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Jacek Mackiewicz
Jacek Mackiewicz 2021.07.23 14:14 


Vicente De Paula Silva Moura
Vicente De Paula Silva Moura 2021.07.22 21:58  (изменен 2021.07.29 13:23) 

29/07: I decided to stopar in the hand before the count resets. That sign is the wolf in sheep's clothing, don't be fooled.

28/07: What I said really came true, the position is against the trend and the DD is huge. It will probably burn this account.

For those who would like to know what happens, take a look at this account:

22/07: I liked Ekaterina's style, however, the fact that she doesn't stop brings me a big concern. The DD Value is almost equal to the profit, I know the trades are long term, this can become dangerous if you are on the wrong side.

Giuliano Collacchioni
Giuliano Collacchioni 2021.07.22 17:42 

Great signal.

Actually it is my first one, but I'm quite satisfied.

The fee is covered at most in 2 days and the profit is constant.

I really like the peculiar style of Ekaterina, having multiple positions opened (even for a long time), without setting SL and only sometimes setting the TP. I think this style (patience-based, I'd say) is effective, and the results talk by themselves.

I just think that a withdrawal would be helpful for subscribers with a deposit of 300, because the lot size is computed as a ratio of the current balance, so it will result in all operations with a lot size of 0.01.

Other than this: keep going, Ekaterina!

tennejmensi 2021.07.21 13:23  (изменен 2021.07.28 09:08) 

Update 28.07.21:

I don't know what you guys are crying about. Risk belongs to trading. So we've had worse times, but Ekaterina is a professional and I trust her. You have to follow the fundamentals yourself and then you know when it's better to get out of a trade. No one can go the whole track without making a mistake, learn for yourself, take inspiration from Ekaterina why she does what she does. If you think you will make money just by taking signals, you are wrong. Anyway, Ekaterina is quite possibly the best trader here. And I believe she's gonna turn it around. What makes a trader good is not how she can make money in good times. When the market's good, anyone can. But staying in the market when the market is going against you, that's the mark of a good trader. Ekaterina, my fingers are crossed for you. I'm definitely not cancelling my subscription. She's the best trader here. I always have more capital than a trader for sure and I follow the fundamentals myself.

You are amazing. 100% results and minimal load on the deposit. I'll be jumping over to CyberFox Pro soon. Thank you Ekaterina for your work. You are great, I have not seen such results even with people who work in the banking sector and have access to other information. I don't know how you do it but please keep it up :-)

Marco Quarenghi
Marco Quarenghi 2021.07.21 10:39   

ho copiato il segnale e depositato 300$, come da descrizione, ma vedo che copia lotti solo da 0,01, anche quelli che originariamente sono più alti, mi apre la posizione solo 0,01.....???

skbah 2021.07.16 20:49 

i want to contact with you i have a question please how ?

thoman31 2021.07.11 17:44  (изменен 2021.08.22 22:48) 

please close the account so that our subscription is at least refunded

Jie Fei
Jie Fei 2021.07.10 14:12  (изменен 2021.07.29 01:20) 

Subscribed from 27 June with 5K AUD initial deposit and the leverage is 1:100.

Till now, 10 July, profit 100.46 AUD and floating -85.11 AUD, equity 5015.35 AUD.

About 2 weeks got 15.35 AUD net profit as for 0.307%.

Will update again once reach 1 month subscribation and then decide to continue or not.

Changed the leverage to 1:500 as the writer comments.

Update as promised.

Till 24 July, profit 852.49 AUD and floating -432.59 AUD, equity 5419.59 AUD.

About 2 weeks got 400 AUD net profit as for 8%.

In total, 1 month excluding 40 AUD subscribation fee, about 8% profit based on 5000 AUD fund.

If less fund, subscribation fee will affect profit, of course more fund more risk.

Floating is too high to be nervous.

If subscribing at wrong timing, net loss is expected.

At the end of 1 month, the losing came.

Finally, 600 AUD lost.

JUAN CARLOS GALLEGO 2021.07.08 19:06 

Hello, I am having a problem with the lot size of the operations, it only opens operations at 0.01 when the operator opens them larger, how can I solve this?

Ahmd ʿZt ʿBdallh Mhmwd Aljml
Ahmd ʿZt ʿBdallh Mhmwd Aljml 2021.07.08 10:49 

i think she using ea

and open more orders against the trend

** plz be careful for our money and our trust