I am an experienced trader with more than 8 years experience who is currently working in investment firm, join me if you hope to grow with me. Thank you.

My famous QUOTES: Safe trading is safe and profitable in long term! Stop trading when it is unsafe!

This Signal is intended for deposit of at least 2000 USD and above. After many months of very successful trading in my another signal, i am asked to open a new signal as a complement for big capital account so that it will provide a much balanced and better reward for big investors. Due to much bigger startup of the capital, so the trades are expected to be less but they are of higher quality, and it is expected to have only 5-20 trades per month to limit unwanted risk.

Trading mode: Manual trading based on big investment banks money flow, policy maker's statement and economic data with the help of technical analysis of divergence, dow theory, price ambiguity and bollinger band.

Strategy: Both scalping and long term trading

Recommended Broker: CLICK!!! (Please choose under FSA Seychelles regulator on top of the page of registration and open an ECN PRO account after account verification, this broker is a true STP broker which means it passes your trading orders directly to liquidity provider and it has no conflict of interest with their clients, hence it provides a safer place for you to keep your fund, this broker has also been proven to be best in copying mql5 signal as it provides lowest spread and latency in trade copying without restricting their clients to use any type of trading strategy. Please inbox me if you need help in account opening)

*You will get an extra 5% commission discount on all trades if you register using my IB code: IB94102285 during trading account registration under the recommended broker

Minimum suggested deposit: 2000 USD

You will be having same risk as mine in this signal.

Spread and trade execution: You will need a low spread and latency broker to copy my signal to avoid slippage, i would strongly recommend to register through the promotional link above to get 5% discount in commission from the broker with lowest latency to reduce any possible risk of slippage and have exact trades as mine!

Expected WIN:LOSS ratio will be 9:1 in long term. Cut loss when trading condition is out of control is expected!

Do drop me a private message if you need any help for this signal, i am always happy to assist you.

Warning: Copy Trades quality will greatly be reduced if subscription without the use of low spread broker as suggested! Trading might be stopped during unfavorable moment for days to avoid risky trading.
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Лучший трейд: 2 785.82 USD
Макс. серия выигрышей: 36 (19 745.87 USD)
Макс. прибыль в серии: 19 745.87 USD (36)
Худший трейд: -13 721.45 USD
Макс. серия проигрышей: 3 (-32 418.54 USD)
Макс. убыток в серии: -32 418.54 USD (3)
Просадка по балансу:
Абсолютная: 5 554.07 USD
Максимальная: 32 418.54 USD (98.64%)
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По балансу: 97.01% (32 418.54 USD)
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Средняя оценка:
Chi Man Wong
2017.05.18 03:36   

What's wrong with you?

Khaled Hafez
2017.05.10 06:24   


2017.05.09 13:33 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Bruno78140 sandeau
2017.05.05 19:47 


It is done my account is empty ...

2017.05.05 19:39 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

2017.05.05 12:16 

BOOM! Game over before the French Election!

2017.05.04 19:10   

Account blown $7000 lost today :-(

2017.05.04 11:01 

first spoke of hedging over a month ago and the positions have continued to go against us and still nothing has been done. If Macron wins everyone's accounts will blow if something is not done. It is fantasy to say that Macron winning has already been factored in with limited upside potential.

2017.05.03 08:55  (изменен 2017.05.04 18:20) 

With 91% DD this is not trading, looks more like gambling.

2017.04.26 00:22 


Please let us know if you are planning to hedge or to deposit more money to your account to survive the huge DD.

Thank you

Mark Flint
2017.04.25 20:30 

I'm out today with a loss of 52% of my deposit and the profits from the last 3 months subscription. Good with the trend, and good communication. But for me, there is too much reliance on high time frame trends without adapting to changing conditions and the market effect of significant political and financial news events. What I experienced was extended drawdown periods whilst the market shifts trend faster than the trend used with the signal. FIFO rules and the desire not to close losing trades cause even longer draw down periods. The French Presidential Election bullish effect on the EURUSD this weekend has no solution from the signal, and so triggered my decision to exit.

2017.04.25 19:15 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Paolo Macchi
2017.04.25 18:01  (изменен 2017.04.25 18:22) 


Downgraded to 1 star. I would not recommend this signal anymore.

I'll let the subscription expire and would not renew. It's not the strategy I like.

a) 69$ in April for 2 trades only (so far), and both with a big DD.

b) No management of the situation: just wait until the market would come back to the predicted level

c) No Money Management/Capital Preservation at all:

it's insane to get to 74+% and 80+% DD in two months in a raw with no countermeasures


It is now one month of subscription.

Unfortunately already in this first month I got a margin call and a pretty big loss just a little bit before the change in the trend.

I know it's a risky activity, but I have to admit I didn't expect 74+% DD. That's really too much for a pro.

Still, I'm confident Angie will help me recovery. It will take a bit more time with such a diminished account, but I'm sure it will come. That's why I renewed it for another month.

Let's see if the DD will be better controlled, in that case I will add some stars. So far 2 stars, no more.

2017.04.25 16:44   

Very close to losing account. No turning back now!!!

koenraad V
2017.04.25 16:43  (изменен 2017.04.27 14:43)   

Your signal is not far from margin call (3000 euro) at this moment !!

No hedge, no management at all to save this!?


2017.04.25 16:28 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

2017.04.20 16:52 

1. You need to realize that market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

2. You are better off scalping as most of your trades had a chance to be closed with 20+ pips in profit.

3. You are taking unnecessary risk with very little reward on the other side

"Safe trading is safe and profitable in long term! Stop trading when it is unsafe!" you said it yourself, what makes you think it's safe right now?

