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patrickdrew 2021.05.19 17:27  (изменен 2021.06.04 17:30) 

19/05 - I just started copying this morning. Came in at a DD of about 30% and in the retracement made the usd 30 fee in 5 hours. :-)

I have a very good feeling about this provider! :-) I will update in one month.

27/05 - So far very happy! DD is not too bad and every day closes with a little bit of profit. ROI per month seems to hold and is fantastic!! :-)

04/06 - Author is trading very well!! Stays on track of trades! I have added capital. - Also author seems to really care and communicates often and well! :-)

Would be nice with more feedback from the other subscribers!!

Shah.r 2021.05.11 18:55 

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TomsSoyer 2021.05.11 16:47 

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