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Price Distance from Moving Average

Moving Average Distance Indicator

The “Moving Average Distance Indicator” calculates the difference between the instrument's price and the moving average, showing this difference in percentage values ​​or in price. In other words, it indicates how far the price is from the moving average.

What is it for?

The great advantage of this indicator is the ease to compare movement expansions that occurred in the past, at different price levels, as the indicator works in a levelled way. The moving average remains flat on the indicator (level zero), while the oscillating line represents the price difference in relation to this average. The indicator shows positive values ​​when the instrument’s price is trading above the moving average, and negative values ​​when trading below.

Expansion and compression of moving averages

The relationship between price and moving average works like a rubber band: each time the price deviates from the average and the distance increases, the moving average exerts a force to "pull back", reducing this gap. The shorter the moving average period and the time frame, the more frequently and easily these movements will occur.

By analyzing a long period of time, it is possible to determine how far the asset is normally able to deviate from the moving average. If it is possible to identify several tops or bottoms in the same value range, they become important points of support or resistance, based purely on the movement of price expansion.

The “Moving Average Distance Indicator” can serve as a great tool to show whether an asset has reached a movement exhaustion, and could possibly lose its strength, start a range movement, or even initiate a movement in the opposite direction.

It is up to each trader to choose the moving average period and the time frame to work with, based on your knowledge in Technical Analysis, and considering your investment goals. Regardless of the chosen setup, we recommend viewing the chart zoomed away, in order to be able to visualize a longer period of time, to identify the best levels of support and resistance.

指标供需 RSJ PRO 计算并在图表上绘制“供应”和“需求”区域,识别区域类型(弱、强、已验证、已证明),并在区域重新测试的情况下显示它的次数 被重新测试。 “供应”区是出现供大于求的价格区域,导致价格下跌。 “需求”区域是需求大于供应的价格区域,从而推高价格。 区域分类 弱:价格区域,如果重新测试,可能会被违反。 强:价格区域已经改变了趋势方向,不太可能很快被重新测试。 已验证:强价区,最多有1-3次复测,但价格未能突破该区。 证明:强势价格区域,有3次或以上复测,但价格未能突破该区域。 Broken/Turncoat:被打破的价格区域,在支撑的情况下成为阻力,在阻力的情况下成为支撑。 设置 视觉设置: 显示弱区:将显示分类为弱的区域。 显示未测试区域:将显示未测试区域。 Show Broken Zones:显示被破坏的区域 合并区域:指标将非常接近的区域转换为更宽的区域 扩展区域:指标将检查是否有与绘制区域对应的先前限制,并将扩展相同 计算设置: 用于分析的蜡烛数量:指标将用于对区域进行分类的蜡烛数量。 它可以在 500 到 5000 根蜡烛之间。 ATR 周期:用于计算 A
77 USD
This is a simple to use Pin Bar indicator for the MetaTrader 5 platform. Current configuration sets a pin at: Min nose ratio: 60  Max body ratio: 40 Both are customizable. On a bearish pin a red diamond/dot appears. On a Bullish pin a green diamond/dot appears (only after the candlestick has closed). The indicator works on all timeframes. Pictures show 2 different timeframes and different settings.
10 USD
The indicator includes the following windows functions: Rectangular window Hanning1 window Hanning2 window Blackman window Blackman_Harris window Triangular window Triangular1 window Triangular2 window Bartlett window Welch window Parzen window Cosine window Modblackharr window Nuttall window Nuttall20 window Nuttall11 window Nuttall02 window Nuttall30 window Nuttall21 window BlackmanNuttall window Flattop window Gauss window AdjustableGaussian window Wp2inp window Poisson window BartlettHann wi
19 USD
EasyPen Free
Karlis Balcers
3.22 (9)
这是 EasyPen 的演示版本。它被设计用于,以漂亮、创新的方式来创建和管理您的所有图表分析,随笔,注解以及更多。该应用得益于新的 MQL5 所提供的在其它旧版 MQL 中从所未见的技术。 一款应用改变所有。 目前没有存在的绘图应用,可以达到 EasyPen 的定制水准。改变画笔颜色, 选择笔刷大小, 保存绘图, 保持绘图在指定位置和图表, 以及更多。利用超过 210 种颜色和 6 个笔刷大小, 您可以制作您希望看到的任何事物。 简洁与功能性 EasyPen 是漂亮和易用的。界面简洁、直观,但在其温柔外表的背后,EasyPen 可产生强大生产力冲击!用画笔来表达您自己, 可定制多色彩和线宽。 特点: 在图表上绘图; 使用 "填充" 功能改变大型区域颜色; 在图表上添加您喜好的指标, 并在它们之上绘图; 希望更大 - 滚动您的图表并继续绘制。您之前的绘图将被加载到图表上,并且不会消失; 通过鼠标在屏幕上点击,简单的删除; 保存您的绘图,并在以后出示给您的朋友; 选择您希望的任意颜色 - 此处有它们的全部; 选择 6 个不同的笔刷大小; 平滑和快速绘图; 独立背景色。 EasyPen 提
Envelopes is an excellent indicator when the market is trending. Open Long position when the ClosePrice crossed the upper Aqua band. Close Long position when the Price crossed the upper Yellow band moving down. Open Short position when the ClosePrice crossed the lower Aqua band. Close Short position when the Price crossed the lower Yellow band moving up.
