Why should you start copying exactly this signal?

  1. Experience - Over 18 years of trading in the Forex market, during this time I overcame a lot of crisis
  2. Honesty - I'm not trading to get more subscribers. I am the trader. So I trade to get more money. That's why I won't be able to find ideal up-straight line of my chart. There are raising and falling in each regular trade, but with me, no matter will happen, we will move straight forward
  3. Safety - I won't open any position without Stop Loss order. When you choose signals that don't use a Stop Loss, you will risk all your deposit and it could be situation when in one "perfect moment" something could go wrong ...
  4. Stability - This signal shows more than two years of profitable trading (MQL unfortunately doesn't show the entire history) and over 4 years of successful testing
  5. Efficiency - The expected profit per month is about 15-20%, which is higher than in any kind of the bank
  6. Low risk - The deposit was recovered for less than two weeks after the biggest drawdown 


  • PAMM-account of this signal is in the Top-10 among 3732 other accounts (for confirmation of this information send me a private message, it is forbidden to post links to other services in signal's description...)
  • The mathematical expectation of the trading system more than 3 points
  • Long series of winning trades (max. 18 trades in a row)
  • It has taken less than a year to increase deposit for more than 400% at the same time, the maximum loss was at the lowest level of 25.97%

Description of the trading system

Trade begins at the end of the US session and at the beginning of the Pacific session. I use low-volatility time for small and stable profit at the same time with low risks. Stop orders are placed immediately after the opening of the position! The values of ​​stops were scrutinized for each currency pair. The position size could be changed depending on the day of the week and the actual profitability of each pair. All currency pairs are constantly testing and verifying for compliance with this trading system. The minimum efficiency could be reached after one month trade. The minimum deposit is $500, the recommended deposit is $1,000.

Recommended broker

For more accurate copying of the signal and to reduce slippage, I recommend to open an account in Tickmill. If you are choosing the "signal's broker" and if you are setting up the settings in the correct way, you are eliminating all the external factors that may prevent profitable copying of the signal.

If you will open a deposit in Tickmill following this link you will get a 5% discount from the broker's commission and a partial or full refund of money that you spent on subscription to this signal.

IMPORTANT: When you are registering you must choose the Seychelles regulation.

Summing up, we get the following benefits:

  • Safety broker with a long history
  • Quiet trading with FSA or FCA regulation
  • Low spreads
  • Low slippage
  • 5% discount from broker's commission
  • Partial or full refund of subscription

Link for registration in FCA regulated Tickmill - Tickmill (FCA regulated)

Link for registration in FSA regulated Tickmill - Tickmill (FSA regulated)

But anyway the choice is yours! So you should think twice about this important theme!

If you have any questions send me a private message. I promise that I will answer for all questions!

Best wishes, Valery Brusilovskiy

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交易: 445
盈利交易: 343 (77.07%)
亏损交易: 102 (22.92%)
最好交易: 36.03 USD
最差交易: -102.98 USD
毛利: 2192.81 USD (29712 pips)
毛利亏损: -1252.93 USD (14013 pips)
最大连续赢利: 18 (205.46 USD)
最大连续盈利: 205.46 USD (18)
夏普比率: 0.22
交易活动: 12.48%
最大入金加载: 33.62%
采收率: 4.40
长期交易: 231 (51.91%)
短期交易: 214 (48.09%)
利润因子: 1.75
预期回报: 2.11 USD
平均利润: 6.39 USD
平均损失: -12.28 USD
最大连续失误: 5 (-69.47 USD)
最大连续亏损: -171.41 USD (3)
每月增长: -0.46%
年度预测: -5.60%
最好交易: 36.03 USD
最大连续赢利: 18 (205.46 USD)
最大连续盈利: 205.46 USD (18)
最差交易: -102.98 USD
最大连续失误: 5 (-69.47 USD)
最大连续亏损: -171.41 USD (3)
绝对: 0.00 USD
最大值: 213.77 USD (18.64%)
结余: 21.66% (35.68 USD)
净值: 25.97% (33.52 USD)

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2017.04.18 03:53 


Leon W
2017.04.18 03:10 


Khalid Mustafa
2017.04.17 23:26   

all most daliy loss

2017.04.13 17:05 

Кроме всего того что убыток второй месяц, есть ещё момент: если у вас другой брокер, чем у этого трейдера, то получите ещё больше убыток в несколько раз, т.к. он открывает большие ордеры на открытии рынка, у многих брокеров в этот момент расширен спред. Я ухожу, пока весь депозит не слит.

