Signal is based on technical indicators mainly FIBS retrace/extension along with major macro-economics fundamentals including GDP,inflation ,employment,manufacturing and industrial sector production and CB's monitory policy decisions such as QE and short term interest rate.


Expected DD : 0-35%

Minimum Requirement(balance) : 60% of signal balance


Signal does not use FULL LOT at once,I like to divide risk %age on 10 trades rather than 1 trade.
For example, If i open 0.10 Lot BUY trade on eurusd at 1.1200 ,the problem is i am out of option after that.WHAT IF I AM WRONG AT 1.1200 BUY TRADE?
i cannot add any other trade for buying eurusd again (risk increases ).
Now if i open 0.01 Lot trade at 1.1200 and if i am wrong about the low ,the price moves downward against me,i have 9 possibilites/opportunities to add 9 more 0.01 lot trades at some better prices.
For example ,If 100 pips goes against me with 0.10 LOT,i have a floating loss of 100$ ( approx 10% of account),If 100 pips goes against me with 0.01 LOT ,i have a loss of 10$ ( less than 1% of account).
Now at 100pips difference it would add more risk and tension using 0.10 LOt,because what if price goes another 100 pips down?????? risk increased significantly higher ,this problem doesn't happens with 0.01 lot trade in which case at 200pips negative you one would still be losing 2% of account instead of 20%.(Assumption of 1 trade at any time of lot 0.1)
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Общая прибыль: 5205.00 USD (50203 pips)
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Макс. прибыль в серии: 1183.95 USD (249)
Худший трейд: -19.69 USD
Макс. серия проигрышей: 3 (-5.87 USD)
Макс. убыток в серии: -19.69 USD (1)
Просадка по балансу:
Абсолютная: 0.00 USD
Максимальная: 19.69 USD (0.41%)
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По балансу: 0.48% (5.87 USD)
По эквити: 46.99% (937.24 USD)

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Средняя оценка:
2016.11.28 16:03 

No stop loss. Bag signal.

2016.10.30 22:24 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

2016.10.16 19:35 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

2016.10.07 22:46 

This is a very good signal. Made around 30% in the last 3 weeks. I made about $145 AUD on the GBP/USD trades with Pepperstone razor account and $110 AUD on the Standard account. Nice work being on the ball for the express plunge and picking up the GBP/USD around 1.2063 in the best trade! Thank You Muhammad!

Robin Farr
2016.10.07 17:07 

In response to your query about the four GBPUSD trades ...

I have two subscriptions to your signal, with different broker accounts. On one account, I made good money - bought four positions around 1.22290 and sold around 1.23972. On second account bought four lots around 1.25701 (orders placed at EXACTLY the same time as other account orders) and sold around 1.23965 - so made a loss on these. Overall, a good profit though.

I think quotes & spreads went a bit hay-wire last night - I usually get very similar quote from both brokers - so this was a one-off (or at least I hope so :-)) ...

BTW - Many thanks for your signal - I've made good money from my subs over the past few months

Best wishes

2016.09.08 06:48 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

2016.08.17 21:09  (изменен 2016.09.19 13:52) 


2016.08.15 08:58 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

2016.06.16 12:23  (изменен 2016.06.23 05:51)   

Yesterday to today, I tried to hand communication, has not seen the reply, do not know is not to see, what is the reason. After all, this time is very critical.

2016.06.04 10:09 

I have been following multiple signals in MQL5 now but mr Shoaib has very very good results. I started 19-4 with 3000 euro and my balance is now 4800 euro. All trades are small (low-risk) sized trades. So my experience till now is perfect.

Dmitry Kravchenko
2016.05.17 09:23 

Good results!

Julie Sabella
2016.05.03 19:38  (изменен 2016.05.03 19:48) 

best experience magin call N stop out,ala wasfo,TQ

best of the best

2016.05.03 12:34  (изменен 2016.05.05 10:52) 

Thank you

But DD 45% is scary

Jiaye Chen
2016.05.03 10:26 

No Stop Loss,my account has been destroyed.Don't copy.

2016.05.03 10:09  (изменен 2016.05.05 20:12) 

The description says: System will target to be in less than 35 % draw-down at all time.(risk increased x2 times)

Current DD : 45%.

Update: Things worked out in the end. But still a DD of 45% is not what the description says.

2016.05.03 09:46 

Terrible, Luckly I always test a signal on a Cent account before, it just blew my 6k dollars cent account (60 dollars) in less than one month.

Orest Yaniuk
2016.05.03 08:35 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

Ammar Hassan
2016.05.03 08:21  (изменен 2016.06.27 11:34) 

thank you Muhammad Shoaib, for the good profit and I am glad to work with someone had a good experience in Forex trading like you , but when we can make the withdrawal.

best of luck :)

Andre Patricio
2016.05.02 15:22   

It started good but now he doesn't close losing positions. Day by day is getting worst. He waits forever to get profit. No good decisions, it could lose everything, he wants to be right everytime but it's impossible. When he is wrong he doesn't close the position.


Kamil Olszanski
2016.04.28 17:46  (изменен 2016.04.28 17:51) 

Trading against main trend is not a good idea unless you know how to do it. I do NOT recommend this signal provider.

2016.11.09 14:23 2016.11.09 14:23:19 


At last the most unexpected event became reality.This changes everything on mid and long term for US economy and hence the USD.

