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Copy My Strategy

Remote database connection to mt4 and then import orders from my station to your mt4

(Please contact me before buy to adjacent you're setting)

consider the fallowing

  1. Don't execute order more than 1 time
  2. import orders from order table not History
  3. use appendix as an option for other station like EURUSDx , aEURUSD
  4. option to choose lot size either like original or fix lot like 0.2 for all opening orders 
  5. option for white and black list you can choose what pairs you like or dislike 
  6. option to select account number to copy from it
  7. option for TP / SL if false will use original
  8. option for trialing stop
  9. option for max lot 
  10. max orders to copy it in same time for example can open 1.4 lots as max no more 
  11. max order number just x orders (include orders and pending) 
  12. option for slippage and max spread according your broker
  13. Time Filter 
  14. Day Filter 

  15. Send me Private message to get your detail login

This EA for copy Signals From master Account that have multi Indicators 

please send me PM for your metatrader 4 account number to activate your account 

GIA Symbol Changer
Ruddy De Jesus Saavedra
GIA Symbol Changer 將幫助您在同一窗口中更改符號和句號,防止您在平台上填滿窗口,避免因窗口過多而頭暈目眩,錯失良機。 Symbol Changer 簡化了這一切,並促進了您想要在單個窗口中分析或觀察的圖形的可視化。 特徵 - 更改符號。 - 變更期。 - 隱藏當前資產以外的資產中的對象。 - 顯示當前資產的對象。 - 調整當前資產規模。 - 在多個窗口中同步符號。 - 非常容易使用。 GIA Symbol Changer 將幫助您在同一窗口中更改符號和句號,防止您在平台上填滿窗口,避免因窗口過多而頭暈目眩,錯失良機。 Symbol Changer 簡化了這一切,並促進了您想要在單個窗口中分析或觀察的圖形的可視化。_________
60 USD
Forex Expert Advisor(實用程序)“虛擬止盈、止損、追踪止損”允許您設置虛擬(隱藏)止盈、止損和追踪止損。同時,不使用標準的止盈、止損和追踪止損單。因此,當顧問開始交易時,您的經紀人和 Meta Trader 終端將不會看到或設置止盈、止損或追踪止損,但顧問將控制您指定的 TP SL TSL 的參數並在其上繪製相應的線圖表。 ... 當工具的價格達到這些水平之一時,交易結束。如果 Meta Trader 和經紀商的服務器之間沒有連接,或者如果您的賬戶沒有遠程託管服務,請小心,顧問將無法執行其功能,因此您的交易將不受虛擬止損的保護。許多交易者需要並正在尋找用於交易的虛擬止損功能!     描述 - 外匯交易的手數。它顯示在顧問的菜單中。默認值為 0.01! - 獲利、止損、追踪開始、追踪大小(點數或點數)。它位於圖表上的 EA 面板上。經紀商可能會在點值、小數位數等方面有所不同......因此,為了正確輸入止損,我們建議您首先在經紀商的模擬賬戶上檢查並選擇合適的值或待處理訂單。例如,您必須選擇值 1 ..., 15, 150 或 1500, 15000 ... 不能在
335 USD
Professional Trader EA is a 2 in 1 trading panel and advisor. Has an automatic hedging system. The built-in strategy for pending orders, do not forget to enable the AUTO_HEDGE_AND_EXIT option to hedge losing orders. Be sure to download the history of quotes M1, M5, and H1 for the tested period, otherwise the test will be incorrect. The first order is opened by an Expert Advisor. The task is to place a pending order and wait for it to be processed through the Trail. If it does NOT work, then the
PSI  Cancel Pending script deletes pending positions. Check out also other free PSI scripts and indicators like adding Stop Loss , Take Profit Levels , closing Hedged Orders , Average Price , etc. Check out also the   Position Smart Indicator   - a powerful Money Management tool (and much more) both useful for Price Action and Algo traders . It has tons of features like mapping Forex Sessions, Average Price, Institutional Levels Grid, Auto Maps Major Highs and Lows, All-time and Daily results,
Muholov GOLD Trader
Alexander Chelovechkov
5 (1)
The trading system built in Muholov: GOLD_trader Expert Advisor is characterized by a very high statistical repeatability. You do not need to manage anything. Optimal lot size per deal, stop losses and take profit are defined and displayed for each order. A profitable order is trailed in order to receive maximum profit from the deal. About the System Works only on GOLD Based on two MAs Algorithm timeframes are present in the settings. The Expert Advisor can be launched on any timeframe. Rigid
50 USD
EA News
Konstantin Kotlov
3.4 (5)
EA News that includes multiple strategies for trading rapid price swings. It is designed to simplify the placement of pending orders at a specified distance from the price of price channel. The EA can trade both the price breakouts and rebounds. There are two trading modes: Automatic - the EA downloads the news from the site http://ec.forexprostools.com/. When it finds the symbol of the currency pair and the specified volatility of the news, it places pending orders several minutes before the re
39 USD
PREVIOUS INDICATOR’S DATA MA CROSSOVER https://www.mql5.com/en/users/earobotkk/seller#products P/S: If you like this indicator, please rate it with 5 stars in the review section, this will increase its popularity so that other users will be benefited from using it. This indicator notifies and draws an arrow on the chart whenever    the MA line has crossed over its previous indicator’s data MA filtered by MA Trend.   It also displays total pips gained from all the entry set-ups. Setting ·   You
