I am an experienced trader with more than 8 years experience who is currently working in investment firm, join me if you hope to grow with me. Thank you.

My famous QUOTES: Safe trading is safe and profitable in long term! Stop trading when it is unsafe!

I believe that trading can either start from big or small, so in this signal, i am going to raise my capital into a big amount of money in a long term basis, This will be done by compounding and periodic withdrawal from my account, i hope this signal will benefit either small or big trader in a long term process. And most importantly, always invest only the money you afford to lose!!

Trading mode: Manual trading based on big investment banks money flow, policy maker's statement and economic data with the help of technical analysis of divergence, dow theory, price ambiguity and bollinger band.

Strategy: Both scalping and long term trading

Recommended Broker: CLICK! (you will get free VPS to use in signal subscription if you subscribe through the promotional link with deposit of at least 300 USD by opening MT4 Pro-Standard account, this broker has been proven to be best in copying mql5 signal as it provides lowest latency)

Minimum suggested deposit: 500 USD (High risk, high reward), 1000 USD (moderate risk), 1500 USD (low risk)

The way to calculate the risk you are taking compared to my account= my capital/your capital x 100%

VPS: You will need a low latency vps to copy my signal, i would strongly recommend to register through the promotional link above to get free VPS from broker with lowest latency to reduce any possible risk of slippage and have exact trades as mine! This will save you at least 10 USD monthly.

Expected WIN:LOSS ratio will be 9:1 in long term. Cut loss when trading condition is out of control is expected!

Do drop me a private message if you need any help for this signal, i am always happy to assist you.

Warning: Copy Trades quality will greatly be reduced if subscription without the use of low latency VPS! Trading might be stopped during unfavorable moment for days to avoid risky trading.
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Средняя оценка:
Petr Jelen
2016.12.08 19:00 

This trader has excellent communication and market experience. Also satisfied with his trading.

2016.12.08 11:00 

Just last week to subscribe to this signal, the second time to open this way, the main reason is not only stop, only to win, against $700 single now

Andrey Vakhrushev
2016.12.08 10:27   

Нда, почти тонну долларов слить, красава! Зачем ставить 20!!!!!!! ставок на одном уровне ?!

2016.12.08 09:43 

So now those who had $1300 in their accounts they should say good bye to their accounts. Now he will ask you to deposit $1300 more and will keep on doing so until his wrong trades get in his direction. This is what happens when you open the trade with looking only at 15m candle, totally ignoring 4H candles and trade without a Stop Loss.

What he can do at this moment is to pray that EURUSD gets reversed. Opening 20 more trades when already 20 are in loss already makes no sense. So everybody should now enjoy 40 trades in negative and keep you wallets open for at least 4 hours. After ECB, if he's lucky trades may get corrected or his own account will be washed even.

ibrahim ibrahim
2016.12.07 16:39  (изменен 2016.12.08 17:04) 

At first I was scared and remorse

Because of the Eurodollar deal

For it has fallen a lot and was a big loss

But because of the tips provided


Praise be to Allah, and now we're going to achieve profits

Thanks Angie

And I would recommend everyone to participate in this Copy Service

2016.12.05 19:37 

I've been with this signal since mid November, and up to now it's one of the best I've found around. Just a bit unfortunate yesterday, missed a TP for few pips...but I'm confident that in a while we'll be back again on track! Thankoyu

2016.12.05 19:16   

-5800 pips in one day ,stupid trader

2016.12.05 19:13 

Oh no... I think for this Signal you need a 5000 account. Small Money you will lost. My 500Euro account is complete down to earth. I subcribed this signal for round a week.

2016.12.01 13:35 

I have been subscribed to this signal since 10 October 2016,and since then this signal has increased my starting capital by almost a third. This signal trades in multiple micro-lots and is very, very reliable. Nine to one win rate, even when the market is against the signal, it turns a profit. Whoever is making the trades at the other end of this signal is a genius in predicting market moves: just be patient.

Before I subscribed to this signal I had blown almost all my life savings on poor trading decisions. This signal is well on the way to recouping those loses.

Also the signal provider provides relatively frequent updates on why they placed the trades, where the market is going and what they expect from the market in the future.

2016.12.01 04:32  (изменен 2016.12.01 04:34) 

Thanks so much Angie. Keep up the good work!

Suman bairagya
2016.11.30 16:08  (изменен 2016.11.30 16:09) 

Dear Bebo900 , Open platforms early. Thay are can't send sms. Thay are doing hard work for trading, places stop complaining

great ,well done . only profit , no issued if it is small amount . Please carry on . only you can show us how make profit from trading . Small amount make Big amount .

Change lot size Signals
2016.11.29 11:22  (изменен 2016.11.29 11:23)   

You are a good trader. I can increase the lot size from 0.01 lot to 0.01 lot x n = 0.01, 0.02, 0.03 lot ... So, my profits increased many times.