50 USD
Yong Biao Zou
TwoPairEA   Work mainly on    EURUSD and   GBPUSD , in Timeframe H1 . The EA used Moving Averages Indicators. Moving Average with input parameters: : MaximumRisk         = 0.02;     // Maximum Risk in percentage DecreaseFactor      = 3;          // Descrease factor MovingPeriod         = 12;        // Moving Average period MovingShift           = 6;          // Moving Average shift if you can not run a backtest, watch the video below. https://youtu.be/vW9dbwRG_JI
300 USD
Sergey Deev
5 (2)
The expert allows you to build a trading system based on an arbitrary set of technical indicators MT5. The EA uses the following signals: OpenBuy / OpenSell - opening positions; StopBuy / StopSell - closing positions; TakeProfitBuy / TakeProfitSell - get TP levels; StopLossBuy / StopLossSell - getting SL levels; NoLossBuy / NoLossSell - transfer to the breakeven state; MinProfitBuy / MinProfitSell - closing part of a position; CancelBuy / CancelSell - allow a repeated signal to open. Each signal
50 USD
Robo Nuvem
Edson Cavalca Junior
The robot uses one of the most used indicators in Asia: ICHIMOKU CLOUD There are two trading strategies: Crossing of Tenkan and Kijun lines and; Kumo lines crossing. Know our products    Position openings are based on the parameters identified as signals, if you activate all the robot will issue a trading order only if the number of signals is greater than the minimum stipulated by the user. This Expert Advisor (EA) works on HEDGE (Forex, etc.) and NETTING (Bovespa, etc.) accounts,
131 USD
Blended Candle Strength PRO (BCS) Any trading strategy, whether it is a continuation, trend reversal or breakout requires, in addition to analyzing the context of the price movement, confirmation signals for both trading entry and exit. And for that, it is necessary to analyze the formats of the candlesticks and fit them in known patterns to assist decision making. In addition to the context and format, two other important information to determine the strength of candlesticks are the size of th
30 USD
Alert Up Down MT5
William Oswaldo Mayorga Urduy
METATRADER 5 的警报向上 - 向下 当价格离开 UP 和 DOWN 线之间的区域时,该指标会生成警报。 您可以生成各种类型的警报,例如: > 声音 > 留言框 > 在专家框中留言 > 邮件(之前配置) > 推送通知(先前配置) 线条必须从指标属性配置,而不是从线条属性配置,因为如果从线条属性完成,finonacci 可能会受到影响。 在这些设置中,您可以更改颜色、线条样式和宽度。 线条必须从指标属性配置,而不是从线条属性配置,因为如果从线条属性完成,finonacci 可能会受到影响。 在这些设置中,您可以更改颜色、线条样式和宽度。 线条必须从指标属性配置,而不是从线条属性配置,因为如果从线条属性完成,finonacci 可能会受到影响。 在这些设置中,您可以更改颜色、线条样式和宽度。
38 USD
GG MA Power Trend
Pham Quoc Gia
1 (1)
Based on two MA line indicators. Looking at the histogram, if the value is greater than 0, the uptrend will increase, the bigger the value, the stronger the uptrend will be and vice versa, if the value is less than 0, the downtrend will decrease, the smaller the value, the stronger the downtrend . The necessary condition when entering a buy order is that the first histogram is greater than 0 and the current candle is closed, and enter the order when the second histogram appears. The necessary
Rooster MT5
Irek Gilmutdinov
Rooster - is a handy tool that allows you to receive alerts from your favorite indicators: Supports up to 3 indicators, built-in and custom; Supports up to 4 different signals at the same time; Able to show pop-up alerts, send e-mail and push notifications. This is version for MetaTrader 5, version for MetaTrader 4 is here . Detailed manual is sent on request. Default settings demonstrate MACD lines crossing signal.
