it a try. Full first review at the end of this week with rating. I hope DD stays acceptable (max 25% DD?). Good luck Angie and all!

update: Already a nice profit on the first day. Last to trades had a 1:2 and 1:3 risk reward ratio so that was a good trade. Good luck all!


I had followed another signal of Angie in 2016, cancelled sub after a big DD and accepted my losses. In the end everything ended with a little profit, though the risk reward ratio was very bad. But Angie is one of the best in communication and I do appreciate her comment in the What's New section!

Historical trades of this signal are looking quite good, so I'm gonna give it a try. Full first review at the end of this week with rating. I hope DD stays acceptable (max 25% DD?). Good luck Angie and all!

---Update 25-1-2017---

Already a nice profit on the first day. Last to trades had a 1:2 and 1:3 risk reward ratio so that was a good trade. Good luck all!

Yuchen Zhang
2017.03.21 08:31 


现在,就算大家的账户侥幸活下来了,我觉得跟angle 也一点儿关系都没有,因为我们承担了巨额的风险。虽然做外汇是高风险的,但是也可以通过仓位管理来让风险减低


2017.03.20 17:10 

I appreciate all the communication provided by Angie but now MQL5 has blocked subscriptions to her signal. What should we do if our subscription ends while the positions are still opened?

2017.03.20 09:34   

I am deeply worried about whether the account can withstand the following market, really tragedy, 100% behind the profit must be accompanied by 100% risk, remember this lesson.

2017.03.18 14:27   

Hi Angie, would it not be OK to trade as the market is now hopefully it until turns out as you predict. A lot of lost time.

Gaiming Yuan
2017.03.17 21:14   


2017.03.16 20:41 

But What will you do if the gate will go up more and more and more?

2017.03.16 07:58 

Great job, keep on.

Juan Chacon
2017.03.15 21:35 

Today March 15 the losses ascend to 40% $ 8040 this is crazy .. nothing advisable .. for a costly and terrible signal

Maksim Miroshkin
2017.03.15 21:23  (已更改2017.03.17 08:19) 

Спасибо большое за убытки. Первый месяц и сразу минус 40%. Выходит раньше просто везло. Все знали, что ставку повысят, но доллар не укреплялся. Это уже должно было насторожить и заставить принять страховочные меры. Похоже на разворот тренда. А работать без стоп лоссов это не профессионально.

---- Statistics show that the dollar has always strengthened on expectations of FED rate hikes and weakened when the rate rises. I think 1,05 we can no longer see in the coming year.

2017.03.13 03:56 


Не комфортно и нервозно!

Торговля большим лотом без стопов плюс усреднение ещё и перед NFP. Далее позиция пересижывается и заставляет нервничать.

Jarrar Khan
2017.03.11 08:52  (已更改2017.03.22 11:42) 


Dear Angie, you have great ability to handle the trade and we trust you completely, please keep it up man


Dear Angie, Thank you for continuously updating & facing to the subscribers. please keep the hedging option in your plan, anyway I am confident that you will handle the situation again.

2017.03.10 10:46  (已更改2017.03.21 14:59) 

now that we are above 1.08, I'd like to ask to Angie what is plan B in case of a further bullishness:

- use of hedging, to stop DD?

- stop loss?

- further sell orders at better price?


thanks a lot, I hope you can give us some information


great signal; just missing trailing stop in order to avoid situations of missed TP like the one we are facing now

Chi Man Wong
2017.03.07 10:08 


Prastyo Kano Putra
2017.03.06 16:18 


Gabriel Martin Chiaradia
2017.03.06 15:36 


Sam Abdellah
2017.03.05 09:53  (已更改2017.03.21 13:09) 

I'm sure it will turn out well. Drawdowns are perfectly common in the forex business

2017.03.23 18:24 2017.03.23 18:24:37 

Dear my subscribers,

The situation is becoming more controllable and market has started to see the possible 4 rate hikes in this year where this is one of the factor where current trades based on. If you see closely on daily chart, it has formed a double top, and this technically means that the further bull shall be limited. I hope we could be more patient in current bad condition, of course, our main target is for our TP to hit, anyway, i will readjust accordingly if needed. Thank you.