2016.11.28 07:26 

If should be possible I give you 10 stars. Thank you Angie

Isaac Echeverria
2016.11.16 15:19 

Buenos resultados a corto plazo.

Eziell Ukama
2016.11.10 20:42 

Angie you are a rock star, your fundamental analysis always wins at the end of the day.

Cheong Kah Wai
2016.11.10 16:49 

Very bad if you only deposit $500.

I have deposited $1000. my account burst too.

Only those $1500 will survive.

If you are plan to deposit 500-1000, please avoid.

Advise trader remove suggest at $500. thanks

2016.11.10 15:36 

A wonderful profit! You're a genius. I love you! Thank you very much for your positive trading. Please continue in your business.

2016.11.10 11:22 

Awesome Angie, certainly wonderful, so far best signal ever for me at least. I have been with you and your signal for the last 4 months and I am very and absolutely please with your patient, judgement and analysis. I will be subscribing to your 2nd Signal provider on my second account. Keep up the good work and if I happened to be in Singapore, we can go for tea :) Keep in touch!

Juno S
2016.11.09 12:45 

Careless trader!!! Ignoring the US presidential elections and force us to suffer in scary roller coaster ride. Manual trading system??? I don't think so. It's an EA with no stop loss.

2016.11.07 09:27 

I'm 5 months with Angies signal. And Im really happy with. Of course not all the time it's going clear, but as I see,Angie good trader and great person. He try he's best, and carry us with news,updates and suggestions. And I can see that in the end we are have good profits. So, for all of us,be pation,and finally we will get it

Thank you Angie. Continue this way.

(sorry for my English. It's not my language)

2016.12.08 16:45 2016.12.08 16:45:12 

Dear my subscribers,

Everything is in line with my speculation as last updated in my news, now we are just waiting for more profits to come before closing the trades, and it is highly expected that eurusd will retest support at 1.05 or even break it in within 1 week. Regarding the news i requested all my subscribers to maintain account at balance of 1300usd and above, i believe that i have tried my best to provide very useful advice for those small accounts to really sustain this urgent situation, and i guess those who followed my suggestion now should be glad that they did so. As a signal provider, i try my best effort to provide any informative suggestion and advice that i think it is useful for my subscribers. If you are unclear of anything regarding my signal, you are always welcome to drop me a message to clear your confusion. Now we are just waiting for our profits to roll more! Thanks for be patient in my trading and as my promise, i will always try my best to bring us great profits.




2016.12.08 02:48 2016.12.08 02:48:59 

Dear my subscribers,

My view remains the same as last updated, once current trades are closed, all the extra deposit to endure current unexpected spike can be then withdrawn on small accounts. Now market price has then stabilized, there is small tendency that it might edge up a little to test upper momentum before moving downward again. Please be patient, thanks.




2016.12.05 20:39 2016.12.05 20:39:18 

Dear my subscribers,

Due to today extra volatility, it is highly recommended for those who have small capital to maintain account at 1300 usd and above to endure any unconditional small spikes before eurusd starts to turn down. Again, i am sorry for my fault to overlook the volatility of a technical rebound, and i didn't expect such a high rebound before trade execution. However, our trades are still valid with 91% chances. It is a hard moment for all of us, but no worries, any volatility of price movement without real support of fundamental part will collapse itself and trend will be again overtaken by fundamental forces. Thank you.




2016.12.05 13:59 2016.12.05 13:59:47 


This is an update for our current positions. I am sorry that our trades missed little from our TP point, and they cause in a larger drawdown now, many might wonder, what happened and why eurusd suddenly rebound so high. If you open up your weekly chart, you will clearly see it rebounds at 1.051 where strong support lies, so, basically now it is just a sudden price correction at the strong support point that has been existed for one year. Well, with a rate hike from FED coming ahead this month and Brexit uncertainties coming next year, now with an additional Italy Referendum uncertainties from Italy PM resignation and political chaos, i expect eurusd to further drop, hence, it is good that we take this golden opportunity to short eurusd if it rallies. I see 93% chances that our trades will end with good profits. Owing to the fact that this month has many important news coming, it is good to keep your balance at 1000 usd to avoid unexpected spike in price. Thanks.




2016.11.30 22:48 2016.11.30 22:48:46 

Dear my subscribers,

In conclusion, this month is a great month with good profits, my signal account has increased from balance of 4454.34 USD to 5241.23 USD, total profits earned in this month alone weighs 786.89 USD. We were able to make full use of the volatility of this month with great success. And i would expect all subscribers have at least earned 400 USD from subscription to my signal regardless of your account balance provided that you have subscribed since the first day of this month. In comparison with the subscription fees, subscription fees would be just a negligible amount. By considering this, i am more than happy that i have done my job well as a signal provider to keep bringing good profits to all of my subscribers every month with an appropriate risk. November is now a past, December we are in now, i will try my best to ensure continuous good profits for all of us and at the same time increasing my capital to 50k usd gradually in a long term basis. Thanks and happy December!!