In addition to the fact that the net loss for the second month, there is another point: if you have a different broker than a trader, you will get more loss in a few times since it opens up large orders at the opening of the market, many brokers at this moment widened the spread. I'm leaving until the entire Deposit is not fused.

jin zhou
2017.04.13 06:47  (已更改2017.04.20 03:11) 

There seems to be a pattern on MQL5 of new signals with great loss free track records that once they get published for subscription start losing. And this signal looks like one of those with 5 losses out of the past 16 closed trades and 2 more open trades with a big out of range draw down.

When I subscribed 2 weeks ago the signal had a 4 month trade history with about 100 wins and 1 loss with short small draw downs of not much more than 10%. Now there are a lot of losses and a 24% draw down that looks like it may go on for a while.

I've seen this repeatedly on MQL5 where a new signal with a good trade history goes bad once it's published. It seems like the signal providers can game the system to publish what looks like a good signal to run up subscriptions. And once it's published and they get the subscribers money it starts losing and the only one making money is the signal provider.

2017.03.17 08:31 


2017.03.17 06:52   

After more than 23% minus in two weeks, i'm out. Have fun with this system guys, whoever stays

Jhon Alexander Bahos Canencio
2017.03.17 03:11  (已更改2017.03.22 01:22) 

hmmm my first 3 days, only losses :S , if u know that when markets moves so fast u for sure will dont trade that days..........

Pui See Chung
2017.03.17 01:53 

I just start for first day and hit big losses. Bad...

Jing Cao
2017.03.17 01:37 


2017.03.16 23:24   

I am new subscriber and seen Too Many loss to start? Is it because of unusual behavior due to time adjustment - US Summer time?

or this is normal and we will recover? Please check and update us.

2017.03.10 12:21 

Bravo Valeriy, continua così :-)

2017.03.01 09:48  (已更改2017.03.17 13:46) 

I just subscribe three days ago and today I discovered that 10% of my account is blown in two days. Bad new. Based on history and averages, it will probably change. Come on Valery give us a good end of the week I know you can do it¡¡

Fuat Ulugay
2017.03.01 06:01  (已更改2017.03.01 06:02)   

I began copying 2 days before. So far I lost 9% of my capital.

I hope it gets better soon. I will update my results in a few days.

2017.02.25 14:53 

Great signals, please set SL for every orders

Sascha Planert
2017.02.23 07:41 

Looks nice. stoploss is always there :-)

2017.02.21 19:41  (已更改2017.02.27 10:48) 

I choose Cycle Tickmill based on its merits in the last four months. I certainly hope that your good works will continue.

Why did you change the name from Cycle Tickmill into Conservative?

2017.04.28 12:25 2017.04.28 12:25:17 

Дорогие друзья,

Мы почти закончили торговую неделю и хотелось бы подвести итоги.

Сделок было немного по нескольким причинам. Во-первых были выборы во Франции, многие трейдеры на них потеряли деньги

и я признаюсь честно мы бы тоже присоединились к их числу, если бы вошли в торговлю. Поэтому это торговое затишье

сэкономило нам приличную сумму денег.

Во-вторых по результатам последних месяцев мы решили усовершенствовать торговую стратегию брать редко, но метко. Количество

сделок немного уменьшиться, но процент выигрышей, а что более важно математическое ожидание - увеличиться. В эпоху Трампа, Ле Пен и

других персонажей немного осторожности не помешает!


Dear friends,

We've almost finished our trade week and I want to sum up our results.

There weren't a lot of trade deals for several reasons. First of all, there were elections in France, lots of traders lost their money thanks to them and I will tell you honestly that we would also joined them if we had decided to start trading. That's why this trading silence saved us decent amount of money.

