The strategy applied to this signal looks to find the flow of the market.  I look at key fundamentals and combine it with technical indicators to establish a view of where the market is going.  It aims to trade different strategies based on market conditions.

1.      *  Looks for trend reversals and rides the wave until indicators show a slowing.

2.      *   Looks to expose pullbacks and trade into a trend once one it is formed.

3.      *   Buy support and sell resistance when the market is ranging.

A maximum 2 trades will ever be open at a time, with various exit levels allowing profit to be locked in.  The aim is not to stay in a bad trade, this is not an emotional decision but based on technical signs.  There may be periods where no trades are entered, if the market is not producing clear signals.  Survival is key, this is not a get rich quick (and lose everything in one trade) strategy.  If I don’t see a trade I do not invent one…

For those looking for a decent broker I can comfortably recommend two;

  1. FXCM
  2. Pepperstone.
I also use Tickmill, but I have noticed some slippage, although with my strategy it is not the end of the world as it is not a scalping strategy.

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Всего трейдов: 97
Прибыльных трейдов: 69 (71.13%)
Убыточных трейдов: 28 (28.87%)
Лучший трейд: 34.24 USD
Худший трейд: -115.21 USD
Общая прибыль: 350.91 USD (19852 pips)
Общий убыток: -423.00 USD (11372 pips)
Макс. серия выигрышей: 15 (66.27 USD)
Макс. прибыль в серии: 66.45 USD (13)
Коэффициент Шарпа: -0.04
Торговая активность: 29.20%
Макс. загрузка депозита: 7.14%
Фактор восстановления: -0.23
Длинных трейдов: 75 (77.32%)
Коротких трейдов: 22 (22.68%)
Профит фактор: 0.83
Мат. ожидание: -0.74 USD
Средняя прибыль: 5.09 USD
Средний убыток: -15.11 USD
Макс. серия проигрышей: 4 (-227.00 USD)
Макс. убыток в серии: -227.00 USD (4)
Прирост в месяц: -19.05%
Годовой прогноз: -100.00%
Лучший трейд: 34.24 USD
Макс. серия выигрышей: 15 (66.27 USD)
Макс. прибыль в серии: 66.45 USD (13)
Худший трейд: -115.21 USD
Макс. серия проигрышей: 4 (-227.00 USD)
Макс. убыток в серии: -227.00 USD (4)
Просадка по балансу:
Абсолютная: 75.53 USD
Максимальная: 307.23 USD (71.17%)
Отноcительная просадка:
По балансу: 26.47% (307.23 USD)
По эквити: 14.48% (56.97 USD)

Точечные графики распределения MFE и MAE

Для каждого открытого ордера в течение его жизни записываются значения максимальной прибыли (MFE) и максимального убытка (MAE). Эти показатели дополнительно характеризуют каждый закрытый ордер значениями максимального нереализованного потенциала и максимального допущенного риска. На графиках распределения MFE/Profit и MAE/Profit каждому ордеру соответствует точка, где по горизонтали дается значение полученной прибыли/убытка, а по вертикали максимально показанных значений потенциальной прибыли (MFE) и потенциального убытка (MAE).

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Нет данных

Наведите курсор на показатели/подписи к графикам, чтобы увидеть лучшие и худшие торговые серии. Более подробно о распределениях MAE и MFE можно почитать в статье Математика в трейдинге. Оценка результатов торговых сделок.

Символ Сделки Sell Buy

Среднее проскальзывание на основе статистики исполнения на реальных счетах разных брокеров указано в пунктах. Зависит от разницы между котировками поставщика с "Pepperstone-01" и подписчика, а также от задержек в исполнении ордеров. Чем меньше значение, тем лучше качество копирования.

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Средняя оценка:
Christian Battlogg
2017.01.05 11:04 

Joined trades early December because history showed stable growth,strict risk control with low Drawdown of 15%. But immidately after started, many losses happened, trader increased his equity 3x during open positions leaving Subscribers unprotected and uninformed. Real Drawdown was therfore much larger than shown here. Trader promise to have only 2 trades open, but did not follow own rules. This is enough to disqualify trader from providing signals, is not caring for subscribers.