25 USD
Trend Info
Vitalii Zakharuk
By launching the Trend Info indicator, the user will see two lines and bars of different colors, which can change color to green during an uptrend, to red during a downtrend or to be yellow during an uncertainty. The indicator is based on the calculation of price values, in order to answer questions about what direction the trend is acting on the market at the moment and when this trend will end. The trader uses the Trend Info indicator to determine the market situation. This is a trending al
88 USD
此 Expert Advisor 可识别价格与振荡器/指标之间何时出现背离。它识别常规/经典(趋势逆转)和隐藏(趋势延续)背离。它具有 RSI、布林线、随机指标、移动平均线和 ADX 过滤器选项,可以仅过滤掉最强的设置。 特征 可以检测以下振荡器/指标的背离:MACD、OsMA(振荡器的移动平均线)、随机指标、CCI 和 RSI。可以选择所有振荡器/指标用于并发背离(同时发生)或其中任何一个用于多背离交易。也可以使用特定的振荡器/指标来交易单一背离。 可以从不同的策略中选择关闭一半的头寸。 可以启用 2 条不同周期的移动平均线作为趋势过滤器。例如,通过使用慢速 MA 200 和快速 MA 12 来隐藏背离。 传播和时间过滤器。 可以使用 ADR(平均每日范围)的百分比进行止损、止盈、追踪止损和关闭一半头寸。 输入参数 请在此处 找到输入参数的说明和解释。 重要的 请确保您首先在策略测试器中进行回溯测试。当您找到有利可图的设置后,请在模拟账户上测试 EA,并在决定是否上线之前至少进行 10 次交易。 我 很高兴提供免费产品,但鉴于我的时间有限, 我将无法提供交易建议、最佳设置、信号
Telegram Messages MT5
Vladimir Gribachev
5 (1)
使用此實用程序,您可以從您的機器人所在的 Telegram 頻道直接接收到 MT4 終端的任何消息。可以是您或您的客戶。 Telegram 消息實用程序易於使用,每個人都可以對其進行自定義。 MT4 版本 https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/58137 設置 服務 -> 設置 -> EA 交易 -> 允許以下 URL 的 WebRequest(添加 URL: https://api.telegram.org ); 在 @BotFather 的 Telegram 上創建您自己的機器人。記住令牌,它看起來像這樣 1145950110:AAGuDFVkEQlDtjSaXMgQEhWzc7BOQ6TZ8xI; 創建您的頻道並公開; 將機器人添加到您的頻道並使其成為管理員。寫任何第一條消息,例如“你好世界!”; 按照鏈接: https://api.telegram.org/bot [TOKEN_BOTA]/sendMessage?chat_id=@ [USERNAME_CHANALA]&text=test。就我而言,這是: https://
Live Signal with Brokers( ICMakets/ForxeTime/ValuTrades ) :    https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/usd180307         Peculiarities The EA just need attached to ONLY one chart to trading 6 sybolms.  The EA can open three different trading strategies on different charts, but note that different magic numbers must be used. Multicurrency transactions to share the risk of loss. Does not require optimization and configuration. Uses ready-made strategies. Flexible risk management system.  Advanced
150 USD
PipFinite Breakout EDGE MT5
Karlo Wilson Vendiola
4.83 (103)
The Missing Edge You Need To Catch Breakouts Like A Pro. Follow a step-by-step system that detects the most powerful breakouts! Discover market patterns that generate massive rewards based on a proven and tested strategy. Unlock Your Serious Edge Important information here www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/723208 The Reliable Expert Advisor Version Automate Breakout EDGE signals using "EA Breakout EDGE" Click Here Have access to the game changing strategy that will take your trading to the n
98 USD
貴 広 井 上
BTC/USD  SCALPING スキャルピング型EA こちらは仮想通貨向け自動売買プログラムとなっております。 シグナル公開予定 通貨ペア :BTC/USDに最適なナンピン及び利確設定をしております ロット数:0.01~ パラメータ ・ロット数:最初の注文ロット数を入力してください。これを基準に、ナンピンに増加していきます。 ・ナンピン:ONにするとナンピンを行いますので、ONにしてご利用ください。 ポジション数: 最大21ポジション 時間足 :M1 注文条件 ・EA起動後、一定の値動きで逆張りを行います。 ・100BTC/USDごとにナンピンを行います。(ただし証拠金維持率が500%以上のあいだ) ・一定の利益にて全決済を行います。 その他 ・マーチングゲールではありませんが、ナンピンを行うため、ある程度のリスクがございます。 ・証拠金は1000USD以上を推奨しております。
300 USD
This indicator is based on a classic Moving Average indicator. Moving averages help us to first define the trend and second, to recognize changes in the trend. Multi TimeFrame indicator MTF-MA shows MA data from the 4 timeframes by your choice. By default this indicator has external parameters: TF1 = 1; TimeFrame2b = true; TF2 = 5; TimeFrame3b = true; TF3 = 15; TimeFrame4b = true; TF4 = 60; InpPSARStep = 0.02; InpPSARMaximum = 0.2; You can change TF1-TF4 in the next limits: TF1 from M1 (1) to H4
50 USD
Channel FTF MT5
Pavel Verveyko
The Envelopes indicator determines the presence of a trend or flat. It has 3 types of signals, shows the probable retracement levels and levels of the possible targets. The Fibonacci coefficients are used in the indicator's calculations. Signals (generated when touching the lines or rebounding from lines): Trend - the middle line of the Envelopes has a distinct inclination; the lines below the channel's middle line are used for buy trades, the lines above the middle line and the middle line itse
75 USD
Chanda MT5
Chao Chen Li
简介 本产品是一款趋势类EA,融合很多优秀交易理念后设计而成。 使用这个EA在面对极端行情或者大单边的时候,可以很好的抓住突破的每次入场机会。 设定参数以后,趋势的识别,加仓,移动止损,风险控制这一些都是全自动的。 当然我们不会透漏趋势识别和伴随趋势的跟踪止损的核心原理与算法,如果你悟性很高可以下载模拟测试自行研究。 如何设置 Stop Loss(In Money):每笔交易的止损金额,结合每笔订单的止损价格,自动计算出交易手数 Compound Interest Switch:复利开关,当账户资金发生量级增长时,对于的止损金额会根据初始设定的比例自动增加,否则不变。 注意事项 注意,本软件所有内部的算法优化都是针对EURUSD货币对进行的优化,所以使用时选择EURUSD交易,不要选择其他品种。 参数的设置,Stop Loss (In Money) 这个选项建议填写总资金的2%, 当然低风险可以选择1%, 相应的收益也会下降。
498 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Tenders expert system works with the EURUSD currency pair and only with it. This system implemented the principle of five orders - that is, a maximum of five orders can be made in one direction, after which the total position of the series should be closed by stops, either real or virtual. The trading system is designed to work separately with a series of buy orders and separately with a series of sell orders. which makes the trading system versatile enough. The expert passes all types of t
