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edumbrava 2021.05.05 04:55 

Great signal! Very reliable, does not aim for unrealistic expectations and lives up to its name - stable. Also vey helpful creator!

Ridik1980 2021.04.30 09:37 

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wagelaarronald 2021.04.19 19:33 

The average day pays for the monthly sub. Great signal!

Mohamed-Amin Ben Réguiga
Mohamed-Amin Ben Réguiga 2021.04.12 17:58 

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Andrew Lidstone
Andrew Lidstone 2021.04.09 13:14 

Excellent signal, great results, and very good communication from the owner.

Although DD reached it's highest point this week, the owner correctly decided to manually intervene by increasing the SL as he could see the market was about to turn.

Without his intervention there would have been a loss of 30-40%, but instead this month has made a profit of 15% so far, so it was the correct decision.

It does give me reassurance that the owner will step in if needs be, but only when needed as the bot does 99% of the work!

This week was almost the 'perfect storm' with the EUR trades, hence the higher than usual DD for this signal, but thankfully these sort of market conditions happen quite infrequently.

Just look at the history of this signal - great results month on month.

Yes, there's always going to be a risk with Forex, but for me the risk/reward balance is well worth it in this case.

gravirovshik 2021.04.09 11:46 

Exellent signal with good profit, high quality risk management and market situation adjustment.

Depo is high enough that is why I copy this signal to the cent account.

Already copying from September 2020, very happy with that and will continue :)

6 currency pairs are traded on the signal at once. This gives a stable profit in any market situation.

The week from 5.04.2021 to 9.04.2021 was very difficult due to the high volatility of the Euro. But the author brilliantly dealt with this situation and got a good profit for himself and subscribers.

jocafi 2021.04.08 22:07 

I lost more than 6K EUR yesterday due to the largest drawdown in my life using Pro Cent account with 1:1000 leverage as suggested by the author. Be careful ! He uses a very dangerous trading system in the market world called Martingale Grid System trading stupid orders against the trend. Almost blowed up my account. I had to suspend the signal and trade on my own to recover a little bit.

Сергей Билецкий
Сергей Билецкий 2021.04.08 14:21 

Respct for you!

Lezard33 2021.04.07 19:56   

Very high drawdown today, too risky for me... Bye!

tokiana 2021.04.07 18:19   

Pourquoi faire une martingale sur EURCAD? Vous anéantissez tout votre historique et votre DD vient de faire un triste record...