Binary Trade Panel  is a very useful tool for trading binary options way on the MT4 platform. No need to setup plugins outside MT4 anymore. This is a simple and convenient panel right on MT4 chart. Features One-click trading buttons on the panel. Trade multi-binary option symbols in one panel. Show order flow with expiration progress. Monitor order flow directly on the chart. Ability to minimize the panel to save the chart space.
149 USD
Very simple and very reliable Expert Advisor. Grid trading using the Ilan strategy. Virtual StopLoss and TakeProfit. No TrailingStop. Minimum number of settings. Perfect for trading the EURUSD pair. The timeframe does not matter. For trading with the minimum deposit. How it works The EA enters the market before the news release. It opens from one to several orders in a grid with a fixed lot. Orders are closed if the total profit of the orders exceeds the allowed values in the input parameter
50 USD
Andrey Frolov
This tool set Stop Loss and Take Profit, which are invisible for the broker. But keep in mind that the terminal must be constantly running and connected. It means that you cannot turn off your computer or close the terminal. In the strategy tester, the tool opens positions and manages them using stop-order for demonstration purposes. Parameters Take Profit Stop Loss Slippage
RSI Bands MT4
Pierce Vallieres
RSI Bands is a powerful indicator which displays an upper and lower band corresponding to the RSI overbought and oversold levels. The band shows what price must be reached during that specific candle in order for the RSI overbought/oversold level to be reached. This is an extremely useful tool for spotting when a trend has begun and when a trend is about to end. The indicator provides buffers, allowing you to use it in your own Expert Advisor. Please message me if you have any questions. CURRE
Indimacd01 histogram
The indicator for technical analysis of the market, currencies, currency pairs, precious metals and oil, and you can also analyze various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The indicator analyzes quotes and, based on their data, displays its icons on the chart for trading analysis. The indicator works very well, does not freeze and does not slow down even a weak processor in the computer, and is also not very demanding on the rest of the hardware resources on the computer. This is
50 USD
RSI Pointer
Dominik Mandok
RSI Pointer is an indicator which simply draws arrows on a chart window when the value of RSI (from parameter RSI_Period) is below RSI_Level (green upward pointing arrow) or above 100-RSI_Level (red downward pointing arrow). RSI Pointer works on all timeframes and all currency pairs, commodities, indices, stocks etc. RSI Pointer has only two parameters, RSI_Period and RSI_Level . For example, if you set RSI_Period=7 and RSI_Level=20, the indicator will draw arrows for values below 20 (oversold)
19 USD
Best Scalper Free
Corentin Petitgirard
3.5 (4)
Best Scalper free is a trading robot  for the trading on  Multicurrency . This is a scalper.   This Expert is very simple to use! CHECK THE NEW UPDATE THERE :   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/70307?source=Site+Market+MT4+Expert+New+Rating005 No one dangereous strategy is used ! The system works with PC or VPS easly. The strategy works well since   all the time . Best Sclaper 1  works mainly on  EURUSD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD (gold), USDJPY, AUDCAD, EURCHF   and   many others     on   M1 ti
This tools is simplest Trade Copier that use your local pc to store your position list. Fast, Simple We dont have complicated files. Just this EA, with 2 mode. Master Mode to store your positions And Client mode to copy all the position from local storage. Its free tools, for unlimited usage, and unlimited Metatrader and unlimited account number. Enjoy Inputs: Mode > To select Copier Mode. Master Store your positions, and client mode copy the stored positions Slipage > To protect taking new po
Victor Shovnikov
1.5 (2)
SAW1c_Free  SAW1c Free is a free scalper for GBPUSD. It differs from the paid version in a limited lot and a fixed Auto_Risk parameter. Working period M15. !!! On 4-digit quotes, the performance was not tested !!! Input parameters: MagicNumber - identifier of orders; Max_Spread - Maximum spread when opening trades; Slippage - Maximum slippage; Stop_Loss - Stop loss size in points.
