Active managed signal. The work of this EA is largely monitored.

I use the EA under the recommendations of the author and varying occasionally only the time and / or risk Settings >> sometimes i close open trades manually <<

On days / nights if are relevant medium or high Impact News shortly before, during or shortly after the standard Trading Time i will switch off this signal.

ATTENTION PLEASE !! Depending of risk setting in the meantime Drawdown of ~ 50 % are possible. DON'T RISK MONEY YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE !

For diversifying the overall risk, split your money an follow similar signals for other pairs. Please look at my profile page:

Provided that it is seen over the year are (much) more months in profit than losses, i try to use this EA how follow:

For each month in profit the risk will increase by 10%, for each month in loss the risk will reduced by 10% >> Riskmargin here between 30 - 70 % !

At given intervals i will withdraw partical profits !


This signal follows Adaptive Scalper EAA detailed description of the EA can be seen there.

IMPORTANT: Use ECN broker with tight spreads > In order to reduce slippage view in the tab "Slippage" on this signal and select an acceptable Broker. Please feel free to suggest me other suitable broker for this signal.

Only important for subscribers of the signal, not for buyers of this EA ! Buyers can use every reputable ECN Broker. Regardless Server freeze or not !

To subscribe this signal, DO NOT USE BROKERS that FREEZE her SERVER at midnight Broker Time. Trades generated by the provider signal can then not be opened or closed simultaneously in the freezetime !! Please check in advance !!

The displayed Broker Karma-Live was formerly Armada and is since 2015 Tickmill.

If you have previously not acceptable broker you can find one at the following link: >> Open there a True ECN Account

How to subscribe to Trading Signals:

Other useful information on the evaluation and the copying of signals can be found here: and here:


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Всего трейдов: 1 122
Прибыльных трейдов: 994 (88.59%)
Убыточных трейдов: 128 (11.41%)
Лучший трейд: 49.22 EUR
Худший трейд: -538.80 EUR
Общая прибыль: 8 230.07 EUR (25 304 pips)
Общий убыток: -4 270.38 EUR (9 558 pips)
Макс. серия выигрышей: 58 (309.95 EUR)
Макс. прибыль в серии: 546.12 EUR (27)
Коэффициент Шарпа: 0.15
Торговая активность: 2.40%
Макс. загрузка депозита: 60.54%
Фактор восстановления: 4.07
Длинных трейдов: 599 (53.39%)
Коротких трейдов: 523 (46.61%)
Профит фактор: 1.93
Мат. ожидание: 3.53 EUR
Средняя прибыль: 8.28 EUR
Средний убыток: -33.36 EUR
Макс. серия проигрышей: 6 (-26.02 EUR)
Макс. убыток в серии: -973.90 EUR (3)
Прирост в месяц: 21.81%
Годовой прогноз: 264.66%
Лучший трейд: 49.22 EUR
Макс. серия выигрышей: 58 (309.95 EUR)
Макс. прибыль в серии: 546.12 EUR (27)
Худший трейд: -538.80 EUR
Макс. серия проигрышей: 6 (-26.02 EUR)
Макс. убыток в серии: -973.90 EUR (3)
Просадка по балансу:
Абсолютная: 100.17 EUR
Максимальная: 973.90 EUR (22.42%)
Отноcительная просадка:
По балансу: 55.21% (491.35 EUR)
По эквити: 36.67% (326.35 EUR)

Точечные графики распределения MFE и MAE

Для каждого открытого ордера в течение его жизни записываются значения максимальной прибыли (MFE) и максимального убытка (MAE). Эти показатели дополнительно характеризуют каждый закрытый ордер значениями максимального нереализованного потенциала и максимального допущенного риска. На графиках распределения MFE/Profit и MAE/Profit каждому ордеру соответствует точка, где по горизонтали дается значение полученной прибыли/убытка, а по вертикали максимально показанных значений потенциальной прибыли (MFE) и потенциального убытка (MAE).

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Нет данных

Наведите курсор на показатели/подписи к графикам, чтобы увидеть лучшие и худшие торговые серии. Более подробно о распределениях MAE и MFE можно почитать в статье Математика в трейдинге. Оценка результатов торговых сделок.

Символ Сделки Sell Buy

Среднее проскальзывание на основе статистики исполнения на реальных счетах разных брокеров указано в пунктах. Зависит от разницы между котировками поставщика с "Karma-Live" и подписчика, а также от задержек в исполнении ордеров. Чем меньше значение, тем лучше качество копирования.

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0.40 × 2441
0.47 × 19
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0.57 × 70
0.60 × 40
0.64 × 14
0.68 × 34
XM.COM-Real 11
0.68 × 25
0.75 × 176
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Средняя оценка:
Dmitriy Liandres
2017.04.20 15:50 

Подписался на сигнал благодаря и доволен. У меня примерно такой же депозит, как и у управляющего и я получаю примерно такую же прибыль (иногда чуть меньше, иногда чуть больше)

2017.03.02 17:17 

I only catch the big losses even on an ECN account

Mikhail Lyutov
2017.02.21 09:52   

Привет. У меня не получилось копировать сигнал. Слишком маленькое время удержания сделки. У меня минусы по результатам, а у мастер счета плюсы.

