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Всего трейдов:
Прибыльных трейдов:
59 (93.65%)
Убыточных трейдов:
4 (6.35%)
Лучший трейд:
17.98 EUR
Худший трейд:
-8.25 EUR
Общая прибыль:
658.28 EUR (3239 pips)
Общий убыток:
-17.55 EUR (53 pips)
Макс. серия выигрышей:
36 (380.10 EUR)
Макс. прибыль в серии:
380.10 EUR (36)
Коэффициент Шарпа:
Торговая активность:
Макс. загрузка депозита:
Последний трейд:
3 дня
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Ср. время удержания:
4 часа
Фактор восстановления:
Длинных трейдов:
51 (80.95%)
Коротких трейдов:
12 (19.05%)
Профит фактор:
Мат. ожидание:
10.17 EUR
Средняя прибыль:
11.16 EUR
Средний убыток:
-4.39 EUR
Макс. серия проигрышей:
2 (-15.62 EUR)
Макс. убыток в серии:
-15.62 EUR (2)
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Лучший трейд:
17.98 EUR
Макс. серия выигрышей:
36 (380.10 EUR)
Макс. прибыль в серии:
380.10 EUR (36)
Худший трейд:
-8.25 EUR
Макс. серия проигрышей:
2 (-15.62 EUR)
Макс. убыток в серии:
-15.62 EUR (2)
Просадка по балансу:
0.00 EUR
15.62 EUR (0.94%)
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По балансу:
0.94% (15.62 EUR)
По эквити:
21.07% (349.06 EUR)

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HAMSTER INFINITY® is a 100% automated trading system, scalping on the quiet night market.

Expected profit 25-50% a month with a maximum drawdown below 25%.

Suggested set up: ICMarkets 1:500 leverage (minimum) ECN account with live01, live04, live06, live08, live09, live11, live12 server and MQL5 New York Based VPS, with a ping lower than 5ms.

Minimum deposit: $100


In case you are missing trades or don't copy my signal perfectly: click here (for Chinese subscribers: click here

I personally supervise HAMSTER INFINITY® and I adjust its trading algorithm almost on a daily basis, in order to adapt it to the current market conditions and that way we avoid most of the uneasy situations. Subscribing to a signal is much more than copying trades or at least it should be. HAMSTER INFINITY® subscribers receive money management advice and news updates, helping them to adapt their investment profile to ever changing market. Ease of communication offers peace of mind and clarifies any questions that arise during the copying process.

■ Martingale, Grid, Arbitrage, Averaging or other dangerous techniques are never used 

■ No need for special money management strategy or frequent withdrawals 

■ Turbulence filter refrain from trading in a dangerous market 

■ Stop Loss is always used in every position 

■ Expected monthly profit 25-50% 

■ Maximum drawdown below 25%

HAMSTER INFINITY®'s potential on a MT5 100% quality, every tick based on real ticks 2018 backtest: click here

Средняя оценка:
Pavel Valenta
Pavel Valenta 2019.02.17 18:31 

Cant post comment to Hamster Turbo, so I am leaving comment here:

I think last Friday could get worse:)

Could I ask you Eleni, what were the week days in your backtests when came margin calls?

Because most traders are skipping Friday trading.

Maged Hatem Mohamed Amin Fouad
Maged Hatem Mohamed Amin Fouad 2019.02.17 15:51 

Update: after the message of elena that she decided to not trade monday and tuesday it is proven that elena has no experience in the forex market except that to turn on and off the robot!!! she doesnt even no how to analyse the market and predict whether the currency pair will go up or down... unfollowed and i hope mql shut down ur signal and doesnt allow scammers like you here!!!

15/2/2019: You could have waited for the 2 trades to close in profit but because you trade with emotions you closed them in lose, worst signal and worst risk to reward ratio

Shuhua Shen
Shuhua Shen 2019.02.17 12:05 

please read the market condition trend to do the related position trading, don't rely the EA only.

VeganFX 2019.02.16 20:21  (изменен 2019.02.16 20:23) 

Together with Turbo these are the worst signals I have ever been in. The provider doesn't have any kind of trading skill and relies 100% on a robot. She is getting multimillionaire by credulous subscribers in which I was included. Infinity makes exactly the same trades than Turbo, so there is even no technical reason to subscribe here. If Turbo wins, Infinity wins. If Turbo loses, Infinity loses. My recommendation is to unsubscribe from this signal as it is pure 100% scam from an inexperienced provider (not even a trader) and scam supporters.

