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Всего трейдов:
Прибыльных трейдов:
823 (84.41%)
Убыточных трейдов:
152 (15.59%)
Лучший трейд:
28.04 USD
Худший трейд:
-51.42 USD
Общая прибыль:
4 065.63 USD (193 259 pips)
Общий убыток:
-1 047.24 USD (33 236 pips)
Макс. серия выигрышей:
143 (778.72 USD)
Макс. прибыль в серии:
1 140.69 USD (70)
Коэффициент Шарпа:
Торговая активность:
Макс. загрузка депозита:
Последний трейд:
8 часов
Трейдов в неделю:
Ср. время удержания:
10 часов
Фактор восстановления:
Длинных трейдов:
474 (48.62%)
Коротких трейдов:
501 (51.38%)
Профит фактор:
Мат. ожидание:
3.10 USD
Средняя прибыль:
4.94 USD
Средний убыток:
-6.89 USD
Макс. серия проигрышей:
14 (-80.26 USD)
Макс. убыток в серии:
-80.26 USD (14)
Прирост в месяц:
Годовой прогноз:


Символ Сделки Sell Buy
200 400 600 800 1K
200 400 600 800 1K
200 400 600 800 1K
Символ Общая прибыль, USD Убыток, USD Прибыль, USD
1K 2K 3K 4K 5K 6K
1K 2K 3K 4K 5K 6K
1K 2K 3K 4K 5K 6K
Символ Общая прибыль, pips Убыток, pips Прибыль, pips
25K 50K 75K 100K 125K 150K 175K 200K 225K 250K 275K 300K
25K 50K 75K 100K 125K 150K 175K 200K 225K 250K 275K 300K
25K 50K 75K 100K 125K 150K 175K 200K 225K 250K 275K 300K


Лучший трейд:
28.04 USD
Макс. серия выигрышей:
143 (778.72 USD)
Макс. прибыль в серии:
1 140.69 USD (70)
Худший трейд:
-51.42 USD
Макс. серия проигрышей:
14 (-80.26 USD)
Макс. убыток в серии:
-80.26 USD (14)
Просадка по балансу:
0.00 USD
119.25 USD (3.60%)
Отноcительная просадка:
По балансу:
6.98% (119.25 USD)
По эквити:
26.41% (437.12 USD)

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Minimum Deposit $400

Recomended Deposit +$1000.

Monthly Profit 10-25%

Maksimum DD used 25%

for setting up signals:

Subscribe and VPS setup:

"How to subscribe to a Signal"

"Allocating a Virtual Server and Migration"

For getting maximum allowed lot size, input 95% in "Use no more than: 95% of deposit"


I always Control My trade, So i can do my best try get Good Profit with Minimum Risk.

If you want get same result and Better Copy, open Standar MT5 account at :

Any Question you can contact my Telegram : @AlterProfit

Средняя оценка:
Longsen Chen
Longsen Chen 2021.04.20 16:17 

[2021.04.20] Today operations are very complicated. I understand part but not all. My profit since the subcription is gone. But I'm still confident to Andi. He should do better int the future.

[2021.04.19] In the weekend I increased the deposit, the lot size became 0.1 from 0.05. Yesterday DD was high, my loss doubled. Well, I believe Andi is able to manage the risk and turn loss into profit.

[2021.04.17] My profit in April is 6.81% while the signal is 11.56%, a big difference. I know the reasons. Reason 1. I copied SL and TP. TP shrunk the profit because the TP is fixed while the open price is slipped. I fixed the problem by disabling copying SL and TP. Reason 2. My deposit is not enough to keep the same lot size as the signal's. In April 13. when DD went higher, the platform cut down the lot size from 0.05 to 0.04 at bad price, causing a loss. I fixed this problem by increasing deposit by 100 USD. In the next trading days. the lot size came back to 0.05. Reason 3. network delay is 500ms, which is too big. It's very hard to solve, but I'm trying to solve it. I hope the experience may be helpful to other subcribers.

[2021.04.06] Why deals are getting fewer?

