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Mark Flint
Mark Flint 2017.04.25 20:30 

I'm out today with a loss of 52% of my deposit and the profits from the last 3 months subscription. Good with the trend, and good communication. But for me, there is too much reliance on high time frame trends without adapting to changing conditions and the market effect of significant political and financial news events. What I experienced was extended drawdown periods whilst the market shifts trend faster than the trend used with the signal. FIFO rules and the desire not to close losing trades cause even longer draw down periods. The French Presidential Election bullish effect on the EURUSD this weekend has no solution from the signal, and so triggered my decision to exit.

Carl 2017.04.25 19:15 

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Paolo Macchi
Paolo Macchi 2017.04.25 18:01  (изменен 2017.04.25 18:22) 


Downgraded to 1 star. I would not recommend this signal anymore.

I'll let the subscription expire and would not renew. It's not the strategy I like.

a) 69$ in April for 2 trades only (so far), and both with a big DD.

b) No management of the situation: just wait until the market would come back to the predicted level

c) No Money Management/Capital Preservation at all:

it's insane to get to 74+% and 80+% DD in two months in a raw with no countermeasures


It is now one month of subscription.

Unfortunately already in this first month I got a margin call and a pretty big loss just a little bit before the change in the trend.

I know it's a risky activity, but I have to admit I didn't expect 74+% DD. That's really too much for a pro.

Still, I'm confident Angie will help me recovery. It will take a bit more time with such a diminished account, but I'm sure it will come. That's why I renewed it for another month.

Let's see if the DD will be better controlled, in that case I will add some stars. So far 2 stars, no more.

andalton53 2017.04.25 16:44   

Very close to losing account. No turning back now!!!

Koenraad Vanhaeren
Koenraad Vanhaeren 2017.04.25 16:43  (изменен 2017.04.27 14:43)   

Your signal is not far from margin call (3000 euro) at this moment !!

No hedge, no management at all to save this!?


aendy 2017.04.25 16:28 

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bcheng1985 2017.04.20 16:52 

1. You need to realize that market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

2. You are better off scalping as most of your trades had a chance to be closed with 20+ pips in profit.

3. You are taking unnecessary risk with very little reward on the other side

"Safe trading is safe and profitable in long term! Stop trading when it is unsafe!" you said it yourself, what makes you think it's safe right now?

Hopefully You can make this signal free until you get out of this mess, so people who are in big DD right now won't be left in the dark if they don't renew.

Punyachit Sanitrat
Punyachit Sanitrat 2017.04.20 16:09 


Now this signal is bad,

-High DD up to 70%+

-Not good in risk management when compare to the past.(Holding a lot of order before the news)

-Low activity - Didn't take a profit when some order have a great profit and let all of them back to unrealized loss.


Good job!!! Thx^^

Pui See Chung
Pui See Chung 2017.04.20 15:42 

We are back again to high drawdown =(

rolias 2017.04.18 17:41   

UK calls an election. GBP massive gains, EUR massive gain, USD falling. You do nothing but sit on your hands. I just closed out with a Heavy loss. Goodby Angie and good luck.