SarIndi01 Histogram
The indicator for technical analysis of the market, currencies, currency pairs, precious metals and oil, and you can also analyze various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The indicator analyzes quotes and, based on their data, displays its icons on the chart for trading analysis. The indicator works very well, does not freeze and does not slow down even a weak processor in the computer, and is also not very demanding on the rest of the hardware resources on the computer. This is i
100 USD
FE Fibo Expansion
Syahirul Nizzam Bin Haron
5 (1)
This is Fibo Expansion. You can use it, as profit target at any level... It use price Highs and Lows and price between... It is simple and easy to use... No Input menu, just drag it on your chart and it ready to use... The blue and red dot color indicate it direction... It also use as the same as fractal high and low price as the points to construct the levels... No more analysis to choose the points..
MTGPricePanel is an indicator that can help you monitor the price movement. Equipped with the opening price, monitoring the spread, last price, and daily changes. You can enter up to 19 symbols at once. Main Features: show Open Price Show Spread Show Last Price Show Broker Time Show Daily Change or Change% Customizable Color supports all suffix for currency MTGPricePanel currently only supports currency and some commodities, and also does not support 4 digit brokers
100 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
4.5 (2)
This indicator draws two different averages based on the highest high and lowest low of x amount of bars that can be set as you prefer. Also, it paints the space between these averages in two different colors depending which average is higher than the other. It has the next inputs: periods: Number of bars to calculate the first average. periods1: Number of bars to calculate the second average. Both averages can be customized in color, style, and width. Note: These averages are not calculated bas
STATISTICS OSD Statistics OSD  (On Screen Display) Is very Helpful and easy to use. Download Today! ENJOY! :) On Screen Display  -Currency -Current Price -Initial Deposit -Equity -Profit -Max Drawdown -Longs(Current) -Shorts(Current) *Very useful in configuring EA's or Strategies, because you can visually see when its having a lot of shorts or longs. Then you can go back and tweak accordingly. 
