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Zhirui Lu
Zhirui Lu 2017.06.23 02:52   


Son Sornpan
Son Sornpan 2017.05.11 07:35 

Not recommended

GBMT4S01 2017.05.11 01:42  (изменен 2017.05.11 09:53)   

Can you please explain the sudden close of 2 trades with major loss within 1/2 seconds?

It was opened when spread was as far wide (due to SWAP opening time) and just a second after it closed by sl.

SL was not checked with existing spread? Guaranteed loss in this deal with wrong calculation.

Testing EA would give false result. You need to stop EA from opening position close to the minutes of SWAP application.

2017.05.11 00:01 Buy 0.30 AUDCAD 1.00593 1.00173 1.00610 2017.05.11 00:02 1.00156 -0.88 -96.01 [sl]

2017.05.11 00:01 Sell 0.26 EURAUD 1.47721 1.48161 1.45721 2017.05.11 00:02 1.48197 -1.13 -90.80[sl]

This is quite damaging for all of us which is already giving loss for the last 2 months.

Please do not open while high spread time - when SWAP is being applied.

Ezequiel Mauro Schwab
Ezequiel Mauro Schwab 2017.05.10 23:40 

Has been with this signal for almost 3 months loosing money and waiting for improvement..not recommended at all

Jasmin Delalic
Jasmin Delalic 2017.04.18 03:53 

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Leon W
Leon W 2017.04.18 03:10 


Khalid Mustafa
Khalid Mustafa 2017.04.17 23:26   

all most daliy loss

Drunken Sailor
Drunken Sailor 2017.04.13 17:05 

Кроме всего того что убыток второй месяц, есть ещё момент: если у вас другой брокер, чем у этого трейдера, то получите ещё больше убыток в несколько раз, т.к. он открывает большие ордеры на открытии рынка, у многих брокеров в этот момент расширен спред. Я ухожу, пока весь депозит не слит.

In addition to the fact that the net loss for the second month, there is another point: if you have a different broker than a trader, you will get more loss in a few times since it opens up large orders at the opening of the market, many brokers at this moment widened the spread. I'm leaving until the entire Deposit is not fused.

jin zhou
jin zhou 2017.04.13 06:47  (изменен 2017.04.20 03:11) 

There seems to be a pattern on MQL5 of new signals with great loss free track records that once they get published for subscription start losing. And this signal looks like one of those with 5 losses out of the past 16 closed trades and 2 more open trades with a big out of range draw down.

When I subscribed 2 weeks ago the signal had a 4 month trade history with about 100 wins and 1 loss with short small draw downs of not much more than 10%. Now there are a lot of losses and a 24% draw down that looks like it may go on for a while.

I've seen this repeatedly on MQL5 where a new signal with a good trade history goes bad once it's published. It seems like the signal providers can game the system to publish what looks like a good signal to run up subscriptions. And once it's published and they get the subscribers money it starts losing and the only one making money is the signal provider.

saeed413 2017.03.17 08:31 

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