[2021.03.31] I started copying this signal a week ago. It has been exactly 6 trading days. I've gained USD30.29 on the initial deposit of USD1,000. The return rate is 3% on 6 trading days, which is very good.

drhussein83 2021.04.20 15:51  (изменен 2021.04.20 15:51) 

My question is why he closed all the buy trades with loss 6-8 dollars while there were in profit 8-10 dollars in the previous hour this looks like he is not following the trades well

Ro Lan
Ro Lan 2021.04.20 15:36 

04/19/2021 - i feel scared when i saw his style of trade i was thinking that somebody is using his account. but is do hoping that this price will be continuing down. otherwise we loss to badly. i still support his style. for now 4 star for a scary trade.

ectaco 2021.04.20 15:22 

20/04 Any move can go at opposite, no problem if you have a strategy and patience. But you open sell at the very high and instead of letting them to gain profit at the down move, you close them for 1 dollar profit? That's just dumb

It's bad to do drugs while trading or let your kids mess up with the terminal when you are away from home

ksalamati 2021.04.20 15:15 

Update 2021/04/20: Yesterday a terrible incident happened in my account. All sales orders at a high loss and all purchase orders together and in an instant without my knowledge were closed and reduced my inventory and this did not end here and then they are opened with new prices and are Willing to lose money too. After three months, it was destroyed with all the capital. I have a troubleshooting request from the support team as well as Signal Provider.

Vu Quach
Vu Quach 2021.04.20 14:19   

The signal is good.

20/4 signal coming backdown after fail to penetrate 2018 resistant. To be successful copy signal, you have to follow through, don't be scare.

th12395796 2021.04.20 13:02   


Swing Trader
Swing Trader 2021.04.20 12:50 

Update April 20th, 2021: today -2.6 % loss. but I only copied 50 % of initial deposit. otherwise more than 5 % loss. hope Andi can handle his trades. personally, I think GBPUSD will go short today. wish you all good trades

Update April 19th, 2021: today we had already 0.6 % profit in the morning. everything was safe. and I would be very satisfied with only 0.5 % steady profit every day.

then Andi unfortunately further traded with now accumulating to a DD of nearly 20 %. it would be great if trading would be stopped instead of being greedy and further trade and making counter-trend trading which can be quite dangerous. wish you all good trades. stay safe.

Update April 15th, 2021: very good trading day yesterday with Andi. About 2.5 %. net profit in April for me now about 7.5 %. thank you Andi. I´m fully satisfied with 5-10 % per month. most important thing is not to come very much into DD. this is a big problem here at MQL5, where a lot of traders already finished their account as they did not keep their nerves. wish you all good trades. stay safe in Covid-times ;-)

Update April 13th, 2021: April up to now 4.6 %. yesterday about 6 % in DD. Andi kept two positions open over night with about 1 % in minus. today we could recover and starting this week with about 1.9 %. go on Andi, thank you for your great trading.

Update April 9th, 2021: first 7 trading days in April run very good. for me 2.7 % profit. but I only copied first 25% of deposit, now 40 %. Andi is very good trader. I always feel safe with his trading. Most of the time only 1-3 trades per day. but this is enough. most of the time about 0.2-0.5% profit per day. that´s enough. Andi is very careful. especially before weekend he does not risk addional trades. for me personally 5-6 % per month is enough. will further report. stay safe all traders and have a good weekend.

Update March 30: I started copying this signal about 1 week ago. daily profit is for me about 0.4-0.5 %. up to now there was no loosing day.

Andi makes very good job. he always tries to close day with profit.

number of trades varies. sometimes 3 trades a day, then also possible up to 10 trades.

up to now for me no trades have been open over night.

SL is not set, but I can live with it.

trading style is grid like.

no Martingale, i.e. position size is not permanently increased when trades runs into wrong direction.