Spread Based pair trading tool It is a very useful tool for commodities traders . Specially those traders who trade crude oil and brent oil. This is also a good strategy for any two pairs which have very high correlation. This panel consists of Two drop downs to select two symbols. One should chose two mutually correlated symbols. Fields to enter a spread value and trade lot size. How a trade in this panel is placed? When you click on the place order button, it starts tracking the market and
100 USD
Watermark for MT4
Erik Dahlstrand
4.38 (13)
This indicator adds symbol and timeframe as watermark on your chart background. Features Adjustable text opacity to blend with the background Stays centered on window resize Customizable font, size, color and opacity Remembers the settings even when you exit the terminal Minimalistic and discreet Input parameters The following input parameters can be set. Font - desired font Size - font size Color - font color Opacity - text opacity [0..1] Coded by Erik Dahlstrand
Bull Bear Powers
Rasoul Mojtahedzadeh
Bull Bear Powers indicator shows the absolute power of bulls and bears in the market. Both powers are shown simultaneously with red and green colors for bear and bull powers respectively. When red line goes over the green line it means that bears are controlling the market. When green line goes over the red line it means that bulls are controlling the market. The green/red horizontal symbol line at the bottom of the indicators shows which party has more strength. Time Frame: M30 and H1 are recom
33 USD
Hello all Moving expert on moving average index With control of the indicator settings from the settings Entering a deal, buying or selling, and setting a target and stopping the loss When winning a deal, he enters the next deal twice the size of the lot with the same goal and losing half of the profit of the previous deal If a profit is closed, the next transaction will be multiplied If it was closed on the stop luz It comes in the same size as the base lot. arameters: Lot1: Manual Lot Size Au
600 USD
EASY :简单使用,加载选择信号源或者接收端即可简单使用 FAST: 快速复制订单,算法最优跟单机制,优先计算新信号,优先队列处理接收到特殊信号 Multiple: 1.支持多信号同时发送,多账户同时选择多个账户复制         2.多平台支持,MT4 和MT5互通. Powerful :强大的功能,你可以找到市面上没有的功能 . . Copier:easy and fast multiple accounts copy lots....Copy Trade.  跟单复制多账户版 跟单-MT4-正式版(点击下载) 跟单-MT5-正式版(点击下载) MT4->模拟试用(点击下载) MT5->模拟试用(点击下载) 基本使用设置 1.安装:需要安装至少两个终端(MT4 or MT5)      ---信号源的加载      ---接收端的 加载 2.使用(加载设置即可简单稳定运行) 信号发送端 Mode = SIGNAL 打开开关 off->on 开始显示运行 接收端 Mode = RECEIVE 选择信号源账户,   打开开关 off->on ,开始显示运行. 功能: 1.信号端加载
LEADING AND LAGGING INDICATORS DASHBOARD https://www.mql5.com/en/users/earobotkk/seller#products P/S: If you like this indicator, please rate it with 5 stars in the review section, this will increase its popularity so that other users will be benefited from using it. This dashboard scans all time frames(M1,M5,M15,M30,H1,H4,D1,W1,MN1) and shows up trend and down trend for MACD, PSAR, RSI, STOCHASTIC, MOVING AVERAGE, BOLLINGER BANDS by changing the colours of the relevant boxes.   It also shows c
BG Unda
Boris Gulikov
3.6 (15)
The BG Unda Expert Advisor trades based on the Bollinger Bands indicator. The default settings are designed for trading on the M15 timeframe. With these settings, the EA operates in the classic night scalper mode. Description changed 05.11.2019: all old set files are not suitable for working on real accounts. Actual settings can be downloaded in the "Discussion" (post 852). https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/19091#!tab=tab_p_comments&comment=13307140&page=43 Live signal - https://www.mql5
198 USD
MHA News Trader
Mohammad Hanif Ansari
MHA News Trader v1.0 This Is a News Trader EA that has many similarities to other News traders. Strategy is placing two pending order some seconds before releasing high impact economic news on investing.com and removing remaining pending order some seconds after news releasing time and there are some extra features like trailing Stop , hidden trailing stop , recovery loss and lot multiplier. But what is very important it's choosing proper  setting of parameters in proper broker. The EA is tested
300 USD
ProTools Mt4
Jerome Stephane Eric Brivet
ProTools MT4  made By Traders for Traders !  This is the ProTools  that should be included in standard MT4.  With ProTools MT4, you will be able to open, close, take partials TPs, apply a breakeven by keyboard shortcuts or buttons on chart. Stay focus on the trade and not on the tool !  Never waste time opening a position again, choose the lotage, never waste time choosing a partial TPs and finally apply a breakeven on chart.  ProTools MT4 will allow you to control each of if your trade as
60 USD
ATTENTION Attention last 10 copies on sale WITH INCREASING PRICE FOR EACH COPY after which the instrument will ONLY be available for rent. TAKE ADVANTAGE. Performing forex tool, it is a revolutionary tool where the user can trade using only this tool to trade every day, evaluating their income only by observing the correlation between the various currency pairs both daily and weekly, both monthly and yearly, there are very intuitive visual indicators that determine the highs and lows and the cur
499 USD
The 4X Lab is a next generation software that massively helps professional traders take full control on chart, alerts and orders. Control your trading intuitively, easily and precisely. Place orders using four unique methods, all in accordance with Risk Management, all doesn't require specific skills. Note : Hold mouse pointer above any 4X Lab object and read helpful tips. This free version can only work on CADCHF, CHFJPY and USDPLN symbols. The full version can be found here: https://www.mql5.c
1 000 USD
Advanced Gann Fan - for accurate key levels! AGF script calculates the exact level based on the original Gann's theory and draw unlimited lines (levels). One of the most important things in trading is strong and accurate key levels. AGF script, after practicing in draw it correctly, will draw you strong and accurate key levels (on all time frames), that will help you to know where is a good place to enter and put an order. It is important to combine your strategy decision with AGF script levels.