2017.03.22 05:23 2017.03.22 05:23:54 

Dear my subscribers,

The drawdown is currently higher than the permitted 30% by mql5 for signal subscription, if you face any difficulties in renewing subscription, you could check out this link and renew it here.


Hope it helps, thank you.



2017.03.21 16:32 2017.03.21 16:32:41 

Dear my subscribers,

It is a bad moment for all of us as of now, as the recent over optimism on Euro hit us badly currently. Still, our current trades are based on anticipation on few factors of coming anticipations which are 4 rate hikes price in of US, Reduction of balance sheet by FOMC, next month French election worries and huge interest rate divergence between USD and EURO (increased borrowing cost). From current point of view, current trades will take us another few weeks before we could end up nicely. At current critical condition, smart hedging will be implemented if necessary. 1.08 shall be the point where we could start to see some bearish momentum as this is a very good point for all the big investors to again go for shorting eurusd for those anticipations i mentioned. It is not a moment that all of us hope to come, i am having a higher than usual drawdown too which i don't really wish to see in my accounts just like you, however, it is my courtesy to trade and handle the current trades diligently at this critical moment. There are a lot of "if" that you could mention, but please remember that this is real time trading, and all the trades are based on my solid anticipations. Sometimes, the market could skew temporarily to the other side to create larger discrepancy for what it is supposed to be in the future, but certainly at this current price, it will attract more market big players to short EURUSD due to attractive rewards based on the discrepancy. I know it is a hard decision for us to take, it is the same to me as well, but my decision is all made based on my analysis of the market primarily on fundamental aspects. Extra selling positions will be prevented, instead hedging will be used if needed. Thank you.




2017.03.15 22:01 2017.03.15 22:01:21 

Dear my subscribers,

I apologize for the increased drawdown that we are experiencing, I am still holding my view the same as the update in 10th of March. Today, the rate hike came as expected however, the 4 rate hike factoring in as i expected slid off by market investors after a moderate tone of Yellen on the market view. Yet, she keeps the door opened for a faster rate hike if Trump policy could be seen to heat up the economy. Due to this aspect, our trades will take longer than i expected to turn to my target point. With all the fundamental elements in place, i highly anticipate that eurusd will be brought to 1.045 or 1.04 price region in medium term. The current drawdown shall be capped before 1.08. Thank you.




2017.03.14 21:21 2017.03.14 21:21:55 

Dear my subscribers,

I remain the same view as my last news update, please don't close or interrupt the current positions on your own because as i said the trades are good. Don't let your emotion ruins the profits. Please be patient and let me handle everything for you as always. Thank you.




2017.03.10 19:49 2017.03.10 19:49:57 

Dear my subscribers,

I am sorry for the drawdown goes higher, however, it is still under a well manageable condition and our trades are all in line with current fundamental aspects, we are not doing anything against trend and the NFP was solid and supportive for March US rate hike next week. It will soon open up a new table for investors to factor in 4 interest rate hikes this year. The current drawdown is basically temporary take profit by investors on eurusd shorting positions after some slight improved tones from ECB. Yet, the French election will be in next month, and Brexit is ongoing this month with addition of US rate hike on table, The current bullish momentum of eurusd is very well viewed as temporary retracement. Due to increased volatility, i highly recommend that all subscribers to keep at least 1000 usd in your trading account to avoid any unnecessary risk coming from sudden spike. In fact, i see current situation as a good opportunity overall as it will open up more selling opportunity with more rooms for us to gain better profit. As i mentioned very well in my signal page that 500 usd starting investment in my signal is high risk trading, at current higher volatility, it is much better to temporary increase it to 1000 usd to avoid the risk from temporary spike and withdraw as soon as current trades are all closed. Again, the condition is not as bad as you think, and i am 96% confident that current trades would all run into profits and i am very well aware of what i am doing. I am sorry that i have more than 100 messages in my inbox, please give me some time to reply all. Thank you.




2017.03.09 17:38 2017.03.09 17:38:25 

Dear my subscribers,

I know how frustrated it can be when profitable trades run into drawdown, however, it was my decision to keep the trade running for better profits. Current trades are very well in lined with the medium term fundamental outlook of eurusd and current drawdown is very low and considered healthy. Every trading decision comes with a risk, however, i can ensure you that the drawdown shall be temporary. Thank you.




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