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Nan Zhang
Nan Zhang 2020.09.10 16:14 

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yuya fukumoto
yuya fukumoto 2020.07.27 17:11 

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thaizzy28 2020.07.24 17:42   

So just after subscribing to this signal, i am at a loss and no trades for a full week. Shocking smh.

Yang May Leong
Yang May Leong 2020.07.20 02:19  (изменен 2020.07.22 00:12) 

Been subscribed 1week, its one trade per batch which helped to lower the $dd encountered, but r:r needs improvement. Holding few days despite sell is still negative swaps 😰. Trade close with 100pips SL not much manual intervention against 10pips average profits, similar Hamster strategy.