500 USD
WHY TO USE BLOCK METERS? With Block Meters you can easily follow trading market situation, market activity and market noise, all in one visualized tool. You don’t need any charts. Block Meters helps you to detect strong and weak signals in market situation. You can easily follow each currency and currency pair, and see all market forces and changes real-time. HOW TO USE BLOCK METERS? It is easy to open new chart by one click in Block Meters window. Just choose the right currency name and click
7 500 USD
This Stacker EA will: Automatically set Stop loss on a new order Automatically set Take profit on a new order Stack (or open up to 4 additional orders at the same time) when a new order is placed, the SL/TP can be preset individually for each order. Provides a transparent replacement for the standard 1-click trading buttons in MetaTrader 4 (1 click still works and SL/TP will automatically be set as well as Stacking). Automatically calculate lot order size according to preset risk management perc
3 500 USD
Crypto Market Pro
Daniil Kurmyshev
5 (2)
New opportunities for analyzing cryptocurrency in the usual MetaTrader 4. For example : We select the symbol of the cryptocurrency and attach any indicators, Expert Advisors or scripts. Startup Mode View cryptocurrency; Data collection. Capabilities Work as with a standard currency chart; Automatic update of open charts; Selection of individual cryptocurrency for updating; Selection of individual timeframes for updating; Work on the desired timeframes; Open charts do not affect the work of C
499 USD
FX Gambit
Boyan Atanassov
Zenner Trading Presents FX Gambit Streaming Live on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/rD9bCSxypio FX Gambit is an Adaptive, Market Neutral, Dual MT4 based Parallel Launch Automated Trading System, designed to respond to all directional combinations and permutations of the market, and still produce a Net Positive Outcome. There are 2 instances of MT4 with 2 charts in each. The LONG LEG of the HEDGE is in the left chart and the SHORT LEG on the right. The two MT4 instances exchange current market BI
1 500 USD
斐波那契折返和扩展画线工具 适用于MT4平台的斐波那契折返和扩展画线工具,非常适合于利用帝纳波利点位交易法和黄金分割交易的交易者 主要功能: 1.可以直接画线多组斐波那契折返,重要折返点之间的关系一目了然 2.可以画出斐波那契扩展 3.画线的斐波那契折返和扩展均可左右移动方便观察,有数值显示 4.图表显示非常清爽 5.可通过数字键切换周期 功能键: 1.按 [ 画折返,按需画折返,最多可画8组 2.按 ] 画扩展 3.按 \ 删除当前周期下的所有扩展和折返 4.移动、删除折返和扩展 (1)点击第一组折返的F5线条, 点击1次(变成黄色),按键盘上的Delete可删除该焦点的折返。 点击2次(恢复颜色),可以移动折返到合适的位置 (2)点击COP的线条 点击1次(变成黄色),按键盘上的Delete可该组折返 点击2次(恢复颜色),可以移动扩展到合适的位置 5.修改折返和扩展: (1)选择焦点F或反弹点数字(F或反弹点字体变大,变成黄色),移动鼠标。 (2)选择ABC三点中的某一个(字体变大,变成黄色),移动鼠标。 如何使用可以看相关视频
899 USD
Советник риск-менеджер с огромным арсеналом возможностей защиты вашего депозита. Для инвесторов, которые решили передать капитал в доверительное управление. Когда у трейдера нет доступа к настройкам - нивелирует торговые риски. А также для трейдеров, которые осознали необходимость стороннего контроля за их торговлей для улучшения торговых результатов.  Для максимальных результатов - должен стоять на отдельном VPS сервере и у трейдера не должно быть возможности менять настройки в торговый период.