Darryl Barnes
Darryl Barnes 2019.02.16 00:10 

Great job Eleanna, crap happens. My loss will be recovered in 1 or 2 trades on Infinity, not bad. I lost 44% on Turbo, but I'm still in profit and ready for next week, thanks to your money management advice. Stay focused, cant help the bone-heads who refuse to listen.

hiro777777777 2019.02.15 20:09 

Only amateurs and foolish things

Do not rely on signals if you have complaints

Eleni, Thank you always.

jrbayse 2019.02.15 20:05 

Too many emotional reviews. Forex trading is not a guarantee of 100% winning trades. I, for one, and glad Eleni closed the two EURUSD trades rather than risking holding a trade over the weekend. This shows good risk management.

kirk46 2019.02.15 19:46   

Why have you closed the last 2 trades they would be I profit now?

Oli 2019.02.15 19:25   

Problem SLIPPAGE: Hallo zusammen , erstmal kein schöner Tag. Aber so geht das Spiel. Nächste Woche starten wir wieder durch. Nun zum gravierenden Problem. Ich bin recht neu hier, habe aber festgestellt das der mql Server eine Pingzeit von das 4 hat. Mir scheint das daher die Probleme kommen. Ist das Möglich, denndas schnellste Icmarkets ist immer noch live3 mit 0,34. Kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen? Über icmarkets bekommt man schnelle Server 0,5 bis 1,0 . Hört sich für mich gut an. Oder liege ich völlig falsch

Bunyamin Cam
Bunyamin Cam 2019.02.15 14:08  (изменен 2019.02.15 15:22) 

Totally Bullshit. My first day and here the result. MQL5 should not allow such kind of trading strategies. Eleni made 13k $ from subscribtion and She is going to loose 1000 dollars in this month. I think we are all stupids as subscribers!!

The Funny thing is all hamster signal providers use same expert advisor.Previous month Sami blow up the account and this month Eleni ))

Probosspty 2019.02.15 14:03 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Sergey Godovanyy
Sergey Godovanyy 2019.02.15 13:29  (изменен 2019.02.15 20:20) 

Сигнал отличный, но прошу вернуть мне деньги за подписку. Я руками лучше торгую. Можете зайти ко мне в профиль и посмотреть на мою торговлю и мой сигнал.

Les777 2019.02.14 11:17  (изменен 2019.02.14 20:11) 

Lupos, with IC Markets you're dealing with one of the biggest and most regulated brokers on the planet. ASIC regulations in Australia are very strict. I wouldn't be too concerned - IC Markets wants you to trade as much as possible to earn their commissions. There are enough people losing to cover your wins... like over 90% of traders worldwide. I am curious, why would you give 4/5 star rating to a signal that is so successful that the brokers (as you claimed) are taking notice? What do you expect from a signal? Limited success so nobody cares? You should stop watching it now as it is too good for you. The Hamster Infinity looks like a very steady and safe way to trade. Less profit than Turbo, but safer. A good signal to consider for bigger accounts. Larger trades on a safer signal trumps smaller trades on a riskier one IMO. Bear in mind this signal trades exclusively on the EURUSD, where liquidity is highest. Why not keep a smaller balance on Turbo for exciting profits and a larger balance on Infinity? You could transfer your profit from Turbo to Infinity. This signal should have the highest subscription rate, but everyone wants to get rich quick.

lupus 2019.02.14 08:17 

The signals become victims of their own success. It does not remain secret when a signal is so successful. Every subscriber should know that his broker can connect to the signals without being a subscriber. The brokers have powerful tools that go unnoticed in the background and benefit from the result of the signal. Even the commercial cash pool of which the brokers always talk I have my doubts. Asia overnight trading, liquidity is always thin. Just look at the candle from the last sale, as I said the brokers have tools to operate frontrunnig. if then the pool is not so big there are these moves. That is not Eleni fault. But as I said before, the signals are victims of their own success. I will keep watching.

wroger 2019.02.13 19:36 

Hello, im Happy with your good Service and get good results, i use HantecGlobal on VPS and the results near same...

Adam Adam
Adam Adam 2019.02.12 17:25 

Just subscribed today , please cut your losing trades immediately and dont wait on them like other hamsters, i will limit my losses on 15% drawdown no matter what even if i was following draghies signal himself!

sufiana 2019.02.12 06:02  (изменен 2019.02.12 06:06) 

i trust you , you are the best/ you are working and we are happy as family you work the best and we pray for you to keep successes . God bless you

Ismael Mantelato
Ismael Mantelato 2019.02.12 00:32 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

julaic 2019.02.11 08:06 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Thiago Cavalcante
Thiago Cavalcante 2019.02.10 15:20 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

2019.02.17 11:08 2019.02.17 11:08:48 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, after serious consideration and backtest studying, I've decided to refrain from trading for the next 2 days. Tomorrow is the President's Day holiday in the US and Family Day in Canada, so the liquidity in the market will be limited. My 2016, 2017 and 2018 backtests, show no less than 3 SL's, one on the very day (2016) and 2 on the next day (2017, 2018). So, it would be unwise to risk our capital in so dangerous days. Normal trading will resume on Wednesday.

