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Всего трейдов:
Прибыльных трейдов:
983 (77.64%)
Убыточных трейдов:
283 (22.35%)
Лучший трейд:
4108.25 AUD
Худший трейд:
-2156.96 AUD
Общая прибыль:
78080.60 AUD (50149 pips)
Общий убыток:
-41252.09 AUD (26395 pips)
Макс. серия выигрышей:
51 (328.57 AUD)
Макс. прибыль в серии:
7344.92 AUD (4)
Коэффициент Шарпа:
Торговая активность:
Макс. загрузка депозита:
Фактор восстановления:
Длинных трейдов:
581 (45.89%)
Коротких трейдов:
685 (54.11%)
Профит фактор:
Мат. ожидание:
29.09 AUD
Средняя прибыль:
79.43 AUD
Средний убыток:
-145.77 AUD
Макс. серия проигрышей:
13 (-4161.42 AUD)
Макс. убыток в серии:
-4161.42 AUD (13)
Прирост в месяц:
Годовой прогноз:


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Символ Общая прибыль, USD Убыток, USD Прибыль, USD
Символ Общая прибыль, pips Убыток, pips Прибыль, pips
Лучший трейд:
4108.25 AUD
Макс. серия выигрышей:
51 (328.57 AUD)
Макс. прибыль в серии:
7344.92 AUD (4)
Худший трейд:
-2156.96 AUD
Макс. серия проигрышей:
13 (-4161.42 AUD)
Макс. убыток в серии:
-4161.42 AUD (13)
Просадка по балансу:
0.00 AUD
6999.97 AUD (25.51%)
Отноcительная просадка:
По балансу:
77.47% (3802.48 AUD)
По эквити:
76.09% (3435.13 AUD)

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*NOTE* the big loss around trade 800 attributes the large draw down was due to some GBPUSD trades.

I have since removed that GBPUSD system (it only traded for a few days) and will only trade EURCHF - which is very profitable anyway!

Anticipated dd on this system is around 40-50%.

DD (aside from the GU trade) since signal became active was maxed at 35%. 


For the best performance use this broker: http://bit.ly/bbfx000

You should also use an AUD account type, this is because 1) this broker’s spreads are the tightest I have measured. 2) swaps are lower than most 3) $7 AUD RT per lot is far cheaper than $7 USD RT per lot.

If you aren’t using that broker, then it is likely your spread will eat your profits.

If you find you have a better spread near role over, let me know.

Load up this: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/1645 onto a 1-minute chart and then set the settings to make "writetocsv" true. Then zip up the files and send the spread exported to me.

Also, please use a VPS located in NYC; I recommend these guys: http://bit.ly/vpsfxbest 100$ credit matched, plus they charge by the hour up to their low monthly fee, so you can test the execution with your broker for essentially free.

I cannot stress enough that you need a good low spread broker and a fast VPS.

My VPS and trade server is in NYC.


 the DD was significant but I'm being more careful with subscribers on board... but please be aware it could be ~50%, but I'll do my best to pull profits and control dd.

This signal is ~half manual and half EA.  

Manual trading is based on technical and fundamental analysis. 

EA Trading based on EURCHF range in late NY session and Asian session (scalping).

This signal, uses settings that have been optimised since the SBR unpeg of CHF. I have performed countless back, forward testing and retraining data sets to obtain optimum settings whilst minimising curve fitting.

Signal runs higher lot trades in a smaller window and smaller lots in a larger window. This has advance swap avoidance functions.

Running at relatively high risk, adjust your balance at which it is copied at accordingly. I recommend to start at 50% and work upwards. Alternatively, you can run at 95% risk, and withdraw profits weekly.

All trades will have a SL. This is set, but not locked. I will adjust based on the current range. Very rarely is an SL hit.

Any questions, let me know.



Средняя оценка:
2017.03.03 05:48   

loss 75% money

Grzegorz Lasota
2017.02.19 14:55 

the bottom and one meter of silt

James Cabourne
2017.02.15 11:03 

It is infuriating to watch you hold a trade so long that it doubles your equity and not close it and then let it go negative you have now done it twice in the last week. You are supposed to be a scalper! SCALP! You have blown up now twice in as many months and now you are doing the stupidest plays with everyone's money. I predict a mass exodus of your subscribers at the end of the month.

Peng Si
2017.02.13 04:56 

这个信号我跟了将近四个月 在从未出金的情况下,总体亏损严重。

Yunhan Li
2017.02.10 07:52 

2017.12.09 Tonight there is no special financial data, but the price has changed drastically, there is this situation really can not predict, hope to continue to work, I continue to trust you!


2017.12.10 Your EA is stable and could make a substantial profit, pls dont sync your "The London and NY Sling" in this signal


2017.02.10 Your EA performed well for a few hours after the stock closed. Before January 2017, you do not trade during the day, and you hardly have an overnight order. But after you change the style, you are trading day and night, during the day trading EURCHF risk is great, your EA is only suitable for night scalp, I hope you add a time limit on the EA. If there are orders overnight, I hope you stop in time to prevent orders to expand losses during the day. Because your EA in the night profitability has been very strong, and would rather earn less, do not expand losses during the day.

