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Radoslaw Jobski
Radoslaw Jobski 2018.08.30 18:16 

Too long held positions which leads to 40% of DD equity.

Too small profit. Proportions should be reversed.


Leilei Li
Leilei Li 2018.08.23 06:08  (изменен 2018.09.17 15:36) 

It's a bad sign, please stay away from him, I quit

1) small profits, large losses

2) he doesn't use SL and holds a list of mistakes almost every day

3) to make the winning percentage look perfect in this way is actually unhealthy and unscientific

4) the first three weeks may be profitable, but in the fourth week you lose all of your profits

Valter Oliveira
Valter Oliveira 2018.08.09 17:57  (изменен 2018.10.03 01:55) 

2nd review (2018.10.02):

The trader makes use of the leverage of his account, being necessary to use accounts with compatible leverage or superior for copy of the signal. This imposes the need for acceptance of a certain degree of risk.

Frequent withdrawals to limit the balance of the account, re-establishing a reference, show that the strategy used by the trader is effective.

Although the signal account has a relatively low average balance (US $ 250), the monthly withdrawals are sufficient to pay the subscription and generate a profit.

1st review (2018.08.09):

Frequent withdrawals to limit the balance of the account are important to maintain the characteristic profile of the account and allow us to make an adequate evaluation of your trading system performance over time.

Congratulations on the good work so far!

Sebastian Burger
Sebastian Burger 2018.08.02 11:44 

Till now I like it very much. Sometimes trade are open for a longer period of time but thats not a problem at all. Nice and steady profit! Recommended!