You can check my backtest charts on my profile page: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/eleanna74

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.02.15 20:00 2019.02.15 20:00:25 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, I just closed our today's positions at a small loss, in order to avoid any other adventures over the weekend. We touched our SL level today (-22%) but we had a lucky escape! Normal trading will resume next week.

Thank you very much for your trust and support!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.02.13 18:57 2019.02.13 18:57:24 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, all this talk about who is to blame for the slippage that some subscribers encounter must come to an end.

I have almost 30 years market experience and more than 10 of those in forex alone. I've been a signal subscriber in my early years in MQL5 and I've seen and felt all the signal copying problems very closely. Our strategy is a night scalping one with a profit target of some pips and a crucial element for its success is the hidden (virtual) stop loss that we use in order to keep our intentions invisible from brokers and market participants. If we employ a hard stop loss, thousands of traders worldwide will see our almost 8000 lots waiting to be closed at a certain level and that will destroy our plan.

Most of HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers (about 95%) are copying very well, the rest of you that don't should try to open a new account with a different broker or server in order to minimize their slippage. So far I was suggesting ICMarkets live03 server as the best option for copying my signal, because that was the feedback I was receiving from my early subscribers. With the number of subscribers increasing every day, live03 server became slow and overcrowded, so we must find the next best options for those who need it. From the latest subscriber's feedback I can tell you that ICMarkets servers with less than 3-4 points slippage but with a low number of executed trades (the big number next to slippage value) seem to work faster and better for signal copying. Such examples are live01, live04, live09, live06, live08 and live02 servers. Some subscribers even told me that ICMarkets live15 server that was copying badly in our earlier months, now is performing much better, probably because I was saying to avoid it and its quite fast now. Another solution is to try Pepperstone Edge01, Edge02 or Edge04 servers, because from what I hear perform much better these days due to their smaller load.

So, my part is to deliver the best signal service possible and I am really doing my best for that and your part is to search for the best copying setup possible in order to enjoy my signal's succesful trading and profits. Its not fair to rate badly my signal over broker and technical problems. We must work together to find solutions for them. I am sorry if I don't answer your private messages as quickly as I would like to, but my workload has been increased considerably in the last few weeks.

HAMSTER INFINITY Broker/Server Slippage Data: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/489364#!tab=tab_slippage

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.02.13 10:55 2019.02.13 10:55:09 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, all is going well but in the last few days I hear that some of you are encountering slippage problems, opening and closing their trades in worse levels than me, even though you are using suggested ICMarkets setups mostly wih live03 server. What I have figured out is that live03 server has become slow and overcrowded by my subscribers, so I suggest you to open a new live01, live04, live05, live06, live09 or live12 account and move your signal funds and subscription to it with no charge. The above server order its not from best to worst, but in random order, so pick any of those options. You can move your signal subscription here once a week: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/subscriptions

Its really frustrating to do all the hard work of producing profitable trades and see it wasted for some of my subscribers, over broker and technical limitations!

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.02.11 01:40 2019.02.11 01:40:19 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, I closed this last sell trade with minimum loss manually, because I didn't like the look of it.

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.02.07 17:54 2019.02.07 17:54:43 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, I hate to write this message but I must do something to reduce the workload of your private messages to me. I've tried very hard until now to answer each and every one of your messages, as quickly and clearly as possible, but I found myslef lately to answer more than 400-500 messages daily and that is taking me more than 8-10 hours. We need to deal with this situation, because otherwise it will destruct me from my trading effectiveness, resulting in poorer signal performance. So I want to kindly ask you to reduce your private messages to me, to the very minimum required in order to run your signal subscription smoothly. It would really help if you could read my signal's description and instructions first, where is almost certain that you will find the answer to most of your questions and then if you still have an unanswered question, send me a private message. Thank you very much in advance for your help and co-operation!

HAMSTER INFINITY's description: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/489364#!tab=tab_description

HAMSTER INFINITY's instructions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14rOOuk5wGwFw-oKawM036NO53Ck2PhG3/view

SYNCHRONIZATION OF SIGNAL SUBSCRIPTION (in case you are missing trades or don't copy my signal perfectly): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PR-9pmuF7K3JAKnPds31yiH8Y2r7IW26/view

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.02.06 09:55 2019.02.06 09:55:16 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, we were right not to trade last night, because we would have been in drawdown now if we did. We will avoid trading tonight also, due to FED Powell's high impact speech right in the middle of our trading session. We will resume our normal trading on Friday.