109 USD
EA Martini MT5 是一款多功能智能交易系统,具有复杂的头寸确定和跟踪系统。 构建非常智能的顺势和逆势网络。 与趋势交易趋势的运作方式是,只有在前一个订单在盈亏平衡点设置止损时,才会打开每个新订单。 逆势交易的目的是为了关闭无利可图的头寸并获利. 您可以随时在我的个人资料中请求技术支持、设置和安装帮助。 EA Martini MT5 顾问的优势: 易于设置 适合初学者和专业人士 可以在任何时间范围内进行交易 适用于任何金融工具(外汇、加密、差价合约、期货、金属)适合自我优化 有多种顺势和逆势交易模式 有多种平均模式 建议: 进行测试在尽可能接近真实  U 的条件下用于测试的演示帐户  为了进行高质量和可靠的测试,请使用 VPS 服务器 不要冒太大风险 不要让 EA 24/7 全天候运行,始终监控 EA 的必要时调整设置。 与顾问讨论中的设置和其他信息。
59 USD
Scalper m1 MT5
Veniamin Vorobyev
1 (4)
Scalper m1 is a tick Expert Advisor designed for simultaneous trading on three symbols: EURUSD, EURJPY and USDJPY. The EA's strategy is based on arbitrage triangulation , which occurs when EURUSD != EURJPY/USDJPY, where != - nonequality sign. Inputs deviationOpen - maximum allowed slippage level - signal to open initial orders lots - volume to open positions. Fixed lot Recommendations Trade only with VPS . Preferred ECN account.
18 USD
Excellent dashboard for analytics. The panel helps to analyze the values of the   Momentum  indicator and its signals. With this panel you can: watch the current signal from  Momentum  on all timeframes; watch the current signal from  Momentum  for different symbols; watch the current Momentum   value; several types of signals for analytics. Values in a table cell: value of Momentum Signal type: Momentum crosses "100" line Momentum upper/lower "100" line Momentum direction Work option:
10 USD
MT4: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/58619 All my products:  https ://www.mql5.com/en/users/tomo007/seller#products This is the free version for you ! :)  Thank you for a nice review :) What is Spread? Spread is a very important part of trading and you should not overlook it. It should be in the interest of every trader to have the lowest possible spread with a quality broker. It could be said that the size of the spread is more important for shorter traders than for swing traders who mak
Vitalii Zakharuk
Using this indicator is very simple, since the simplest is to look at the chart and act according to the color arrows. When calculating this indicator, the logarithmic gains are first calculated at the closing price, which allows you to filter out the trend, seasonality and other inclusions that spoil the volatility picture, then the standard square deviation is constructed from the data obtained. Such a calculation option takes into account intraday price fluctuations and focuses on measur
59 USD
SharkEA MT5
5 (1)
This robot goes with  short term trends  that are typical for liquid markets such as Forex. It uses  mean reversion  principle together with  careful filtering  of entries and advanced  «smart»  price tracking algorithm  to maximise win rate while keeping risks at bay. It is intended for  long term use  only. It is more suitable for experienced users. Lots of settings for customization. Still can be used by anyone with default settings. Easy setup. No special knowledge needed. Additional set-fil
399 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
The presented Damon expert system works with the EURUSD currency pair and only with it. This system implemented the principle of five orders - that is, a maximum of five orders can be placed in one direction, after which the total position of the series must be closed by stops, either real or virtual. The trading system is designed to work separately with a series of buy orders and separately with a series of sell orders. which makes the trading system versatile enough. The expert passes all ty
200 USD
Kenneth Parling
5 (1)
介紹 Meta Trader 5 的 Expert Randomizer - 基於純隨機性的交易機器人。沒有指標,什麼都沒有——只有純粹的隨機性才能開啟交易,無論是買入還是賣出。所以,問問你自己 - 這是你的幸運日嗎?你永遠無法真正知道。這就像走進賭場,將賭注押在黑色或紅色上。你可能非常幸運並獲得了一些非常好的利潤,或者......非常非常不幸和鬆散。如果你鬆了別哭,你已經被警告過! Randomizer 在交易操作中不使用任何危險的交易技術,訂單總是預設輸入定義的止損、止盈和額外的盈虧,即使使用。祝你好運。 如何? 任何存款和賬戶 在外匯上測試過,其他我不知道。任何時間範圍和槓桿 回溯測試希望獲得出色的結果是無用的,因為它是隨機的,所以不要浪費時間 隨機發生器如何工作? 如果當前不存在未平倉頭寸,則在新柱誕生時擲骰子。 一旦擲骰子 - 將隨機選擇並打開買入或賣出 一旦持倉被止盈、止損或盈虧平衡並平倉,新一輪將在下一個新柱誕生時開始 將有一個新的回合,直到在遊戲開始前選擇“可玩的最大回合數” 最大輪數、止損、止盈和盈虧平衡沒有預定義的強制性值,因為這是您自己設
40 USD
Entry Points Pro for MT5
Yury Orlov
4.78 (74)
这款指标用于 MT5,可提供准确的入场交易信号,且无重绘。 它可应用在任何金融资产:外汇、加密货币、贵金属、股票、指数。 它将提供极其精准的评估,并告诉您何时开仓和平仓的最佳时机。 观看 视频 (6:22),其中包含一个仅处理单一信号的示例,该信号即可值回指标购价! 大多数交易者在 Entry Points Pro 指标的帮助下,在第一个交易周内即改善了他们的交易结果。 订阅我们的 Telegram 群 ! Entry Points Pro 指标的益处。 入场信号无重绘 如果信号出现,并得到确认,则它不会再消失;不像是重绘指标,它会导致重大的财产损失,因为它们可以在显示信号后再将其删除。 无差错开仓 指标算法可令您找到入场交易(买入或卖出资产)的理想时机,从而提高每位交易者的成功率。 Entry Points Pro 可操作任何资产 它允许您在 MT5 平台上交易任何经纪商的加密货币、股票、贵金属、指数、大宗商品和货币。 提供任何方向的信号 Entry Points Pro 指标提供针对任意价格走势的入场交易信号 - 上涨、下跌或横盘(横向)。
125 USD
Gold Stuff mt5
Vasiliy Strukov
5 (33)
Gold Stuff mt5 is a trend indicator designed specifically for gold and can also be used on any financial instrument. The indicator does not redraw and does not lag. Recommended time frame H1. Contact me after purchase!  SETTINGS Draw Arrow - on off. drawing arrows on the chart. Alerts -   on off audible alerts. E-mail notification - on off. email notifications. Puch-notification - on off. Push notifications. Next, adjust the color gamut.
