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EA31337 Lite

The EA31337 trading robot is taking the currency trading on the next level by providing coordinated multi-timeframe algorithms which makes the trading 24/7 very simple experience.


  • Over 30 optimized strategies to choose from, coordinated and working as one single algorithm to analyze market on multiple timeframes at the same time (M1-M30).
  • Over 30 major technical indicators analyzed in real time (on every single tick).
  • Risk Ratio manages automatically your risk given your current equity/balance and the market conditions.
  • Exceptional number of customizable user parameters (over 300).
  • Task scheduler which queues and re-trades the rejected trades due to high volatility or broker requotes.
  • Trade prioritiser prioritise trading according to high demand or market limits.


The EA provides the following basic params:

  • Trade
    • Max orders, Max orders per type - Sets the limit of total or per-strategy orders to open. Set 0 for auto, so it knows exactly how many trades to open given your balance, number of trades, Stop Out levels and market conditions (see: Risk Ratio).
    • Lot size - Sets a lot size of order to trade. Set 0 for auto calculation based on your equity/balance ratio.
    • InitNoOfDaysToWarmUp - Warm-up period in days to reduce lot size. Helps to protect balance against unknown market conditions.
    • Max take profit/stop loss - Limits when to close the order with profit or loss.
    • Trend method- Method of calculating the current trend for the trades.
    • Min pip gap- Min gap between trades per strategy.
    • Tick ignore method- Sets method for ignoring certain ticks.
    • CloseOrderAfterXHours - Sets number of hours after profitable trades are closed (negative number includes non-profitable trades).
  • Profit and loss
    • Max Take profit/Max Stop loss - Limits when to close the order with profit or loss (in pips).
    • TrailingStop/TrailingProfit - Extra trailing stops
    • TrailingStopAddPerMinute - Decrease trail stop per minute (pip/min)
  • Risk
    • Risk margin per order/in total - Limits trade risk in %.
    • Risk ratio - If set to 0, it automatically calculates your risk given your current equity/balance and market conditions.
    • Risk margin - Sets the risk of the margin in percentage which you want to risk per each trade. Set 0 for auto.
    • Min/Max profit factor per strategy- Sets min/max required profit factor of strategy to trade. If the limit is reached, it disables non-successful strategies.
  • Boosting
    • Boosting: by trend factor, by the best daily/weekly/monthly strategy- Activates lot size boosting by its profit factor or the most successful strategies over certain period.
  • Account conditions - Invokes condition-based user configurable actions on certain account or market conditions (e.g. close profitable orders on high equity or before margin call happens).
  • Strategy-based Signal Methods - Unique filtering system which enhances technical indicators and trades only on successful market conditions.

and many other params (over 300), for more details see: How to trade with EA31337 Lite.

Before you start

Please trade responsively and follow the following rules to avoid any surprises:

  • Preferable timeframes: M15, M30
  • Always trade on micro lots (if broker allows it, otherwise change the broker).
  • Do not increase any lots or risk criteria if your trading is fine (the EA will do that automatically).
  • Check your broker spreads and commissions before starting.
  • Do not use brokers which does not allow hedging positions.
  • Do not use EA in accounts with spreads above 20 points without proper backtesting.
Andrew Gomanchuk
2016.12.29 07:48 

This is a great EA if you follow all the guidelines of author. He keeps on improving the EA. I have been using this EA for two month and i am very satisfied. Good expert advisor with high winning ratio. Friendly support from the Rafal.

Two month is not enough of course to make sure it is safe in most of the situations. I will update the rating in a couple of months.

Aliaksandr Kryvanos
2016.11.09 08:39 


First Rafal Wieczorek, very professional expert, excellent and responsive, he can support for all questons. This Great!

EA31337 Lite EA has a lot of extra functionality, the best ea among the many I tested

If you want the best EA, buy Universal and Safe, like EA31337 Lite.

Author provide set-files, and always develop/improve his ea.

I'll give 5 star!


Rafal отличный разработчик, отзывчивый человек. Может помочь в любой ситуации. Глядя на настройки советника, который он разработал кажется, что это нереально сложная машина, и разобраться в ней будет довольно сложно, однако это не так. Готовые сет-файлы и помощь автора: всё это делают первый старт советника лёгким делом. Особенностью советника является его уникальный торговый алгоритм, позволяющий расти эквити (средствам) над балансом, а не наоборот! Это отличный советник, стоящий своих денег. Подозреваю, что Pro версия, если судить по названию Lite будет ещё круче :)

5 звёзд!

2016.06.29 17:33 

Gosh, this bot is brilliant! The downside is that it has so many settings, that it can be scary for the newbies. The backtest results looks very promising, however they're mainly for EURUSD. I can't wait for the next version! Hope that's useful.

2016.06.02 17:45 

This software is a masterpiece, I will try to give a very honest review:

Pro points:

1- This robot has a lot of possibilities, over 130 strategies, has a point system that will enforce the most successfull used strategies over the worst ones.

