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Multi scalper pro

Multi scalper
Fully automatic trading robot
The robot is intended only for ECN accounts
Simple and easy installation. Just launch the robot with basic settings for 20 currency pairs, and it will start making a profit. The only thing you can change in the settings is the lot size.
Account type: ECN
Currencies: audcad / audchf / audnzd  / cadchf / cadjpy  /chfjpy  /euraud  /eurcad  /eurnzd  /eurusd  /gbpaud  /gbpcad  /gbpchf  /gbpnzd  /gbpusd  /nzdusd  /usdcad  /usdchf  / eurgbp / aydjpy 
You can work with any currency pairs with an average spread not exceeding 1.8 pips.
Timeframe: M5
Minimum deposit: 50 $ -100 $ (see the table for calculating the deposit for different leverage, in the photos below)

Description of settings:
MagicNumber: magic number (no need to change the value)
Slippage: slippage (default 3 / no need to change the value)
Max spread: Limit on the spread. The maximum spread is 1.8 pips. If the spread is greater than the specified one, the robot will miss the signal. (no need to change the value)
Fixed lot: Function of using only fixed lot. If we use a fixed lot, then it is necessary to put the value 0 in the Risk percent line.
Risk percent: automatic lot calculation. I recommend using a fixed lot, and leaving the value 0 in the line (risk percentage).
Traling: Trailing support for open positions.
Grid: position averaging / true-on / false-off
Step grid: distance to open the next order in case of an unsuccessful entry. By default, the step is 70 points.
Max orders: 10 (no need to change the value)
Martingiles / averaging: true-enabled / false-disabled
Multiplication factor: value 1.0 will use averaging with the same lot size
Minimum profit: the minimum number of profit points to close the order grid. The default is 5.0. I recommend not changing this value.
The robot works with basic settings for all currency pairs.
Have a nice day everyone, best regards!
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