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~~ What this is ~~

This is Grid EA for EURUSD. 

Generally, Grid EA has much unreallized loss because of its trading tacitics.

if the price goes over the range EA expected, more and more unreallized loss increase.

This EA uses MACD to entry when trades are likely to be profitable soon.

In addition to that, limit and stop of each trade are calculated from the current volatility

This EA solves such  unreaalized loss problems due to these two tactics.


please set Timeframe Monthly

---Parameters ---

In this EA, "spread","positions","FridayEndHour" parametes are currently unused.


it is used for adjusting lot as you want to trade.

the formula is here :  lot = equity / denom


(when equity: 3000$, denom :30000)

lot = 3000 / 30000 = 0.1


This is used for distinguish this EA from other EAs


This parameter is for compound effec

if this is true, lot of each trade is modified based on current equity, following the formula(   lot =  current equity / denom)

if false, lot is modified just once  when EA starts.


this is for safety function.

if the balance is under StopBalance, EA doesn't start trading.


this is for safety function.

if the margin level is under StopMarginLevel, EA doesn't start trading.

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Версия 1.2 2020.09.17
Add StopBalance, StopMarginLevel
Версия 1.1 2020.09.15
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