I feel very safe with this signal.

in 5 trading days now about 2 %, but I only copy 25 % of account deposit. you can fix this in Metatrader - tools - options - use no more than ...%.

this is good idea to do, if you are first not sure about quality of a signal. if you can rely on a trader, then you can increase. I first started with 20 %. now 25 % of deposit. it depends also on your account size you have.

I do not want to have 30 % or more each month. don´t be greedy. constantly 5-10 % each month are perfect.

will further report about performance development and trading of Andi.

thank you Andi for your great trading

mt4ac2 2021.04.20 09:57 

Great for 2 weeks, then went horribly wrong 19Apr21 when the markets threw a double-six, wiping out most of my balance with repeated bad trades.

Good algorithm in "normal" times, but unable to handle extreme market moves.

samwuyts 2021.04.20 09:53 

Very good way of trading!

user2003 2021.04.20 00:53  (изменен 2021.04.20 01:05) 

Yesterday 19/4 he opened all sell positions relate to GBP when EUR/GDP was uptrend dramatically. Big mistakes!!! I couldn't believe with 3044% profitable account made such a mistake basically like this !!!!

Por 2021.04.19 23:39 

I've been receiving him in 6-7 weeks.

He is good at hedging position and knows what money management is.

I just trust him to overcome this phase.

Bendict Wellstood
Bendict Wellstood 2021.04.19 21:19   

This signal has been very stable, but in trading, there will always be losses - always. I think GBPUSD will drop again so happy to hold as my account only trades at 0.01, so although the DD is relative to my account, it's not a lot of £ right now. However, I don't hedge, so have manually closed the buys and will wait for the sells to hopefully come back into profit.

giod 2021.04.19 19:06  (изменен 2021.04.19 20:51) 

Hi Andi/all,

Update 19.04.2021: I agree with all cold handed - A drawdown is always possible. If you follow, you have to trust and have the right settings. Just don't agree with this late "neutralizing move". And now please get rid of poisonous positions at a good moment + probably put in trailing stops on all positions when they pass the sufficient profit levels - Maybe we can get some more profit and turn losses to a little profit for people that smoked up their accounts today a little. Thank you and go your way. Sometimes criticism is to early but i definitely can understand the situation and anxiety of people that have lost money, or are shaking a lot now as they entered last or this week and see big red numbers now.

Once again a very good week 12.-16.04.2021 with your signal - 43profits/8 losses. You should begin selling toner cartridges - You need them and most users need them as well, as the profits are great and mine were emptied this week printing so much money (just joking)- Thanks for your risk management skills by great averaging/grid usage combined with manual tweaks!

Please keep on doing this great job and probably:

a. Am missing a traling stop set by your EA/trader when the 0.07% of profit are reached.

The profits could've been a lot bigger by doing one thing: When TP is reached just put in a trailing stop with a few points and let the deal kill itself when it rebounds. 9 of 10 great trends get killed by your TP instead of flowing further to rocket profits. Not everybody hangs around the keyboard/deals and is able to tweak manualy (and it is difficult in MT5, as i have to reset the signal following every time after the run is complete, by putting it back to "copy SL and TP levels"). A rightklick with "set sl to x points" is easy, in't it?

b. The Drawdown(DD) was a "killer" during two periods. I (and probably some other users) was "killswitched" by my "stop if equity is less than" amount. It is my mistake, as i have set it up to narrow compared to the balance i have. But this happens as the profits are so huge and so my lots are getting bigger. Thank YOU again for this. However: My account closed all with big loss, i've reopened it again and was even able to profit more by luck (the trend was at the peak high of loss and then rebounded with my lotsize 1.5 back to low prices :-). As told: Only by luck being at the keyboard and closing it later than you, below your TP range. It would be probably less stressing situations if you'd open a neutralising buy position if trend is up and we have plenty sell opened. It most probably would stop the DD going endoatmospheric and kicking cautious people out. After rebound it can be closed by a SL set up a little above the open price (even more profit ;-) ), and bring everything back to the safe path. Of course vice versa if you tend for a buying spree and the market goes against us.

That was just some criticizm at top top level and not trying to offend you. So probably please consider both and analize. Thanks

HOWEVER: Very well done again - Keep on going!

