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Mohamed Mesbah Mohamed Mohamed
Mohamed Mesbah Mohamed Mohamed 2021.12.14 06:52   

2 month without profits only paying signal fee

Seyedhooman Khatami 2021.12.06 13:40 

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LucilleF 2021.11.30 11:29 

Can you please STOP making deposits? This results in positions getting closed on our end if we dont make deposits too. I am at -18% this month! I have subscribed this signal for months now. I lost all my earnings and more!

Benpip 2021.11.28 23:30  (изменен 2021.11.28 23:32) 

Hi, The signal has closed 18 EURUSD positions in loss 23rd and 24th November but this does not appear in the signal trading history. As a result the performance of the signal in November show +3% but I actually have -17% on my account. How is it possible? can we trust the past performance provided on this website?

Please let me know if I missed something

Carl Christian Nyberg
Carl Christian Nyberg 2021.11.23 08:14  (изменен 2021.12.10 09:49) 

Been using the signal for half a year or so and have been reading other reviews in here. I, sadly, have to agree that I'm a bit worried about the performance right now with a 50% DD when against the trend. The owner also added funds today and that I guess not all of us can afford (?).

Apart from that historic performance have been good.

(Still hoping on the trend right now since I do think that EURUSD is turning)..

2021-12-10 - No improvement or response from signal provider. I am not subscribing more. Will take manual control of open trades.

Nicomendy 2021.11.22 17:36  (изменен 2021.11.22 17:36) 

And now? Large drawdown and don’t speak with the community about your recovery strategy, I subscribed for the enough low drawdawn, but in the last 2 months is too high, I hope you change the strategy or the scores will burn, my last chance after this dd if I don’t lose all

Rafael Perez Leo
Rafael Perez Leo 2021.11.19 22:51 

last month my subcription was expired with a large drawdown, i have waited for recovery and when recovered i resubcribed and it was my last chance for this signal, giving you other opportunity knowing how difficult is to trade, this month is my last month with this signal, recovered or not, i am not wasting my time and my money. it have 1 year with just one large drawdown but since september the trading is changed putting the money in risk. I DO NOT recomend this signal

toxinf 2021.11.11 23:15 

trading against the trend. this will end badly

ekkasisbank 2021.10.21 15:15 

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subobrov 2021.10.19 12:41   

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