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ADG gainMaster MT5

This advisor enters the market at the opening of London Market. It has a automatic function that give buy (arrow up green) and sell (arrow down red) signal when the indicator met high probabilities requirements.Once the signal is generated it is the trader discretions to start the order button and do trade manually. Stop loss are base on ATR. Recommended Take profit is 20pips. The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. 


  • For 1 Month: 79 USD
  • For 3 Month: 199 USD
  • For 6 Month: 399 USD
  • For 1 Year: 449 USD


  • Unlimited used: 499 USD (9 copy left next price is 599USD)

Monitoring and proof of wins https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/817317

Timeframe is M5.

Minimum account balance: $100  .02 lot size.

Default parameters are for EURUSD M5.


  • Every trade is protected by stop-loss
  • The is not sensitive to spread or broker, you may chose any broker you trust to
  • Good resistance to unexpected market events
  • Stress tested with 99.90% tickdata using variable spread
  • The EA is very easy to setup and use

Note: Please checked GMT timing! In order to get best results, you have to set the time according to your broker GMT Offset

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