1 500 USD
Тестер поможет протестировать вашу ручную стратегию или проверить чужую . В обращении тестер достаточно прост,есть возможность регулировать скорость теста и лот, отдельно закрывать и модифицировать ордера. У данного тестера имеются следующие настройки: "Начальный лот" по умолчанию"0.01" "Шаг изменения лота" по умолчанию "0.01"  "Шаг изменения скорости" по умолчанию "50" (условная величена, чем она больше, тем быстрее меняется скорость)
1 300 USD
Quantized Trend
Oleg Pechenezhskiy
This utility automatically draws the trend channel on the price chart. For the time interval from the specified date to the current bar, the drawn channel is almost optimal. Placing the beginning of the channel at a more distant historical price extremum, you get a visualization of a longer-term trend. Channel slope is not a continuous value, but takes one of discrete values (in AxB format, where A is the number of price points (points), and B is the number of timeframes). This program works ONL
500 USD
Real Live Signal  /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Minimun Balance 1000$ standard or cent account . Ea get stable and progressive profit in basket hedge strategy. Ea open auto more currency and close it auto on target Profit. Simple use and full auto. Default setting is for all account balance. ///////////////////////////////////////
2 000 USD
Joel Protusada
NewsReady is a semi-automated Expert Advisor that uses a smart straddle methods It needs to be set in charts 2 to 10 minutes before Economic Data release with a red-flag impact on currencies related to the news. Then it run pending orders in specified number of minutes indicated in the time-period parameter. After the specified time, it will stop trading and will remove all pending orders. Important You can not backtest this tool because it is semi-automated and can only be set and run a few mi
999 USD
Advanced Smart Renko and Heiken Ashi Candle Trader is ONE STOP SOLUTION based semi/fully - automated multi-currency EA carefully engineered for traders to enter the trade based on their Analysis or in fully automated mode for scalping, trend trading, candle breakout trades and also automated news trading with inbuilt trade management solution.    Advantages    No grid / Martingale Works on Classic Renko, Renko Heiken Ashi charts and classic Heiken Ashi charts    Features Multi-Currency Ma
1 200 USD
Binary expert
Expert for a binary options on mt4, he have  two built-in a indicators and many different settings. The expert has one a level of martingale, but it is recommended to use it on  the instruments with a yield of 85 percent. it can be used simultaneously on a variety of currency instruments. All settings have already been made, but you can also configure them yourself . Currency for do trading is a Russian ruble. Good trading to everyone.