2016.12.11 20:16 2016.12.11 20:16:58 

Things to look out for this week is mainly the FED Fund Rate coming out on Wednesday, but more importantly the FOMC banter after the fact where everyone seems to change their mind after every sentence. Once thing calm down it normally gives rise to some nice rides.

It has definitely been a tough market and some of the traders I know have had to be pretty ballsy, some refunding their accounts a few times to stay alive... one of my 3 subscribers made me look long and hard at the risk I expose you too and, having a small snack been taken out of my butt (but still ending the week up just over 9%) I will be focussing heavily on risk over the next few weeks.

I have been victim of the get rich quick signals and EA's, and have landed up starting again a few times. You may see my trades sizes been reduced a tad while the market decide what to do with all the craziness.

EURUSD - is bouncing off and around a support level that hasn't really been breached since 2003 What do you do with that??? Perhaps some longs in anticipation of another bounce, but I have seen these levels broken many times and sometimes they just don't come back. So tight stops would be recommended. Oh yes, I would also be very wary around the Fed announcement on Wednesday.

AUDJPY - Wow, this is the 5th time this year it is challenging the 86 level will this be the return to the 80 or even 75 level, or are we going to push through. I put my ear to the train track and hear wheels coming from both sides. By Wednesday we should have some more insight...

GBPJPY - Definitely found some consolidation between 143 and 145. Only a betting man would go short at this level. I am looking for longs around 143 while it wears down the 145 mark. It is still strongly up on the Daily chart and only seems stoppable at the 160 mark and that's a lot of pippage. I anticipated a reversal earlier this week, but got slapped on the wrist for the "Assumptions" which are the mother of all mess ups... so all signs are saying buy (but buy cheap), but the problem with trading this bad boy is you have got to give it room to move, so trade small with at least 100 pip stop.

USDJPY - Paid very little respect to 114, and looks to eye 121 if it is not given any reason to change its mind on Wednesday. Daily is still strongly up. Again I am looking for cheap levels to buy.

EURJPY - Oh EURO, EURO, EURO what are we going to do with you? Plonking around a three month high and could quite easily continue up to 126 or even 128. Where it get its strength I do not know, but it is definitely showing some character. This could however be the turning point, I will let the markets reveal itself over the next few days.

2016.12.07 17:11 2016.12.07 17:11:34 

Tough Day at the office today, a few bites been taken (ouch!) with one trade hitting stop and two been closed out at break even after making a few pips. I think there is quite a bit of sentiment influencing the markets right now. I would stay out of the market for the next day or two or at least till after the ECB announcement. Any further trades placed for the remainder of the week will be reduced to ensure no more than 2.5% risk...

AUDJPY - has found some resistance at the 85.000 mark, definitely some short buying opportunities around 84.70 with stops around the 84.40 as I expect it to go higher but like an inch worm not a soaring eagle.

GBPJPY - Although it is still firmly heading up on the Day chart, it gave me a slap on the wrist today as it did one of its "not to uncommon" 120+pip swings to the down side. I will possibly look at buying opportunities again when it gets down nice and low (142 -142.50).

EURUSD - My humble opinion is that any trade right now is a gamble, looks like it could be moving back into a daily upward trend, but I think it needs to break the 1.1100 resistance level before technicals will support this, saying that the 4hr chart has plenty of wiggle room and if it pushes through the 1.077 resistance it could push up to the 1.09 mark without much effort. Again, let’s wait for the ECB announcement because it could just keep ranging.

USDJPY - Nice triangle forming on the daily chart, 4hr has it locked in snug between 114.50 and 113.40 has been there since the end of November. Breakout has got to come soon... US unemployment claims with the ECB stuff coming out could be the catalyst for more big lofty moves.

EURJPY - also still sneaking up, no one can tell let's wait till tomorrow.

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