Secondly, according to last months results we decided to improve a little bit our strategy and take rarely, but aptly. Deals quantity will be reduced, but percentage of win trades and, what is more important, the mathematical expactation will be increased. In the era of Trump, Le Pen and others is very useful to be more careful than usual.

2017.03.17 13:13 2017.03.17 13:13:51 

Дорогие друзья,

Хотелось бы объяснить, что произошло вчера.

Как Вам всем известно моя стратегия построена на тихих и спокойных азиатских сессиях, впрочем, какими они в большинстве своем и являются, и когда происходят какие-то резкие движения - мы проигрываем.

Что и произошло вчера.. После очередного пафосного выступления Трампа (Боже храни Трампа), в котором он призвал к более справедливому торговому сотрудничеству с Европой, вчера Эвальд Новотны, член ЕЦБ, подтвердил его слова и рынок сошел с ума. Его речь привела к переоценке стоимости евро и показало некое преимущество Европы над США.

Хочу вам сказать, что я обдумываю вариант остановки торговли перед выступлениями Трампа - мне было бы интересно узнать, что вы думаете на этот счет?

Также важно для меня отметить, что я ни в коем случае не обманываю вас, как некоторые другие трейдеры. Если мы несем потери, мы несем их вместе. Вы можете посмотреть на размер моих собственных вложений в каждый сигнал. Я не из тех кто кидает гроши на счет, а зарабатывает с подписчиков.

Так что я полностью разделяю Вашу боль. Но хочу вам сказать, что я как никогда спокоен и уверен в своих силах. За 18 лет активной работы на рынке Форексе я видел гораздо более страшные вещи.

Огромное человеческое спасибо я хочу сказать людям, которые мне сейчас в личку пишут слова поддержки. Ваша вера в меня - окрыляет!

Если бы я был не трейдером, а инвестором, то я бы именно в такие моменты деньги и вкладывал, так как теперь дорога только вверх!

Я спокоен, собран и сейчас работаю с тройным усилием!

Хорошей нам всем торговли!


Dear friends,

I just wanted to explain what happened yesterday.

As you all know, my strategy is based on calm and stable asian session, however what they really are in most of the time, and in time of big price movements we are losing. What actually happened yesterday.

After the regular pathos Trump's speech (God save Trump), in which he called for more equitable trade cooperation with Europe, yesterday Ewald Nowothny, ECB member, confirmed his speech and the market went crazy. His speech led to reassessment of the euro cost and showed certain advantage of Europe under the USA.

I want to tell you that I'm thinking about option of stopping trading before any Trump's speech - tell me what are you thinking about it?

Also it's very important for me to sign that I'm not cheating you, like other traders do. If we are losing money, we losing together. You can take a look at the size of my own deposits in each signal. I'm not the one of those which puts dime to their accounts and makes money from their subscribers.

So I completely share your pain! But I need to tell that I'm calm and steady like anytime before. For 18 years of active trade I've seen much more horrible things.

Huge thanks I wanted to tell to people that are writting me private messages with their support. Your faith in me inspires!

If I wasn't a trader, but investor I would invest exactly at such moments, 'cause now the only way is up!

I'm calm, steady and now I work with triple effort.

Good trade for all of us!

2017.03.11 18:23 2017.03.11 18:23:15 

Добрый вечер, дорогие подписчики.

Радостно могу вам сообщить, что на этой неделе все сигналы закрылись с прибылью.

Кто-то больше заработал, кто-то меньше (у каждого сигнала свои риски), но выросли все.

После не самой удачной первой недели месяца, второй мы практически компенсировали потерянные позиции.

Спасибо тем, кто остался со мной несмотря на серьезную просадку счета. Я остаюсь верен своей стратегии (которая

оттачивалась в течении продолжительного времени) так как ничего принципиально нового не произошло, а безубыточных стратегий, как известно

не бывает!

Итак, собственно результаты:

Консервативный +45.44$ +3.59%

Высокоприбыльный +62.87 +5.84%

Низкоубыточный +26.88 +4.28%

Сбалансированный +43.46 +4.86%

Безопасный +175.49 +9.91%


Good evening, dear subscribers!