2- Open order accuracy is very good, the trailing stop, trailing profit will move along with the market so you will not be stopped on a pullback(this featured can also be disabled if wanted)

3- The robot itself, all the settings are configurable, giving you a wide range of oportunities if you know what you are doing.

4- The developer spend a lot of time on this product, the support and documentation is great, it has even a github page with a lot of test results, optimization sets and reports, tools for backtesting and to download data from Dukascopy history. Also the development skills of this guy are impressive.

5- The money management options are wide, I only got the robot to make a profit after evaluating a lot the money management options.

6- Haven't seen yet the robot using dangerous strategies such as averaging, grid, martingale, hedge etc so if in fact they are used it is not often.



2- Requires loads of optimization and backtesting, before using live.

3- Requires money management skills in order to be trustable.

4- Very new in the MQL5 few users testing, reporting bugs etc, besides the backtesting and optimization work from the developer is massive.


This robot is great if you have a good knowledge with indicators and money management, also you will spend a lot of hours trying to understand and get familiar with the product, but don´t worry the documentation is wide, if you are not lazy you are buying yourself a great tool to improve your work. It will work on both long and short positions and will manage the orders according to your balance. I am very satisfied with this robot.

版本 1.75 - 2017.05.24
- Adds CCI strategy.
- Adds extra Bands and MA and Bands filter when opening the trades.
- CloseOrderAfterXHours: positive values close profitable orders, negative all.
- Improves displaying total net profit on EA exit.
- Calculate profit factor of strategy after 10 trades instead of 20.
- Adds InitNoOfDaysToWarmUp param for warm-up period by lowering lot size for first number of days of trading.
- Removes TrendMethod and improves trend calculation by using RSI.
版本 1.74 - 2017.03.14
- Improves logic of updating trailing stop loss values.
- Fixes logic of TakeProfitMax.
- Fixes order close message when it is closed by the opposite signal.
- Improves logic for signal methods for Alligator.
- Adds support for profiler.
- Improves params based on the recent tests for v1.074.
版本 1.73 - 2017.02.16
- Adds RiskMarginPerOrder and RiskMarginTotal params in order to limit the risk of all orders as well as each of them to avoid any stop outs.
- Corrects wrong precision for SL/TP.
- Lower lot size based on the stop loss value of the trade when risk margin per order has been exceeded.
- Adds TickIgnoreMethod param to improve test results and performance for high-volume tick data.
- Improves general messaging.
- Corrects logic for signal methods.
- Adds LotSizeIncreaseMethod and LotSizeDecreaseMethod params.
- Improves logic for RiskRatioIncreaseMethod/RiskRatioDecreaseMethod.
- Adds AccountConditionToDisable and DisableCloseConditions params for testing purposes.
- Now by default the orders are closed by the opposite signal.
- Fixes major issue with logic when signal method is zero.
- Adds Smart queue parameters (currently hidden).
- Fixes logic for RiskRatioDecreaseMethod as it wasn't working correctly.
- Renames TakeProfit/StopLoss to TakeProfitMax/StopLossMax.
- Improves logic of SL/TP values by checking maximum values of TakeProfitMax and StopLossMax.
- Adds implementation of StrategyBoostByPF and StrategyHandicapByPF params for boosting strategies by its profit factor values.
- Major improvement of logic for stop loss values for new and existing orders in order to take into the account StopLossMax and RiskMarginPerOrder params.
- List all available timeframes on startup (including non-standard).
- Improves frequency of updating indicator values, only once per given timeframe.
- Adds placeholder Envelopes_SignalLevel param (it needs more work).
- Updates for strategy param settings based on the test results for EURUSD 2014-2016 with spread 20.
- Disables/enables strategies based on their results.
版本 1.72 - 2016.12.22
- Adds RecordTicksToCSV option to record ticks data into CSV files.
- Take into account the account credit value for conditional actions or when computing auto lot size.
- Adds ConWinsIncreaseFactor, ConLossesIncreaseFactor, ConFactorOrdersLimit options for lot size optimization based on the consecutive wins and losses.
- Improves validation of trades to avoid invalid stops.
- Improves auto max order limit calculation for accounts with credit.
- Improves error handling when EA params are not valid at startup.
- Improves error logging.
- Better handling of invalid stops errors.
- Changes 'Previous close' trailing method to 'Previous open'.
- Improves logic of max order limitation when set by broker.
- Improves error handling for failed actions.
- Removes redundant DemoMarketStopLevel parameter.
- Drops TrendMethodAction in favor of one TrendMethod.
- Now negative TrendMethod means recalculation each minute, instead of current timeframe.
- Improves calculation of trend.
- Drops TrailingStopOneWay and TrailingProfitOneWay in favor of trailing methods per strategy (negative vs positive values).
