(Last update of this description: 29.03.2017)

Started on Tuesday, 22th of November 2016.

Short description: A lot of smaller trades should cover the loss of a few stop-loss triggered trades.
This system is using Stop-Loss! :-)
The strategy-tester shows very good results. (See test-results on my profile page, 2016/11/22)
The result of the tester shows the signal, if you completely ignore news.
More information about the monthly profits at the end of this text. (Press the "more"-button)

Requirements for your subscription:

Spread on Symbol EURSEK:
(Value of the MT4 market watch window! If you do not see spreads int the MT4 market watch window, right click on the table and select 'Spreads'. A new column appears.)
For this signal you need a broker with an EURSEK spread smaller than 200 while the US and Europe-Stock-markets are open.
When the stock-markets are closed or on weekends, the spread can raise up to 3000. Even on my account. That's normal.

Minimum account balance:
1000 EUR on a real-account or 10 EUR on a cent-account
I will refund my account with up to 700 EUR , if the account balance is falling under 300 EUR.
That's the reason why you should have a minimum account balance of 1000 EUR
Of course, you can use an USD account too.
At the actual exchange rate, there's no need to modify the values. (only 5% difference)

Contract size of EURSEK:
You can find the contract size, if you right click on the symbol (EURSEK) in the market watch window of your MT4 and select 'Specifications'.
(Normally it is 100.000. Only a few brokers do have different contract sizes)

Use percent of deposit:
Actual about 60%, if you have an account balance of 1000! (Important!)
If my account reaches the 1000 EUR, you can set this value to 95% (maximum)
(I will update these values, while my account value is below 1000 EUR)
Warning: If you've 1000 EUR or USD as your account balance and you select to use 95% of your deposit, you will trade a very high risk!

More informations about the algorithm:
Until now we saw several stop-loss-events. They will happen - they are a part of the strategy.
It's better to use/accept a stop loss than hoping on a turnaround until you have a total loss... ;-)
If you subscribe, please keep this in your mind. I do not want to get a negative review, because a stop-loss-event happens after your subscription.
There's no 100% certainty, that a signal is running well forever! Nobody can promise that!

The high drawdown and loss on december is a result of the following conditions:
This algorithm is build for a minimum account-balance of 1000 €/USD, but this account had on 1st of december only an account balance of about 310 €.
In december, the algorithm produced a loss of about 60 €. Normally this loss is real small (this algorithm assumes, that the account
balance is about 1000 €). So the real loss is about 6% and the total profit at the moment (17.01.2017) is about 24.5% (245 €)
If the account balance is growing over 1000 €, the system starts to increase the starting lot-size of each order.
At the moment it is using 0.014 lots as the starting lot size (internally calculated, minimum value for this algorithm). = rounded: 0.01 lot.
If the account value is at 2000 €, the system will start with 0.028 lots.
If you want to subscribe, please read the whole section "Requirements for your subscription"!

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Всего трейдов: 779
Прибыльных трейдов: 544 (69.83%)
Убыточных трейдов: 235 (30.17%)
Лучший трейд: 34.19 EUR
Худший трейд: -24.32 EUR
Общая прибыль: 1 620.08 EUR (582 821 pips)
Общий убыток: -1 243.94 EUR (424 374 pips)
Макс. серия выигрышей: 17 (24.30 EUR)
Макс. прибыль в серии: 48.95 EUR (3)
Коэффициент Шарпа: 0.08
Торговая активность: 90.25%
Макс. загрузка депозита: 23.70%
Фактор восстановления: 1.60
Длинных трейдов: 403 (51.73%)
Коротких трейдов: 376 (48.27%)
Профит фактор: 1.30
Мат. ожидание: 0.48 EUR
Средняя прибыль: 2.98 EUR
Средний убыток: -5.29 EUR
Макс. серия проигрышей: 9 (-105.98 EUR)
Макс. убыток в серии: -109.67 EUR (6)
Прирост в месяц: 41.48%
Годовой прогноз: 503.31%
Лучший трейд: 34.19 EUR
Макс. серия выигрышей: 17 (24.30 EUR)
Макс. прибыль в серии: 48.95 EUR (3)
Худший трейд: -24.32 EUR
Макс. серия проигрышей: 9 (-105.98 EUR)
Макс. убыток в серии: -109.67 EUR (6)
Просадка по балансу:
Абсолютная: 41.16 EUR
Максимальная: 234.62 EUR (38.42%)
Отноcительная просадка:
По балансу: 38.42% (234.62 EUR)
По эквити: 21.45% (104.19 EUR)