1 009 USD
This program is created by algorithm which economy based logic in the trading market. 1. The program able to work with all of currency and trading items  2. Take profit and loss are basically handled by EA program Recommendation: EUR_USD is the most preferred. Please use this program only for MT4. LOT should be managed depends on own deposit. Otherwise, high risk will be driven(e.g 0.1~0.2 lot is recommended when the deposit is 10,000 dollar)
2 000 USD
1.   记录每一个Tick交易的价格数据。     数据文件内容:“Tick时间”、“ASK价格”、“BID价格”、“SPREAD价差”、“Tick报价数量”。 2.   同时,生成一个1分钟周期的报价数据文件。     1min数据文件内容:“ASK时间”、“ ASK OPEN价格 ”、“ASK HIGH 价格”、“ASK LOW 价格”、“ASK CLOSE 价格”、 “ BID 时间”、“BID OPEN价格 ”、“ BID HIGH 价格”、“ BID LOW 价格”、“ BID CLOSE 价格”、 “Tick报价数量”。 3. 每天将所有报价数据保存在一个文件中,方便使用者进行数据分析和数据整理。 4.这个EA程序,任何时刻加载到MT4图标中,就可以直接开始价格数据的记录。确保记录下市场中出现的每一个报价。 5.文件存储位置:MQL4/Files/
460.80 USD
Утилита-риск-менеджер для защиты вашего депозита от полной потери денег. Если вы инвестор и решили передать деньги в доверительное управление, вам нужен Trade Control. Так трейдер не нарушит свои же правила риск-менеджмента и не сольет все ваши деньги. Для этого Trade Control должен находится на вашем VPS. И у управляющего трейдера не должно быть доступа к настройкам данной улититы. В момент слабости, трейдер не сможет увеличить заложенные в торговлю риски. И не потеряет ваш депозит за один неуд
1 500 USD
L   H E D G E R   S C A L P E R    A fully automated Expert Advisor that uses counter-trend scalping, managed semi-martingale strategy and lock hedging to execute a complete trading scheme from entry analysis to risk-calculated money management to exit analysis plan execution.         V E R Y  I M P O R T A N T    You can use only ECN type of account. Otherwise, it's a disaster. You can use only the GBPJPY currency pair. Open and attach with 1 chart only. Use a minimum o
999 USD
P Y R A M I D   E X P E R T    This Forex utility is a complex exit strategy and order management tool that executes four trading methods; scalping, pyramid style, hedging, and scaling method to close trades with a profit.           V E R Y  I M P O R T A N T     This is not a stand alone expert advisor. Use it with your own volatility-based strategy. Once you found the currency pair to trade, you can just attach this tool to the chart of the chosen pair and it will do
490 USD
This is a recognition just for those who feel, that they have a really successful adventure as a Forex Trader. A medal can only be worn by a champion, who knows what he's worth. A real bull of the market. This artwork is a celebration of all that has happened so far. And will always be part of every future trade. Show it to anyone and they will know, that you are successful without doubt. This recognition is a proof that you are great at what you do and all will instantly notice - it will b
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A bot for trading in binary options for mql4. He can do send message in mobile of phone. He can do work in several long time-frame. He can modify main analize. He do displey panel of the bot and modify her you can. He have do display of tick grafic in 15 min and more. He can modify a small main analize. He can modify a dimension of smal main analize. He can modify the advanced  analize. He can modify a small advanced analize. He can modify a dimension of smal advanced anal
1 200 USD
This EA connects to MyTradingPet.com for top performing live trade signals backed by latest AI technologies. The past performance data is available from MyTradingPet.com. All future enhancements to these AI signals will be automatically loaded into this EA. One time setup and no tweaking is required along the way. You can choose top 1-3 performing signals over 1 week or 1 month or 3 months. The EA program will automatically refresh top performers based on daily performance statistics. No furthe
1 999 USD
汇天大胜是一款自动化交易买卖辅助工具,通过 2 选 1+5 个参数的设定,能够实现外汇市场任何品种的交易买卖计划,用户无需熬夜盯盘交易,轻松玩外汇。 特征 对于经纪人条件不敏感 易于安装 易于设定 没有滑点 增加流动性   关键信息显示 付费用户,可到 网站,与卖家交流,另到 指定代理商处开户,交易满100手,赠送电脑1台  。 设定值 标题:系统预设参数 买 2 卖 3 买卖类型: 2/3 首价格:订单的第一个价格 总数量:一组订单的所有报单数量和 止盈点:订单的止盈价格 价格间隔:一组订单的每个报单的价格间隔 单笔数量:一组订单的每个报单数量 订单特征码:同时交易多个品种时,让 EA 能够识别每个品种的设定
599 USD
Simple arrow with alert on chart. This is NOT an entry indicator but a direction indicator. It uses MACD signal line to show you possible future direction of a trend. Please use it with other filters or confirmations to trade properly. Recommended for scalping and short term trades. Made for EURUSD M5 but it should work on every major pair on M5 timeframe. For MT5 version please go here! *If you need a fully automated trading system. Please check this EA here! FEATURES: Very simple directional i
499 USD
Maksim Pliskach