99 USD
*Non-Repainting Indicator Arrow Indicator with Push Notification based on the Synthethic Savages strategy for synthethic indices on binary broker. Signals will only fire when the Synthethic Savages Strategy Criteria is met BUT MUST be filtered. Best Signals on Fresh Alerts after our Savage EMA's Cross. Synthethic Savage Alerts is an indicator that shows entry signals with the trend. A great tool to add to any chart.  Best Signals occur on Fresh Alerts after our Savage EMA's Cross + Signal
98 USD
PZ Divergence Trading MT5
5 (1)
棘手的发现和频率稀缺是最可靠的交易方案之一。该指标使用您喜欢的振荡器自动查找并扫描常规和隐藏的发散。 [ 安装指南 | 更新指南 | 故障排除 | 常见问题 | 所有产品 ] 容易交易 发现常规和隐藏的分歧 支持许多知名的振荡器 根据突破实现交易信号 显示适当的止损和获利水平 可配置的振荡器参数 可自定义的颜色和尺寸 按条形过滤大小差异 实现绩效统计 它实现了电子邮件/声音/视觉警报 为了提供广阔的市场前景,可以使用不同的振荡器在同一张图表中多次加载该指标,而不会产生干扰。该指标支持以下振荡器: RSI CCI MACD OSMA 随机 动量 很棒的振荡器 加速器振荡器 威廉姆斯百分比范围 相对活力指数 由于差异可能会扩大很多,尤其是在外汇市场中,因此该指标产生了转折:它在等待交易突破之前等待donchian突破确认差异。最终结果是带有非常可靠的交易信号的重新粉刷指示器。 输入参数 幅度:用于寻找差异的之字形周期 振荡器-选择要加载到图表的振荡器。 突破期-交易信号的突破期,以柱为单位。 发散类型-启用或禁用发散类型:隐藏,常规或两者。 最小散度单位为条形-最
299 USD
成為突破者,隨著價格反轉,市場結構會改變利潤。 訂單突破者指示器可以識別趨勢或價格走勢何時接近枯竭並準備好逆轉。它會提醒您市場結構的變化,通常會在發生逆轉或重大回調時發生。 該指標使用專有計算來確定突破和價格動能。每當在可能的耗盡點附近形成新的高點時,指標就會繪製最後一個生成該高點的順序塊。然後,它將隨價格移動隨價格跟隨定單。然後,當價格轉向相反方向並突破該訂單塊時,它會提醒您,從而創建新的市場結構並開始趨勢或重大回調的可能逆轉。 訂單塊是在創建高/低之前的最後一個相反的彩色蠟燭,並且當價格跌破這些關鍵區域以下時,這表明趨勢可能會發生短期或長期反轉。 特徵 提醒您關鍵耗盡點的市場結構變化 價格接近耗盡水平時自動提取訂單塊 在一個方向繼續移動時,在價格後面跟踪定單,以提醒您最佳的反轉輸入 將顏色更改為純色塊,以顯示何時發生市場結構中斷。 適用於所有交易品種和時間範圍 內置集成的彈出窗口和電子郵件警報 策略和如何與定單破壞者指標進行交易 當斷路器塊發生時,您有兩個選擇。 看左邊!我們正在尋求供應/需求或支撐/阻力位嗎?市場結構轉變(逆轉)通常發生在價格重新測試舊水平或
36.75 USD
支撑和阻力,mt5 的技术指标,根据谐波模式和市场波动确定强支撑和阻力区域。 通过访问我们的 MQL5 博客,您可以下载该指标的免费版本。 购买前试用,不受 Metatrader Tester 限制。 :  点击这里 主要特点 动态支撑和阻力区 自动支撑和阻力区。 非重绘支撑区和阻力区。 关键级别区域 银行级别区域 文档 所有支持和阻力筛选器文档(说明)和策略详细信息均可在我们 MQL5 博客的这篇文章中找到: 单击此处。 我们所有的产品详细信息都可以在我们的 MQL5 博客中找到。 接触 如果您有任何问题或需要帮助,请通过私信与我联系或随时在评论部分发表评论,我会回复您详细信息。 作者 SAYADI ACHREF,金融科技软件工程师,Finansya 创始人。
50 USD
Blahtech Supply Demand MT5
Blahtech Limited
4 (6)
Supply Demand uses previous price action to identify potential imbalances between buyers and sellers. The key is to identify the better odds zones, not just the untouched ones. Blahtech Supply Demand indicator delivers functionality previously unavailable on any trading platform. This 4-in-1 indicator not only highlights the higher probability zones using a multi-criteria strength engine, but also combines it with multi-timeframe trend analysis, previously confirmed swings and engulfing detecto
99 USD
Pentagram MT5
Andrey Ziablytsev
5 (1)
Automatic marking of the chart with Pentagram models. This model is based on the Expansion Model from Adversa Tactics. Designed to determine the trend and predict possible levels and targets of price correction in the future. The model describes a developing trend. The trend is relevant until the price crosses the trend line of the model in the opposite direction. Levels of rays of the pentagram, level of HP, distances of 100% and 200% of the distance between points 1-4, levels of HP are possibl
300 USD
How to use Pair Trading Station Pair Trading Station is recommended for H1 time frame and you can use it for any currency pairs. To generate buy and sell signal, follow few steps below to apply Pair Trading Station to your MetaTrader terminal. When you load Pair Trading Station on your chart, Pair Trading station will assess available historical data in your MetaTrader platforms for each currency pair. On your chart, the amount of historical data available will be displayed for each currency pai
280 USD
PipFinite Trend PRO MT5
Karlo Wilson Vendiola
4.86 (624)
Breakthrough Solution For Trend Trading And Filtering With All Important Features Built Inside One Tool! Trend PRO's smart algorithm detects the trend, filters out market noise and gives entry signals with exit levels. The new features with enhanced rules for statistical calculation improved the overall performance of this indicator. Important Information Revealed Maximize the potential of Trend Pro, please visit www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/713938 The Powerful Expert Advisor Version Automa
98 USD
Trend Screener Pro MT5
4.86 (7)