2017.02.21 02:54 

The first day I subscribe, It drawdown 18%, perhaps truly bad signal :(

Codered blower
2017.01.23 22:28   

losing much

Pengfei Zhang
2017.01.11 08:07   

I subscribe to the signal, but why often can not be accompanied by? Can someone tell me?

Daniel G. de la Morena
2017.01.10 15:12  (изменен 2017.01.10 15:13) 

OK, you are right, yesterday there was a drawdown of about 40%, but we were aware of that. If you look in the description you can see that is specified that 50% drawdown is possible. Anyway, I expect I can recover the account in the future.

Keep going.

2017.01.10 14:25 

Thomas, yesterday was not a best day (especially when risk just increased), but don't give up pls. Those were well opened positions, just didn't work as expected. Your results long term are good, keep it up.

2017.01.10 12:28  (изменен 2017.01.10 13:01) 

This is a few days before the end of the month in which I subscribed for the first time... And yeah, I'm pissed. I took almost no upside and 40% loss (just like in the owner's account). I'm probably going to avoid signals that trade in such short timeframes in the future. Too much execution risk, and if I'm going to lose my money in this game, at least make it slow and give me the choice to pull the plug.

The signal is not necessarily bad, but if you're going to trade it, have in mind that when it wins it wins small (with high probability, that's why it is profitable), but when it loses it loses big time. Only use it as part of a portfolio with a small % of your capital allocated, because with the risk it is using it only takes a few losing trades to wipe out your account.

2017.01.10 10:56 

40% realized loss in a couple of hours. Definitely not what I am looking for

Yaotang Liu
2017.01.09 15:25 

Nice signal.

If you are using good ECN broker you can take profit.

2016.11.23 11:55 

Umstellung auf Real.

2016.08.25 09:34 

Verry good signal, i use it with Vipromarkets which was referred to me by Tickmill, they have exactly the same exchange rates but has a EU license. Copy quality is enough to make good profits out of it. It is an active signal which trades every evening if possible and not like some signals only a few times a week. There is one major issue i unfortunately had to experience in the beginning of this week and that is the IRRESPONSIBLE stop-loss setting of this signal. 1 trade was unsuccessful, no comment about that; every signal makes mistakes BUT that blew up my profit of 2 weeks and almost threw me back where i started the beginning of this month. My strong advice(i learned from this issue) is to set your own "stop if equity is les than" setting in the signals preferences to keep your hard worked profit safe. So Thomas; keep up the good work but please take care of better prevention measures in case of an unsuccessful trade.

Stanislav Perin
2015.12.21 08:52 

Bad signal. 6 months can not make money. Later will be blow up -100%

2015.11.24 09:28 

loose money

Cyrus Chan
2015.11.13 11:53  (изменен 2015.11.13 11:55) 

I just subscribed and experienced the biggest loss in your history. Luckily I am using a demo account. This EA shits.

My demo account is USD5,000 only but you dared open 8.11 lots! Crazy strategy. This is totally gambling but not investment!

Dejun Chang
2015.11.12 03:08   


Marco Capello
2015.11.06 12:37  (изменен 2015.12.28 21:52) 

Update: I had support from you, that's good but...

I tried to use on three different brokers listed as low slippage... When there is a loss I had big loss, when there is a gain I have a small gain. You had a good gain for you in one year, but is not possible to have the same result for your subscribers.

Good luck.

Agus Haryo Suprojo
2015.11.06 04:49   

Hi Thomas, why i always get lose while you get profit during subscribe your signal

2015.11.03 23:42 

Looks quite good so far, followed via a tight spread broker since 26. Oct. The only worry is the 3 minute shut down from 23:59 ..till 00:03 by broker's server time. (GMT)

2017.04.21 21:01 2017.04.21 21:01:24 

TRADING BREAK on 24.04.2017 AM Switching off all Pairs in the Signals which containing EUR regarding the french presidential election

2017.04.10 21:23 2017.04.10 21:23:49 

TRADING BREAK on 10.04.2017 PM / 11.04.2017 AM Switching off all Pairs in the Signals which containing USD regarding the oration by FOMC-Chair Yellen shortly shortly before the trading hours

2017.04.03 15:19 2017.04.03 15:19:32 

Dear subscribers. Recently, important and relevant news has accumulated during the trading time of the signal. Therefore, no trades were triggered in the past few days. I decided to trade in the future with relevant (medium impact) news (trials) with reduced risk setting and special observation of the trades. I would like to take this into consideration and hope to generate more (profitable) trades again. If any question, please ask me. Best Regards

2017.03.30 15:18 2017.03.30 15:18:26 

TRADING BREAK on 30.03.2017 PM / 31.03.2017 AM Switching off all Pairs in the Signals which containing USD regarding the oration by FOMC-Member Dudley during the trading hours

2017.03.28 20:44 2017.03.28 20:44:19 

TRADING BREAK on 28.03.2017 PM / 29.03.2017 AM Switching off all Pairs in the Signals which containing USD regarding the oration by FOMC-Member Powell during the trading hours

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