Free market at risks ,8 years of US equities progress is at risk going down the flush.

I have to re-evaluate the market ,short term is zig-zag.

Deposits were made to save everyone on full blown risk on move(which didn't happened).And not expected now.

I would need this week to see what is expected through Republican economic policies.

2016.10.11 17:03 2016.10.11 17:03:09 


After assessment ,i have decided to make lot size variable.From now on it will vary between 0.01-0.02 .


At 0.01 lot i strive to get at least 30 pips to make 3$/trade.

> I can't scalp with 0.01 due to higher need of pips in number.

> 0.02 will allow us to make 3$/trade on average of 15 pips rather than 30 pips.

> There is so many times when waiting for 30 pips resulted in missing the target with 1-3 pips and gets back to break even or in loss.

> The average duration of open trade is increasing day to day resulting in extra swap fees.

Hope most of you will agree on this small change.

Best Regards

M Shoaib

2016.10.07 11:59 2016.10.07 11:59:14 


I don't have any idea how the 4 buy trades on GBPUSD pan out for every subscriber because i haven't got a SINGLE response from any of 95 people copying trades.So if someone is reading this please let me know.

Apart from yesterday withdrawal we will make another withdrawal at the end of this month or in the first week of November.

Best Regards

M Shoaib

2016.10.06 19:10 2016.10.06 19:10:18 


A withdrawal has been made from signal account.Please re-adjust your balances or make a withdrawal in equivalent amount according to your own account balance.

Best Regards

M Shoaib

2016.09.26 16:57 2016.09.26 16:57:30 

Important : Trading from 27th sep to 30 sep will have a slight change.Short term trades will be initiated with lot size from 0.02 to a maximum of 0.05

This change will be stopped on Friday at market closing time. Normal trading will resume from Monday, 3rd October, 2016.

2016.08.30 17:24 2016.08.30 17:24:18 


There has been some speculation if i have strengthen my attention towards other signals.This is not true.

I'm waiting for the old trades to gets closed as market is currently in our favor.

The Reason behind low gain and less profit this month is because of market conditions,uncertainty(resulted in less trades) and waiting for Yellen speech in Jackson hole( 26-aug-2016) to confirm hawkish/dovish tone for September hike.

As soon as i get good entries i will start taking trades and with time when uncertainty faints and choppy market condition diminishes the %gain/profit will start increasing.

Right now technical are not that hard to trade but fundamentals are very messy with coming NFP,ECB and FED combo ,if stuck in wrong direction could result in a very uncomfortable situation.So please have a little more patience.

Thanks for understanding.

Best Regards

M Shoaib

2016.08.18 06:43 2016.08.18 06:43:58 


Yesterday FOMC meeting was NOT dollar bearish.Inflation ok,employment ok,unemployment ok,GDP slight miss.More committee members shifted toward rate hike.

A brief review of current traded currencies.

EURO : Resistance(proven) ranging from 1.134x - 1.141x

YEN : Important level of 99.3x support (BREXIT low).

NZD : Approaching 50% Fib retrace on monthly(bias short)

CHF : .95xx is very strong support for usdchf for a test of .98xx with extension to 100.1x

USD : 94.2x with ext 93.6x strong support.

Questions Related IF the trading technique/strategy has been changed lately is NOT the case.The reason for NOT closing YEN trades at 101.1x handle was because i was not expecting a retest of 99.8x after 99.7x low.I'm aiming much higher on yen from 105-109.9x.Its the only reason for holding yen trades.As for NZD is concerned ,FUTURE RATE CUT BY RBNZ this year alone is expected to be 1.5% at the year end.

Rate cut for NZD > weaker NZD > NZDUSD falls.

Today london session is very important as it will reveal if they will give further ext. to dollar losses and if this is not the case i expect sharp rebounds on all dollar crosses ,especially YEN.

Best Regards

M Shoaib

2016.07.29 14:15 2016.07.29 14:15:50 


Entering in Mid term trading mode.Trades on EURUSD,USDCHF and GBPUSD might be held for a period of 1-2 weeks.

Further trades will be very careful as market approaching month end.

Every necessary steps/trades will be taken in case of growing DD.Waiting for US advanced GDP result for further action.

If any update is required ,it will be done after London close.

Good luck All.

Best Regards

M Shoaib

2016.07.20 12:47 2016.07.20 12:47:41 


There is nothing to update about yet Except ECB tomorrow.Technically 1.1 is mild support on EURUSD so a little buying is undergoing prior to ECB monitory policy and rate decision.Expecting everyone to be doing fine and good.

Good luck All.Have a nice day.

Best Regards

M Shoaib

2016.07.09 06:01 2016.07.09 06:01:07 


There is growing tension regarding NZD dominated trades.

First ,USD has upper hand in current market statistics.

Second,Despite crude weakness NZD is not showing weakness which i believe will feel its pressure in near future.

Third,Future RBNZ rate cuts will soon be priced in,resulting in the weakness of NZD.

The current strength of NZD I believe is via Brexit which will be short lived.

Yesterday NFP data was solid,despite negative revision.So i expect NZD to retreat as early as monday coming week and slso expecting USD index to strengthen targeting 100.xx minimum.

Despite these facts/analysis further trades on NZD might be halted in short term.Further trades will be carried out on EURUSD pair as early as next week.

Thank you.

Best Regards

M Shoaib

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