趋势指标,趋势交易和过滤的突破性解决方案,所有重要的趋势工具功能都内置在一个工具中! 我们的指标是由拥有 6 年交易经验的交易者开发的,交易者仅通过一张图表即可监控所有市场趋势(外汇、指数、商品、加密货币等)。它将生成外汇信号(强趋势信号、趋势反转信号)。 通过访问我们的 MQL5 博客,您可以下载该指标的免费版本。购买前试用,不受 Metatrader Tester 限制。 :  点击这里 我们的趋势系统由 2 个指标组成: 1. Trend Screener Indicator:显示趋势仪表盘、图表中的趋势线、入场点等。 2. Trend Line Map Indicator: 显示买卖作为仪表板,活动信号盈利/亏损...等。 下载趋势线图指标 主要特点 趋势强度分析器。 多时间框架和多货币趋势分析器。 趋势仪表板 趋势反转信号。 强烈的趋势信号。 外汇筛选器 文件(说明) 所有趋势筛选器文档(说明)和策略详细信息均可在我们 MQL5 博客的这篇文章中找到: 单击此处。 接触 如果您有任何问题或需要帮助,请通过私信与我联系。 作者 SAY
50 USD
Introduction to X3 Chart Pattern Scanner X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is the non-repainting and non-lagging indicator detecting X3 chart patterns including Harmonic pattern, Elliott Wave pattern, X3 patterns, and Japanese Candlestick patterns. Historical patterns match with signal patterns. Hence, you can readily develop the solid trading strategy in your chart. More importantly, this superb pattern scanner can detect the optimal pattern of its kind. In addition, you can switch on and off individua
280 USD
About Ace Supply Demand Zone Indicator The concept of supply demand trading rely on the quantity mismatching between buying and selling volumes in financial markets. Supply and demand zone serves as the good entry in our trading. It provides you the detailed trading plan + the risk management. Its ability to predict market direction is high. There are two distinctive points about Ace Supply Demand Zone Indicator. Firstly, Ace Supply Demand Zone indicator was built on the non-repainting and non
100 USD
TPA True Price Action indicator reveals the true price action of the market makers through 100% non-repainting signals strictly at the close of a candle! TPA shows entries and re-entries, every time the bulls are definitely stronger than the bears and vice versa. Not to confuse with red/green candles. The shift of power gets confirmed at the earliest stage and is ONE exit strategy of several. There are available now two free parts of the TPA User Guide for our customers. The first "The Basics"
135 USD
PZ Day Trading MT5
2.6 (5)
该指标仅使用价格行为分析和donchian渠道以锯齿形检测价格反转。它是专门为短期交易而设计的,根本不需要重新粉刷或补漆。对于精明的交易者来说,这是一个绝佳的工具,旨在增加他们的运作时间。 [ 安装指南 | 更新指南 | 故障排除 | 常见问题 | 所有产品 ] 极易交易 它在每个时间段都提供价值 实施自我分析统计 它实现了电子邮件/声音/视觉警报 基于可变长度的突破和拥挤区域,该指标仅使用价格行为来选择交易并对市场快速做出反应。 显示过去信号的潜在利润 该指标分析其自身的质量和性能 突围的损失突出显示并解决 该指标是不可重涂和不可重涂的 该指标将帮助盘中交易者不要错过单个价格反转。但是,并非所有价格反转都是一样的,也不是具有相同的可行质量。决定要突破哪些突破而忽略哪些取决于交易者的良好判断。 如何解释统计数据 该指标研究其自身信号的质量,并在图表上绘制相关信息。将分析每笔交易,并在图表的左上角显示总体历史结果,这使您可以针对任何给定的工具和时间范围自行优化指标参数。每个乐器和时间表都有其自己的最佳设置,您可以自己找到它们。 最大优惠交易:对于任何给定的交易,MFE都是
299 USD
FX Power MT5
Daniel Stein
4.24 (21)
You want to become a constantly profitable 5-star forex trader?  1.  Read the basic description of our simple trading  system  &  and it's major strategy update in 2020   2.   Send a screenshot of your purchase to get your personal invitation to our exclusive trading chat FX Power   is the first currency strength meter with a complete history across all time frames. It analyzes the momentum and strength of all major currencies to determine high probability trades. Key Features Complete str
75 USD
Weis Wave with Alert MT5
Panagiotis Diamantopoulos
5 (8)
** NEW PLUTUS SIGNALS and ALL IN ONE ** Plutus Long and Short trading signals added (for more infor visit    http://www.tradethevolumewaves.com   Different Wave Types can be sellected. Choose what your cumulative Histogram diplays: Volume, Pips, Progressive Volume Rate, Time or Emphasized Volume Waves ** IF YOU PURCHASE DO NOT FORGET TO CONTACT ME BECAUSE THERE IS MORE. Free, two hour, one to one webinar covering setup , methodology and Q&A on any lifetime purchase. How to trade with it:   ht
499 USD
Matrix Arrow Indicator MT5
Juvenille Emperor Limited
Matrix Arrow Indicator MT5 是适用于任何初学者或专家交易者的创新解决方案! Matrix Arrow Indicator MT5  是一种独特的 10 合 1 趋势,遵循非重绘多时间框架指标,将使您的手动交易更加容易。  Matrix Arrow Indicator MT5 将在其早期阶段确定当前趋势,从多达 10 个标准指标中收集信息和数据,它们是: 平均定向运动指数 (ADX) 商品渠道指数 (CCI) 经典 Heiken Ashi 蜡烛 移动平均线 移动平均收敛散度 (MACD) 相对活力指数 (RVI) 相对强弱指数 (RSI) 抛物线SAR 随机振荡器 威廉姆斯的百分比范围 当所有指标给出有效的买入或卖出信号时,相应的箭头将打印在图表上,在下一根蜡烛/柱线开盘时,指示强劲的上升趋势/下降趋势。用户可以选择使用哪些指标,并可以单独调整每个指标的参数。 Matrix Arrow Indicator MT5 仅从选定的指标中收集信息,并仅根据其数据打印箭头。   Matrix Arrow Indicator MT5   还可以为所有新信号发送终端、推送通
50 USD