Thank you very much for your trust and support!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.02.06 00:25 2019.02.06 00:25:58 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, with EURUSD on the doorstep of 1.14 once again, 2 major forex trading centres in Asia on holiday (Singapore & Hong Kong) and US President Trump's State of the Union speech only 3 hours away, I've decided to refrain from trading today. I don't think that it is wise to expose our capital in such unstable market conditions. We will have plenty of time to make more profits in the coming days.

Thank you very much for your trust and support!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.02.01 09:07 2019.02.01 09:07:55 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, January ended with a smaller than expected profit, but it was a difficult and dangerous month to trade so I prefered to go along as safely as I could, protecting our capital. We will be able to make more substancial profits in the coming months as the market is calming down.

Thank you very much for your trust and support!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.01.30 10:19 2019.01.30 10:19:58 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, we will not trade tonight due to the FED meeting. We will resume our normal trading on Friday morning.

Thank you very much for your trust and support!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.01.28 04:03
Removed warning: Low trading activity - not enough trades detected during the last month
2019.01.25 06:39 2019.01.25 06:39:59 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, all frustrated remarks and reviews are made in the morning, after we've all seen the completed action of EURUSD in the previous hours and we know that a succesfull position could have been opened. The difficult part is to make the trade or not decision, just before our trading hours, after a EURUSD rollercoaster ride that stopped right on the brink of 1.13 level, that if it had been broken, could collapse to much lower levels. Half of margin stop outs in my backtests are made after FED and ECB days, so with all those facts in mind I decided not to trade last night. Capital preservation is also part of my job and what you are paying me for, so I will continue manage this signal the best way I see fit.

Thank you very much for your trust and support!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.01.22 09:20 2019.01.22 09:20:55 

Dear subscribers, our trading criteria, the same responsible for HAMSTER INFINITY's performance so far, weren't trigger any trades last night. When EURUSD range is limited or the market conditions are unfavourable the system doesn't take any unecessary risks, so please don't be so anxious about not opening positions every day.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.01.16 11:52 2019.01.16 11:52:54 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, we will trade normally tonight if the UK government confidence vote is won by PM May tonight.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.01.15 21:12 2019.01.15 21:12:15 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, PM May's Brexit deal was brutally defeated in the UK Parliament and GBPUSD is up by more than 150 pips, dragging EURUSD up along with it. This is not normal at all, so we will refrain from trading tonight because a million things can go wrong. The preservation of your capital is also within my duties as a signal provider in such dangerous times.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.01.14 17:52 2019.01.14 17:52:22 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, we will not trade tonight, due to the UK Parliament vote on Brexit deal tomorrow. I will see how we will proceed tomorrow, after the Brexit vote if there is going to be one that is.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.01.14 03:26
Removed warning: This is a newly opened account. Trading results may be of random nature
2019.01.12 12:30
Low trading activity - only 6 trades detected in the last month
2019.01.11 17:37 2019.01.11 17:37:37 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, our sell position closed earlier with a small profit. As you can all see, the last few days and especially during the last hours I am under attack from various MQL5 'members' and 'subscribers' who accuse me of tricking you in order to earn the monthly subscription. I am the clearest signal provider you will find and I always explain my actions to my subscribers, in order to keep them informed about daily conditions and our movements into the forex market. I think that most 'angry' and 'greedy' subscribers are used to another model of signal provider, the one that publishes a signal with fake history and drawdown (having connected it to MQL5.com at a much later date than it was created, showing a light blue growth line), doesn't answer to any messages at all, has no money management advice over subscribers capital whatsoever and at some point after a few days or weeks, destroys all subscribers accounts with a -98% loss. Maybe these signal providers have an easier task than me, that I answer 300-400 privates messages every day, study the market and the news, takes important trading decisions and keep all of you informed about the way I manage your hard earned money. I will never trade more aggresively, take larger risks than I should, change my attitude or communication with you in order to please these few impatient.

Thank you very much for your support & understanding.

Eleni Anna Branou

2019.01.09 15:47 2019.01.09 15:47:50 

Dear HAMSTER INFINITY subscribers, our open position closed almost at break even. The reaction of EURUSD this last few minutes over 1.15, was what I was expecting yesterday, but I wouldn't risk for a second time not to close our trade in order to make some profit. We will have plenty of time to make good profits in 2019. I want to thank you all for your great patience and support during this waiting 'game' and I would really appreciate your positive reviews for HAMSTER INFINITY, if you think that I am doing a good job making profits and protecting your hard earned money at the same time. I also would like to ask from all those subscribers who left negative reviews in the past 2 days to reconsider and maybe modify those if they feel that they were too severe.

Thank you very much for your patience and support!

Eleni Anna Branou

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