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Kim V
Kim V 2023.01.27 14:09  (изменен 2023.01.27 14:11) 

David, due to your signal is high DD, MT5 not allow me to re-subscribe to your signal after it expired today, and the 2 opened positions are still there without management right now, can you tell me how to solve that 2 opened positions. Please contact my telegram phone number +85511766688, pls help. Many thanks. I don't have any means to contact you except here.

Le An Khang
Le An Khang 2023.01.27 05:30 

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Raylson Da Silva De Oliveira
Raylson Da Silva De Oliveira 2023.01.26 17:53 

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behwj 2023.01.26 10:04 

Bad risk control and strategy to recover

Mary S
Mary S 2023.01.25 07:04   

Hi David,

Hope you are well.

It would be most appreciated if us subscribers can have an update from you on what is going on and where we stand. You are the professional here and we do not know what to expect from the market. Should we prepare for the worst or will things eventually fix itself from your professional analysis? The last 3 weeks have been extremely stressful and i'm sure not only for me but for your other subscribers. An update / reply from you would be great. Thank you.

Tomas2021 2023.01.24 18:23   

Will the EUR/USD go down or will it continue to rise? Should I assume the 35% loss? or wait for it to go down a bit?

Hamed Ranjbar
Hamed Ranjbar 2023.01.24 16:57 

I am very unhappy with this trader. He did not observe the limit of loss at all! I closed the trades at huge losses and fired this trader even though I had renewed for another month. It's too bad I have to pay the full subscription for the days I don't have a subscription!

Massimo Nanni
Massimo Nanni 2023.01.24 07:29 

Last months very good job. In this last month DD too high.

neddyned 2023.01.24 04:49 

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William Ty
William Ty 2023.01.23 18:52   

Trading style changed and author has no reply, so SL and quit this signal. I have experience another trader sold his signal and burn my account, even though I followed that signal for 1 year.