The 'Volume by Price' indicator can visualize the complex relations between volume, price and time in easy to interpret forms to setup basic or advanced compositions. Features Volume Profile histogram, opacity-based background, area and line chart. Market Profile (Time Price Opportunity) expandable letter- and block-based marker structure, area and line chart. Initial Balance. Volume by Time histogram and bubble chart, and Volume Weighted Average Price. Comprehensive composition object position
150 USD
FX Volume MT5
Daniel Stein
5 (8)
Following the smart money is finally possible! FX Volume   is the FIRST and ONLY volume indicator   that provides a REAL insight into the market sentiment from a broker's point of view. It provides awesome insights into how institutional market participants, like brokers, are positioned in the Forex market, much faster than COT reports. Seeing this information directly on your chart is the real game-changer and breakthrough solution for your trading. Get more information, like FAQs, tradin
120 USD
Arielfx Wyckoff Wizard
Edward Charlton Jones
5 (4)
Telegram me https://t.me/ArielfxWyckoff How Does It Work? The Wyckoff Wizard uses Multi-timeframe analysis. In simpler terms, the indicator monitors 2 timeframes. A higher timeframe and a lower timeframe. The indicator determines the trend by analyzing order flow and structure on the higher timeframe(4 hour for instance). Once the trend and order flow have been determined the indicator then uses previous market structure and price action to accurately determine high probability reversal zone
75 USD
Blahtech Market Profile MT5
Blahtech Limited
5 (5)
Market Profile defines a number of day types that can help the trader to determine market behaviour. A key feature is the Value Area, representing the range of price action where 70% of trading took place. Understanding the Value Area can give traders valuable insight into market direction and establish the higher odds trade. It is an excellent addition to any system you may be using. Blahtech Limited presents their Market Profile indicator for the MetaTrader community. Inspired by Jim Dalton’s
99 USD
Introduction Advanced Price Pattern Scanner is the pattern scanner built upon our accumulative knowledge and insight from our financial market research many years. Advanced Price Pattern Scanner uses highly sophisticated pattern detection algorithm. However, we have designed it in the easy to use and intuitive manner. Advanced Price Pattern Scanner will show all the patterns in your chart in the most efficient format for your trading. Detectable Patterns Following pattern can be detected. Tri
180 USD
Scalper Assistant MT5
Pavel Verveyko
5 (1)
The indicator is a trading system for short-term trading. Scalper Assistant helps to determine the direction of the transaction, and also shows the entry and exit points. The indicator draws two lines (possible points for opening positions). At the moment of the breakdown of the upper line up (and when all trading conditions are met), an up arrow appears (a buy signal), as well as 2 goals. At the moment of the breakdown of the lower line down (and when all trading conditions are met), a do
68 USD
High Signals MT5
Tais Miranda Hoffmann
An indicator for receiving a lot of signals Can be used in all time frames and all markets Trade professionally  using professional indicators yourself . Using this indicator, you will have a signal at any time. Do not miss any market movement. Get the signal very simply and clearly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it work:
125 USD
Bollinger Bands Triple Strategy Scanner is a simple, powerful, and effective solution for trading   breakouts,   reversals, and trend following!  This is a Multi-currency, Multi-timeframe, and Non-Repainting Scanner designed to provide you trading signals and save you hours analyzing the charts. Main Features: Advanced all in one scanner that automatically detects trading opportunities for breakouts, reversals, & trend following using the Bollinger Band indicator Easily identify if the prices
140 USD
!!! BLACK FRIDAY SALE - 25% OFF ALL INDICATORS !!! Normally $49 - $36.75 This Weekend! Ends Midnight Sunday 28th November. This dashboard is an alert tool for use with the market structure reversal indicator. It's primary purpose is to alert you to reversal opportunities on specific time frames and also to the re-tests of the alerts (confirmation) as the indicator does. The dashboard is designed to sit on a chart on it's own and work in the background to send you alerts on your chosen pairs