Hopefully You can make this signal free until you get out of this mess, so people who are in big DD right now won't be left in the dark if they don't renew.

Punyachit Sanitrat
2017.04.20 16:09 


Now this signal is bad,

-High DD up to 70%+

-Not good in risk management when compare to the past.(Holding a lot of order before the news)

-Low activity - Didn't take a profit when some order have a great profit and let all of them back to unrealized loss.


Good job!!! Thx^^

Pui See Chung
2017.04.20 15:42 

We are back again to high drawdown =(

2017.04.18 17:41   

UK calls an election. GBP massive gains, EUR massive gain, USD falling. You do nothing but sit on your hands. I just closed out with a Heavy loss. Goodby Angie and good luck.

2017.05.06 01:49 2017.05.06 01:49:38 

Dear my subscribers,

I am sorry, the price movement has confirmed that all of my anticipations will only come in the third quarter rather than second quarter of this year. So i decided to cut loss as to prevent our loss to be deepened. It was a black Friday and it is a huge loss to all of us.



2017.05.02 03:48 2017.05.02 03:48:44 

Dear my subscribers,

We have been in a very critical situation. And market has almost fully priced in the victory of Macron in the coming French election in 7th of May, upside momentum shall be very limited. Although no trading activity has been performed for these weeks but i am still actively monitoring the trades, my trading accounts are at the risk as well. Since our margin is low, i will consider only hedging at this moment and not having extra selling position. I am sorry that the current trades are very critical, and it will take a much longer time than what i expected. Thank you.



2017.04.26 06:33 2017.04.26 06:33:10 

Dear my subscribers,

I am sorry for this worst ever condition that affecting all of us, current condition is very not good. I am still holding my anticipations, however, if condition keeps worsening, i will consider cut loss or even cut loss at lower loss level. No extra deposit shall be made to save the trades as it has reached my maximum tolerance level too and i don't expect the price to go any higher. For all messages i received, please allow me some time before i could respond as i would focus on current trades. Thank you.



2017.04.25 00:45
No trading activity detected on the Signal's account for the last 6 days
2017.04.24 01:44 2017.04.24 01:44:25 

Dear my subscribers,

Apparently, there was a huge gap today even though yesterday French election results fit well my anticipation of either Marine Le Pen or Melenchon. This is a very unfortunate spike, but it shall last temporary given that the spike occurred during Sunday when only few exchanges were on services. The gap only represents minority of market investors' view on election as it happened during the moment when large banks were closed. The market has also fully priced in the victory of Macron in 2nd election that is to be held in 7th of May. With this being said, market will soon price in the risk of Marine Le Pen in the 2nd election as there is a very high chance that Melenchon supporters will favour Marine Le Pen. Besides, Trump is going to announce his Tax reform that has been well anticipated to boost US economy drastically this week. In fact, spike is very common during huge political event and as i said, my last updated anticipation is still that eurusd will drop although current price level is against us. The reason behind my anticipation that today spike will reverse is that it happened mainly due to a temporary surprise or relief of the market and there is no solid fundamentals that could really support this price movement in long term, based on my experiences, such spike will not last longer and perhaps, it could even trigger the massive sell off of eurusd due to taking profit by those who have been longing eurusd for these few months. So, we are still in line with my anticipations. I would expect the eurusd to drop within 1.06-1.05 region soon. Still, my objective of current trades are more on recovery of our bad trades. Emotional trading is not helpful at this critical moment. Thank you.




2017.04.24 00:56
High current drawdown in 64% indicates the absence of risk limitation
2017.04.20 23:00 2017.04.20 23:00:33 

Dear my subscribers,

My third trade is meant for more profits than just scalping, it is easy to criticize this or that after the incident has happened with so many "if you did this or did that" but i guess it is meaningless as it provides zero value in trading. I hope you could understand that this is a real time trading where i am trading my real money just like you and you are following my signal decision, if you are having a drawdown, that the same goes to me, i would not be happy to see my trade turned from profit into a drawdown just as much as you dislike. But this is a part of the trading, there are always take and give in the whole trading decision. Even though i am having a high drawdown just like you, but i need to be acting and trading in a emotionless way by not simply hedging or closing the trades in unnecessary loss, i need to act independently based on my anticipations solely. I hope you would judge after we close the trades rather than because of your fear and you need to release your stress. These few days rally was mainly due to the shock from some unexpected speeches from Trump and UK May, however, it has not yet changed the fundamental aspects that i highly anticipated on 21th of March in my news update, obviously, it delays it to some extent. At current moment, market has not yet fully factored in the uncertainties in French Election, and this coming Sunday French election has 95% chance that either Le Pen or Melenchon will get through the first election into the second election on 7th of May. This will surely create a sharp drop in eurusd. After that, the market will fully factor in all the possible political risk from French. So, it is wise that we just leave our trades opened during this event and i see that the risk is very much minimal. Today, the price movement has also very well confirmed that the current bull is just a temporary retracement rather than a true long term trend. I am sorry for taking so long time for the trades to close well although i highly expected that we could have closed all in profits last week before the comment from Trump that he wants a weak USD. Anyway, we are still in a right way, and my long term fundamentals analyses rarely go wrong although i might be affected by some short term unexpected spikes. I wish more patience from you so that we could end up well. Thank you.




2017.04.20 18:57
Removed warning: High current drawdown indicates the absence of risk limitation
2017.04.20 15:50
High current drawdown in 35% indicates the absence of risk limitation
2017.04.20 13:57
Removed warning: High current drawdown indicates the absence of risk limitation
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