I glad to announce you that this week all signals were closed with profit.

Some signals earned more, others earned less (each signal has it owns risks), but they all signals have risen.

After the unsuccessful first week of the month, we almost turned back all losses in the second week. Thank you for those who has stayed with me despite a little drawdown of the account. I still believe and follow to my strategy (that was tested during a long time) as didn’t happen anything new and unexpected, but break-even strategies, as is known does not happen.

So, actually, our results:

Conservative +45.44$ +3.59%

High-profitable +62.87 +5.84%

Low-loss +26.88 +4.28%

Balanced +43.46 +4.86%

Safety +175.49 +9.91%

2017.03.01 09:21 2017.03.01 09:21:53 

Good morning, my dear subscribers!

To prevent a lot of questions I want to tell you what did happen last night.

As we all know stop loss was taken last night because of Trump's speech in senate.

First of all I would like to tell you that exactly for these reasons I always put SL to minimaze

risks of huge losses.

Second of all it happens very rarely (I mean situations when Stop Loss is taken), so farther

it will be better.

And finally I want to tell that I'm not stopping to monitor the markets, so if something changing

I always make adjustments.

Big thanks for you trust and your patience!


Доброе утро, мои дорогие подписчики!

Чтобы предотвратить поток вопросов я хочу вам рассказать, что случилось прошлой ночью.

Как известно, прошлой ночью, было взятие Стоп Лосса, которое было спровоцировано речью Трампа в Сенате.

Прежде всего хотелось бы заметить, что именно для таких случаев я все позиции открываю со стоп лоссом,

чтобы предотвратить большие потери.

Также я могу сказать, что такие ситуации (взятие стоп лосса) происходят крайне редко, так что дальше

торговля будет идти лучше.

И под конец я не устану повторять, что мониторинг рынка происходит каждый день, поэтому если происходят

какие-то изменения на рынке я всегда вношу коррективы.

Большое спасибо за ваше доверие и ваше спокойствие!

2017.02.25 11:58 2017.02.25 11:58:50 


As usual I want to sum up our results for the last week.

So, it was pretty good week and we earned 74.19$ that is

6.12% growth of total amount.

Your funds, dear subscribes, have raised for almost 80K for only one week

and now the total amount is 200K$.

Have a good weekend!

Sincerely yours, Valery!

2017.02.19 19:05 2017.02.19 19:05:16 

Dear friends,

Last week was very hard, but despite the planned loss we succeeded to close that week with a small growth.

Here are the results:

Total profit for week - 33.75$

Account growth percentage - 2.86%

I enjoy to trade with you! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to appeal to me!

Have a good week!

2017.02.16 12:01 2017.02.16 12:01:06 

Subscribers' fund in Cycle Tickmill Night signal grew up to more than 100 thousands of dollars!!!

Thank you for your trust!


2017.02.12 15:50 2017.02.12 15:50:53 

Dear Colleagues, I want to sum up the results of the last week trade.

Using this signal we got:

Total profit for week - 69.75$

Account growth percentage - 6.3%

I made 4 trade deals in EUR/JPY - all in profit,

USD/CAD 2 trade deals 1 in profit, 1 - in loss

EUR/AUD 1 deal in profit

AUD/CAD 1 deal in profit

I think that it will be interesting for you to see also results from all of my signals, so:


Total profit for week - 67.1$

Account growth percentage - 6.35%

EUR/JPY - 4 profit deals

AUD/CAD - 3 profit deals

USD/CAD - 1 profit, 1 loss

EUR/AUD - 1 profit

GBP/AUD - 1 profit

Oil - 1 loss


Total profit for week - 34.74$

Account growth percentage - 5.6%

EUR/JPY - 4 profit deals

AUD/CAD - 1 profit deal

EUR/AUD - 1 profit, 1 loss

USD/CAD - 1 profit, 1 loss

Oil - 1 loss


Total profit for week - 56.58$

Account growth percentage - 5.9%

AUD/CAD - 1 profit deal

EURJPY - 4 profit

USD/CAD - zero profit deal

EUR/AUD - 2 profit

EUR/GBP - 1 loss

Thank you for your trust!

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