36.75 USD
VolumeProfile MT5
Robert Hess
3.67 (3)
Description: The Volume Profile displays detailed informations of historical trading activities at certain price levels (Market Profile). Locate the areas with the best prices in the market and get an advantage over other market participants. Features: Customizable Volume Profile / Market Profile Shows the "fair" Value Area with 70% of all Volume Shows critical low volume zones Shows VPOC, VAL and VAH Points integrated resource management to reduce the load while working with multiple charts
165 USD
The boom and crash spike indicator is a very powerful spike detecting software, with very awesome features, these features include. Continues spike Alert (for double or continuous spikes at a time) supports all Boom/crash Indices M1 time frame spike pointer. Bigger time frame trend pointer for Swing trading Place Stop-loss of trade at 8 to 10 candle sticks. 
125 USD
Channels Indicator MT5
Ahmed Alaaeldin Abdulrahman Ahmed Elherzawi
5 (1)
Channels indicator does not repaint as its based on projecting the falling and raising channels. As a trader you need a path to be able to place your buy and sell trades such as: Supply and Demand , Falling & raising channels. Falling and raising channels can be in any time frame and also can be in all time frames at the same time and the price always flows within these channels. Experienced trades will draw the key levels and channels around the time frames. But, they will not be able to draw
50 USD
Didi Index Indicator
Eduardo Fernando Teixeira
The Didi Index is an indicator that helps in the identification of the so called “Didi Needles” (Agulhada do Didi), a method created by the experienced Brazilian trader Odir Aguiar (Didi). DIDI NEEDLES EXPLAINED The concept of the needles is simple: 3 moving averages are added to the chart (by default 3, 8 and 20 periods, simple mode), and whenever all 3 averages pass simultaneously inside the real body of a candle, the needling occurs. It was named after the movement of passing a thread th
30 USD
Relative Strength Ratio RSR
Eduardo Fernando Teixeira
Relative Strength Ratio (RSR) The Relative Strength Ratio (RSR) indicator compares the performance of one security against another, dividing the base security by the comparative security, and showing the ratio of this division in a line c hart. This indicator is also known as the Relative Strength indicator, Price Relative , or Relative Strength Comparative .  It is one of the main tools for Intermarket Analysis professionals, to help them identify Sector Rotations and other global relations
30 USD
Fully Customizable 3 Band VWAP
Eduardo Fernando Teixeira
3-BAND VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) Fully customized and EA-friendly VWAP Bands Indicator MAIN FEATURES:  Choose the period of the VWAP calculation reset (Daily, Weekly or Monthly): For day trading use the Daily VWAP, and for longer term analysis use the Weekly or Monthly calculations. Fine adjustment of the deviation of the bands: Find the best band’s deviation for the instruments you trade and adjust accordingly. Customize line colors, style and width according to you
30 USD
Fully Customizable 6 Band VWAP
Eduardo Fernando Teixeira
6-BAND VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) Fully customized and EA-friendly VWAP Bands Indicator. Main Features: Choose the period of VWAP calculation reset (Daily, Weekly or Monthly): For day trading use the Daily VWAP, and for longer term analysis use the Weekly or Monthly calculations. Choose how many bands (deviations) you want to show, up to 6. Choose zero to display only the main VWAP line. Fine adjustment of the deviation of the bands: Find the best band’s deviation for the in
40 USD
Robo Larry Williams Scanner
Eduardo Fernando Teixeira
ATTENTION: This product was created exclusively for the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) and WILL NOT WORK on other markets, specially FOREX. We are currently working on this issue and hopefully will have an any-symbol-multi-market EA working in the near future! Please keep an eye for future updates in our market page, and meanwhile I invite you to check other products we offer :)
60 USD