To everybody else: Enjoy a nice and happy weekend.

Overall assesment on your signal:

To all concerned about the performance: plenty straight wins, followed by few losses week by week. Very good overall history since signal beginning. I recommend to read and execute the installation process carefully, drink a couple of coffees and teas and watch your accounts most probably grow. For the not realy patient ones in our circle: Trading is not a gamble, but a trend reading and indicator/oscilator following procedure which sometimes requires waiting for the right moment. So if you entered and nothing happens - probably nothing favourable for our trading strategy happens on the markets and it's best to drink even more coffee without pushing buttons randomly ;-)

I recommend the signal to newcommers, hedging newbies and for sure for people not following principles as: "Only trade what you see and not what you think will happen in future", "Never risk more than 2%", and finaly my favourite one "Take even the smallest profit - Live with the kickout (As it only occurs because you've s..... up the entry)". And finaly: Everybody with an amount that fits the signals description should be happy with the mass gain, as there is no need to put sweat into it based on Andis well balanced service ;-)

(All my own opinion and based on a current subscription period of a few weeks)

Stephanie Silva
Stephanie Silva 2021.04.19 18:30  (изменен 2021.04.19 21:28)   

i have like 10 sell trades? whats is this? lot of trades whit minutes of difference :S ....

Dam. my first day testing this signal. big dd right now

the other signal they have already die.!tab=history

Radchanon Kamnun
Radchanon Kamnun 2021.04.19 18:05   

What happened why open sell multi lot Oh My God

Erwan Dzukou Mongo
Erwan Dzukou Mongo 2021.04.19 17:37  (изменен 2021.04.19 18:03) 

Aucune raison de ce plaindre, il a dis dans la description qu 'un DD de 25% etait possible je suis sur que nous allons terminé cette semaine en profit. N'ecouté pas les commentaire negatif

Rocket101 2021.04.19 17:28  (изменен 2021.04.19 17:30) 

This is an expected loss, so it's not a problem at all. It is important that he adheres to the maximum DD 25%.

Don't listen to silly complaints.

جواد فقیهی
جواد فقیهی 2021.04.19 17:16   

Unlike others who are disappointed, I think today will end with success and good profits

Dinesh Kuamr
Dinesh Kuamr 2021.04.19 17:12 

Supportive Advise,

Good decision, Do not cross DD more than 25%. If trades will closed in loss than no problem. It is part of trading. But maintain discipline is more important than one day loss. You have potential to recover by tomorrow.

2021.04.13 12:35
Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.04.02 15:14
Removed warning: Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.03.31 13:16 2021.03.31 13:16:20  

March Closed Profit 32.07%, Back To work April, Let's grow..

2021.03.19 13:38 2021.03.19 13:38:11  

Happy Weekend, All clear for this weeks, see you next weeks.

2021.03.18 19:07
Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.03.17 14:04
Removed warning: Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.03.16 19:58
Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.03.12 13:35
Removed warning: Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk
2021.03.12 10:50
Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk
2021.03.11 05:03
Removed warning: Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk
2021.03.10 12:55
Removed warning: Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.03.10 08:39
Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk
2021.03.10 08:39
Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.03.05 15:17
Removed warning: Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk
2021.03.04 18:40 2021.03.04 18:40:55  

Dear Subscribers, No more trade Friday, i will take a rest, and back to work next weeks. Thanks

2021.03.04 18:22
Too much growth in the last month indicates a high risk
2021.03.02 03:22
Removed warning: Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.02.25 11:39 2021.02.25 11:39:21  

Dear Subscribers, All trade closing Profit 41.75% this month, and no more trade until March, We will back work on 1 March 2020 and get More 20-40% Profit With Minimum Risk. Also for my old Subscribers you can check New MT5 Signal : , please read Descriptions. Thanks and Have a great day.

2021.02.03 16:02
Too frequent deals may negatively impact copying results
2021.02.01 12:56
Removed warning: This is a newly opened account. Trading results may be of random nature
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