- Drops TradeWithTrend in favor of signal method per strategy (by default trade with trend, but negative signal method values means to trade with no-trend).
- Corrects calculation of all period ratio like parameters.
- Improves EA init/deinit issues.
- Adds RiskRatioIncreaseMethod, RiskRatioDecreaseMethod params to calculate risk ratio based on the given method (0-255).
- Improves trading with higher spread such as 20.
- Improves all strategy param values based on the optimization results for EURUSD 2014-2015.
- Disables conditional actions by default (needs more testing).
版本 1.71 - 2016.12.01
- Major fixes to trailing stops.
- Disables ValidateSettings parameter by default.
- Adds extra info at the init screen.
- Prints number of processed bars and ticks on the statistics screen and in the report file.
- Prints real modelling quality on the init screen and in the report file.
- Improves logic of trailing stops: SAR & SAR Peak
- Improves report filename.
- Improves all parameters based on 2014-2015 result tests.
- Draws the MA trend line by default on the chart.
- Fixes OrderSend error 148 when number of active pending orders reaches the broker limit.
版本 1.70 - 2016.08.29
- Fixes bug with MA FMS Peak trailing stop calculation.
- Improved logic of Alligator and MA strategy.
- Improved general strategy parameters based on the backtest results.
- Improved order comment.
- Added RiskMargin parameter to control margin risk in percent (default to 1%).
- Added Comment in e-mail.
- Improved risk ratio text when set manually.
- TakeProfit/StopLoss parameter is now integer.
- Increased TrailingStop/TrailingProfit, MinPipGap parameters.
- Enabled TradeWithTrend by default.
- Disabled TrailingProfitOneWay by default.
- Disabled actions by default (needs further testing).
- Set TrailingStopAddPerMinute to 0.2.
- Removed signal method for Fractals, because there is only one.
- Disabled temporary weak strategies.
- Added strategy period, deviation and similar ratio parameters (e.g. Alligator_Period_Ratio, Bands_Period_Ratio, etc.).
- Merged Envelopes deviation parameters into 1.
- Fixes issues with OrderModify errors when trading with silver/gold symbols.
- Trailing stop improvements based on the MinPipChangeToTrade value.
- Logic improvements to Bands and Envelopes strategies.
- Improvements to validation on startup (test Bands values when ValidateSettings is enabled).
- Fixes for calculation of stoploss and take stop values.
版本 1.69 - 2016.07.12
- Improved overall description of EA parameters. More documentation.
- Implemented ValidateSettings parameter to validate startup market and account variables for more reliable backtest results.
- Implemented MarketSpecificHour parameter to use with conditions (e.g. to close all orders at a specific time).
- Implemented MinProfitFactorToTrade and MaxProfitFactorToTrade parameters to limit trading of non-successful and too-successful strategies. These strategies becomes temporary suspended.
- Implemented CloseOrderAfterXHours parameters to close orders after certain amount of hours (useful for backtesting).
- Implemented conditions to react on new hour/day/week/month.
- Implemented actions to suspend and unsuspend/reinstate all strategies (e.g. on risky days or after previous suspension).
- Implemented experimental action to 'Reset strategy stats', e.g. to reset strategies after certain period which were suspended for too low profit factor.
- Disabled not implemented strategies.
- Error handling when market constants are invalid.
- Validate account variables on startup.
- Validate indicator values at startup (to prevent backtesting on invalid data from the higher timeframes).
- Displays active timeframes at startup.
- Displays message when the orders is closed with the reason.
- Refactored Bands signal conditions and overall logic of Bands strategy. Disabled by default, because it was not fully backtested yet.
- Renamed parameters: Alligator_Jaw_Period/Alligator_Teeth_Period/Alligator_Period_Teeth to Alligator_Period_Jaw/Alligator_Lips_Period/Alligator_Period_Lips for consistency. Same for Shift values.
- Renamed parameters: MACD_Signal_Period to MACD_Period_Signal for consistency.
- Renamed OpenMethod and OpenLevel parameters to SignalMethod and SignalLevel for consistency and better clarity.
- Improved frequency of indicator values caused by loss of data due to type conversion.
- Added EA icon and description.
- Improved overall messaging.
- Fixed calculation of active strategies which may improve overall performance.
- Overall optimization of all strategies and settings based on the EURUSD/2014 backtest year data.
- Result of backtest for EURUSD/2014: from 2k to 11k USD, 306 trades, profit factor 2.99, DD: 27%
版本 1.68 - 2016.05.27
- New default optimization settings for higher spreads (spread 10) optimized for EURUSD symbol based on backtesting for 2014.
- Corrected logic for Bands strategy.
- Support for order freeze level to avoid errors on certain brokers.
- Improved messaging and printed formats.
- Implemented Account conditions and Actions which allows to setup custom action triggered on certain conditions.
- Now user can setup up to 5 conditions depending on the current Equity or % of Margin Used.
- Corrected Open level parameters for strategies which now work correctly.