2017.01.30 22:51 

Yeders.... rrrrr. What you give, you take away - and more. I'd really like to trust you, but when you get it wrong it's big, like 80% in one night big. I'll start withdrawing more frequently - but please .... you need to do the same.

Lukuan Ma
2017.01.30 15:06  (изменен 2017.01.30 15:19) 

Can not trust the history profit.

Cause he despoit when the DD was too much

The real DD is too high that can blow the account

worst signal

2016.12.23 13:40 

you job is very good! thank you for you giveing!

Kheng Chai Lee
2016.12.12 11:55 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Gregory Hay
2016.12.09 17:17   

jees cmon

thats shocking trading on GBP

2016.12.09 02:14 

Trust you, please continue your excellent work; pay attention to risk control;

Best wishes & good luck for all;

Fr Scholl
2016.12.08 14:46 

From euphoria, down the drain, what a massive risks............

2016.12.08 14:39  (изменен 2016.12.09 15:36) 

what is going wrong?trust you more times,loss money more times. 4k to 1k in two days

2016.12.07 19:24  (изменен 2016.12.08 16:06) 

fair signal service, good DD and average monthly return ratio is the essence, live long Jeremy and I really hope he will avoid trading when the ECB or FED news relase

Mikhail Golubev
2016.12.07 15:39  (изменен 2016.12.21 11:18) 

Huge risks and irresponsible trade. Deposit decreased to 31% due to "bonus deals for the pair of GBPUSD"

Thank you for your gift to me for Christmas, Jeremy (((

2016.12.07 15:08 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

2016.12.06 15:02 

This is crazily good. Just profit and profit.

2016.12.01 07:37  (изменен 2016.12.09 15:19) 

This actually is too good to be true.

I have the exact same setup as the author advises: ICMarkets (Live-02) and Vultr VPS in NYC (2 ms) with AUD ECN account. I have two accounts setup this way. Tonight the author did 1.5%, but my accounts only did 0.2% and 0.0%. Opening and closing prices differ greatly relative to the number of pips profit per trade (slippage). Some trades are in profit on my end and are a loss on his, or the other way around. Slippage has a great (negative) impact on the way these trades are executed.

As I understand it half of the profit from this signal comes from manual trades. Slippage will have less (negative) impact on these manual trades. It is too soon for me to draw conclusions but I expect my profit to be (a lot) less than that of the signal. I do think and hope for profit by the end of the month. I will update this review when I have more results.

UPDATE 1: After a week of trades things have gone a lot better. Slippage was low and trades were on point. Profit is about the same as the signal.

UPDATE 2: Scalping was still not working, big losses on my end and profit on his. Opening trades on market rollover (23:00) did not help either with huge spreads and spikes up and down.

UPDATE 3: GBP trading was on point with good entries overall, but bad exits in the end which resulted in 60% loss in one session (while being 15% in profit at some point). Lot sizes were out of control and SL set too far. To sum things up: this signal is too risky and unreliable.

Bojan Marinkovic
2016.11.30 18:39  (изменен 2016.12.09 19:28) 

Update: Well, it will be difficulte to become a millioner in this year! ;-)

That was good trading today. Secured profit with SL in profit. Good job and hope you continue with good MM in the future.

This is just to good to be true. I just hope you will continue like this till I make my first million. LOL

Nshan Teknedzhyan
2016.11.29 18:21 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

2017.05.21 00:25
Removed warning: Low trading activity - not enough trades detected during the last month
2017.05.12 14:36
Low trading activity - only 6 trades detected in the last month
2017.04.27 00:51
No trading activity detected on the Signal's account for the last 6 days
2017.04.19 23:23
Removed warning: No trading activity detected on the Signal's account for the recent period
2017.04.17 11:16
No trading activity detected on the Signal's account for the last 6 days
2017.03.23 12:34
A large drawdown may occur on the account again
2016.12.23 04:57 2016.12.23 04:57:19 

Dear followers,

Between Christmas and New Years, there is less liquidity and larger spreads which can cause the market to be a little less predictable during the morning session.

So I will pause trading from now (nice 6% profit today on UC).

The trading will start again from 3rd Jan PM.

Thank you for your support, and have a very Merry Christmas.

2016.12.09 00:31 2016.12.09 00:31:45 

Dear All,

I know we got smashed last night.

Terrible call on my part.

I've taken action to mitigate that from happening again.

Note though, that I don't list my big accounts here, but as a screenshot out of myfxbook : http://bit.ly/2ghmFcf

You can see that yesterday I lost over 100k.

But you can tell, that in the last week I had made over 75k profit.

So yes, we've been set back and gosh it hurt, but give it a few weeks please, or you might just miss out on coming back.


2016.12.04 14:33 2016.12.04 14:33:36 

Not scalping today, and maybe tomorrow due to the Italy Referendum - Higher volatility may be expected, which could be unfavorable market conditions for the signal

2016.10.05 16:50 2016.10.05 16:50:47 

Hey guys, please take my survey... here: http://bit.ly/fxsurv

Thanks for your time.

2016.09.26 16:52 2016.09.26 16:52:17 

Lots of profit today guys. Feel free to leave a positive review. Make sure you check out my other signals.

Also, just a reminder, make sure you use the same broker, or 1:1 broker in regards to location and spread. But its best if you use the same broker.

At the end of the day, I want you to make as many pips as I do!

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