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In Pulse

In-Pulse EA is a fully automated forex trading robot.

Monitors and compares market trends, oscillating and volatile movements.
Each trade is protected by a dynamic Stop-Loss which is calculated on the basis of average volatility.

Safe money management (NO grid, NO martingale), each trade is closed first and then a new one is opened.


Type: Scalper
Timeframe: 5M
Currency Pairs: GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, AUDCAD, EURUSD and others...

Minimum account balance:

  • 50$   on each pair(if leverage 1:400) 
  • 100$ on each pair(if leverage 1:200)
  • 200$ on each pair(if leverage 1:100)

Backtest modeling quality: 99.9%


  • Quick overview of the account on the chart
  • Fast results on the chart

NEVER forget to set the GMT offset!

Input Parameters:

  • Magic Number: Magic number for one pair +1 ... When Magic on EURUSD is 100, so EURUSD Magic numbers are 100 and 101
  • GMT broker shift: Shift your broker from GMT time. When your broker time is 14:00 and GMT time(check on google) is 12:00, set GMT shift +2, because your broker time is two hours faster than GMT time.(check and shift in backtest for best results) ( ICMarkets shift+2, AAAfx shift 0 )
  • Allowed trading sides: Long/Short
  • Trading days: Allowed trading days
  • January trading: Yes/No
  • Money management: When Money management is 'Yes', so lotsize calculated is based on risk from Stop-Loss.
  • Risk percent from balance: When Money management is 'Yes', so risk percent from your balance.
  • Fix LotSize: LotSize, when Money management is 'No'.
  • Max.Allowed LotSize: Max. trading volume 
  • Stop-Loss in pips fix: Fixed stop-Loss, if Stop-Loss from volatility is 'No'
  • Profit-Target in pips fix: Fixed Profit-Target, if Profit-Target from volatility is 'No'
  • Stop-Loss and Profit-Target from volatility: When 'Yes', so SL/PT is calculated from average volatility
  • SL/PT multiplier: When average volatility is 100 pips, and you set multiplier on 0.5, so SL/PT will be set on 50 pips
  • Stop On Profit (In your currency)When a profit is made, EA paused
  • Oscilator Filter: Oscillation monitor
  • Trend Filter: Trend monitor
  • Max slippage: Max allowed slippage for opening trade
  • Max Spread: Max allowed spread for opening trade

Recommended setttings:

  • Money management: Yes 
  • Stop-Loss from volatility: Yes and multiplier  0.5
  • Profit-Target from volatility: Yes and multiplier 0.65

Other informations:

  • Trading is paused on christmas days. (18.12-1.1)

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Версия 1.3 2020.09.19
-January trading
-Christmas days paused trading
Версия 1.2 2020.09.19

-Predefined MM set on yes and fixlotsize from 1.0 on 0.1
-Get Last error to text
Версия 1.1 2020.09.17
Stop On Profit