LEFORT is a multi-currency, fully automatic, high-frequency trading robot. The robot works with any instruments in MT4 on any timeframe. The algorithm of the expert Advisor is as follows Single-scalping trades will. Using the analytical signals module, the robot analyzes the market dynamics, and then makes single trades in the direction of the dominant trend with a profit of several pips. A series of open orders. The robot makes a series of trades on a pullback in the direction of the dominant t
5 000 USD
Maksim Pliskach
APIPS Expert Advisor puts a Take Profit on all positions at the total breakeven distance or at the distance of the specified take Profit value . If several orders are opened, the Expert Advisor puts a Take Profit on all positions at the total breakeven distance + the specified Take Profit value. You can specify to close all positions only on the excess without profit. If there are no open orders and you open a trade on the market, the APIPS Expert Advisor automatically sets the Take Profit by
1 000 USD
Blue Forex EA
If you are looking for a U tility can Auto Trading and send Signals to yours Telegram Chanel . DON'T MISS IT! BLUE FOREX EA works on a linear regression channel. The utility trades from the channel borders, stop-loss and 2 take-profit levels with partial closing of orders are used for closing. The chart displays information about profit and draws the regression channel itself. The channel values are recalculated only when a new bar is formed. Min deposit: 100$ Recommend ECN broker with
499 USD
Monitor floating profit of trades and close half of the lot size when profit reach target. Can monitor either all trades in whole account or by specified magic number. Can set amount of slippage and spread tolerance. Can set retry times and sleep seconds if split order was rejected Can set max split order times. Able to close trades after split when floating profit goes down and near 0, to prevent lose.
480 USD
PROTECT YOUR FTMO Account in a simplest way Must-Have Account Protector for any Prop-trading Account and Challenge MT4 Expert Advisor that protects your Forex Prop Trading account from an unexpected drawdown! FTMO Protector  is a MetaTrader Expert Advisor that lets you manage trades and control your profit and loss across multiple Robots and currency pairs using a simple parameters and settings. Use as many EAs and Instruments you need, the Protector will: 1.   Calculate your midnight E
700 USD
automatically sets a pre set take profit and stop loss on all orders that lack the selected stop(orders without sl/tp or both). This enables quicker opening of orders especially if you use a common take profit, stop loss or both for all orders of a current pair. You only need to open orders without having to calculate your stops and no matter how many orders you have opened the EA will set stops for you as long as you have attached the EA on the currency pairs chart. For pending orders the EA
35 USD
Tool sends trades when open and close with chart to telegram channel.  Tool can send multiple charts and magic numbers and pairs from a single chart. Send information of all type of orders: Opened (including Pending Orders), closed tiggered, and modified orders. Telegram Setup instruction Open your Telegram APP and search for "BotFather". Type  /start  and click/type  /newbot  to create a new bot. Give your bot a nickname and username (e.g., nickname: Bestnavisignal and username: Bestnavisigna
200 USD
Close MyOrders
Hussein Alebrahimi
this Ea is helpful for closing all variety of orders at the same time, you'll be able to opt for either all orders shut straightaway or victimization the within profit/loss rule. if the "total profit" or "total loss" of the account be bigger than nominal profit/loss, this Ea can mechanically shut all of your open position along. Closing: you'll be able to opt for closing be straightaway when running Ea, or use the whole profit/loss rule, or use shut on a nominal time. Features Include Swap I
30 USD
Tool sends trades when open and close with chart to telegram channel.  Tool can send multiple charts and magic numbers and pairs from a single chart. Send information of all type of orders: Opened (including Pending Orders), closed tiggered, and modified orders. Telegram Setup instruction Open your Telegram APP and search for "BotFather". Type  /start  and click/type  /newbot  to create a new bot. Give your bot a nickname and username (e.g., nickname: Bestnavisignal and username: Bestnavisigna
400 USD
This product is design to export all pairs that you have it in your meta trade  if you have too many pairs , shares , indicators , CFDs etc you just need 1 click to export all or them to txt file Works as an Script, reading all pairs . There's no option to change. There's no Web Request. There's no DLL use. File location: MQL5\Files . with name broker name._Symbols.txt
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