Точечные графики распределения MFE и MAE

Для каждого открытого ордера в течение его жизни записываются значения максимальной прибыли (MFE) и максимального убытка (MAE). Эти показатели дополнительно характеризуют каждый закрытый ордер значениями максимального нереализованного потенциала и максимального допущенного риска. На графиках распределения MFE/Profit и MAE/Profit каждому ордеру соответствует точка, где по горизонтали дается значение полученной прибыли/убытка, а по вертикали максимально показанных значений потенциальной прибыли (MFE) и потенциального убытка (MAE).

Нет данных
Нет данных

Наведите курсор на показатели/подписи к графикам, чтобы увидеть лучшие и худшие торговые серии. Более подробно о распределениях MAE и MFE можно почитать в статье Математика в трейдинге. Оценка результатов торговых сделок.

Символ Сделки Sell Buy

Среднее проскальзывание на основе статистики исполнения на реальных счетах разных брокеров указано в пунктах. Зависит от разницы между котировками поставщика с "FXOpen-ECN Live Server" и подписчика, а также от задержек в исполнении ордеров. Чем меньше значение, тем лучше качество копирования.

Нет данных

Нет отзывов
2017.01.17 10:39 2017.01.17 10:39:11 

There's a very strange first order opened at 00:00:14 (Server time). So I will add a function, that prevents open trades around midnight (server time).

And sorry - the restart of the EA closed all open trades.

2017.01.11 14:57 2017.01.11 14:57:48 

I've added some helpful informations in the signal-description, if you want to subscribe to my signal (Signal One). Have a nice day!

2017.01.04 23:07 2017.01.04 23:07:35 

I wish everybody a happy new year!

With my last backtests I found out, that the result is getting somewhat worse, if you try to avoid news. That's amazing... So I'm thinking about to let the system online on the next NFP-news. But I hope I've some time to make some more tests before friday...

2016.12.20 17:01 2016.12.20 17:01:07 

It was possible to close the actual trade with a little profit. But if I close the trades, we will never know, if the strategy of the signal will be profitable without intervention. So I hope now that the statistics of the strategy in the current case are right. But the terrorist attack in Berlin could have had a strong impact on the course of the movement. Probably it would have been better to stop the signal with a small loss after the terrorist attack yesterday evenig...

2016.12.19 23:17 2016.12.19 23:17:43 

The Riksbank interest rate decision (Sweden) is on Wednesday - not on Tuesday. But this night we have the BoJ interest rate decision. Normally this should not have a big effect on EURSEK. I will let the system run.

2016.12.16 08:41 2016.12.16 08:41:50 

See my new post on my profile page. Maybe I will open a new blog for this signal, because it is not possible to post images in the news-tab of a signal. Have a nice weekend!

2016.12.14 10:37 2016.12.14 10:37:16 

I forgot to post this message in "Signal news": December seems to be a difficult month. The currency-pair is a little bit nervous at the moment. The backtest of 2015 shows the same problems with a result of +/- 0%.

2016.12.08 19:43 2016.12.08 19:43:44 

This morning I took a look back to the last three ECB rate decisions and there was never such a movement like today. So I let the system online. This was a mistake. Now I will stop this system on every important news. The next important economic news is on Tuesday, 13th December. (Inflation rate Sweden) and on Tuesday, 20th December (Rate decision Sweden).

2016.12.05 19:13 2016.12.05 19:13:57 

Today we saw a stop-loss event. Now I've learned, that we must wait at least two days after the NFP-News...

The actual trade is a manual trade...

2016.12.02 09:31 2016.12.02 09:31:57 

Next trades on monday... Have a nice weekend!

2016.12.01 18:46 2016.12.01 18:46:15 

I just wanted to close the single long-position. But I hit the wrong button on my app. :-(

Now I try to simulate the last trade manually. Sorry...

2016.11.30 10:09 2016.11.30 10:09:12 

I will try to stop this signal before the publication of the NFP-news on Friday. Restart on Monday.

2016.11.28 08:06 2016.11.28 08:06:31 


There will probably be no new transactions until Wednesday. We have important news on Tuesday.

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