2016.11.28 03:49 2016.11.28 03:49:06 

Dear my subscribers,

Big congratulations to all of you, we have earned a great portion of profits from capturing the upward corrective momentum since the price moved from the most bottom. It is not really a big surprise to all of us as it was very well predicted as in the last update. I believe that my signal is always the most controversial signal in this platform with either 5 stars or 1 star review, some of the subscribers have badly reviewed my signal as they always judged my signal with their biased views just because they don't see what i see in the real mechanics behind the markets, so they got upset when they were in bad positions. Anyway, i am still very thankful that i have much more subscribers that are standing with me the same view throughout this journey, and yet, they have earned great profits from my signal throughout the journey. Of course, the profits won't be yours without your faith on me. And i believe, there is still a long journey for all of us to go in a long term as our profits don't just stop here, and i would like to remind you that we will always have up and down in short term basis in future as it is a real time money trading, but i believe it will always be profitable in a long term for all of us, so please be patient when we are in a downtime as it does not necessarily reflect our true ending. Most importantly, i don't take chances to bet our money but i am trading based on my thorough analyses. Last but not least, think big before earning big! Thanks.




2016.11.18 18:27 2016.11.18 18:27:15 

Dear my subscribers,

This is just a small update on our current positions, it has fulfilled my anticipation on last few weeks update that eurusd will drop drastically with the eyes shifting to interest rate hike in December after a shocking rise during the election day in America. It is undeniable that my view on long term trend of eurusd remains the same that is downward, however, the market has almost fully priced in the December rate hike and the eurusd is anticipated by me to have some rebounds within these two weeks as some market participants will start to secure their shorting positions as there are still uncertainties behind the extreme price in on Trump administration in future. Moreover, USD index has risen surpassing 100 point mark which is a major psychological point of market participants, and it is also near to the 161.8 fibonacci point. The market participants have been seen by me to price in much more than what USD price should be at this point due to many uncertainties are still there with Trump administration. Eurusd might go downward further with limited momentum, and i anticipate eurusd will rebound within two weeks, so it is a good opportunity for us to build up longing positions for any lower prices of eurusd as it will reward us well with limited risk. I wish you stand the same view as mine. Thanks and happy weekend.




2016.11.09 18:29 2016.11.09 18:29:25 

Dear my subscribers,

In the end i chose to exit early the current trades although there are still many rooms for eurusd to go lower until 1.08, i am doing so to secure our profits to prevent us from unnecessary risk and volatility. I thank you all for standing with me patiently throughout the whole process. I am sorry if the whole process is a bit worrying as i expected eurusd will not go up to more than 1.125 and it will turn down with strong bearish trend within few days if Trump turns out to be winner, so, the drawdown was rather higher than my expectation. Anyway, the victory is with us. Let's focus on next trades. Good day.




2016.11.09 14:10 2016.11.09 14:10:43 

Dear my subscribers,

As my anticipation goes, it drops drastically like i have just updated when the price was still at the top. EURUSD is likely to drop until 1.08 within these 2 weeks. We are on the safe side, and everything is in line with my analyses. Stay tuned and please wait patiently for our great profits to come. Thanks.




2016.11.09 08:56 2016.11.09 08:56:24 

Dear my subscribers,

I am sorry that current trades have gone into a high drawdown due to a shock to the market that Trump has turned out to become next US president. However, the shock will just remain temporary and it will go fading very soon, and the strong bearish trend will surely kick in to hit our TP point. My trades are not solely to bet on US election results, but they were meant more on the interest rate hike by next month. As all of us know that Trump has been all the way criticizing Fed for keeping interest rate too low, now he has been voted to become next US president, it will be very soon for market participants to see that interest rate hike will be more soon rather than previous slow path. And whoever becomes the President in fact does not change the core economy of US that is fit enough to have interest rate hike. I must say that today spike was mainly due to the shock from the market to the fact that Trump is going to become a next President of US, however, there is neither real fundamental elements nor technical prospect to support the bull, so i expect the bull will collapse very fast and turning out to be stronger bearish trend than before to hit our TP point. So, i hope all of us stay calm, and i am truly sorry for creating such anxiety in all of you, but this condition will not last long anyway. I never take chances in trading, it is true for current trades too, although the drawdown is higher than i expected but i believe it is still manageable. I still see 95% of chances that our trades will turn into great profits. Let's wait for our target profit point to be achieved. Thanks.




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