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This advisor enters the market at the opening of   London Market . It has a automatic function that give buy (arrow up green) and sell (arrow down red) signal when the indicator met high probabilities requirements.Once the signal is generated it is the trader discretions to start the order button and do trade manually. Stop loss are base on ATR. Recommended Take profit is 20pips.  The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners.  Monitoring and proof of wins :  https
99 USD
A consistent winning trade result with very low risk is something that we can treasure in world of trading. This EA works best on NZDJPY pair only. Stop loss protected, so no worries for account burning. Start trading with the very low lot size of .01 (you can up size your lot size if you want). M5 time frame TP: 20pips SL: 22pips No Martingale, No Dangerous strategy. Use smart indicator for best entry. News filter to stop EA before high impact news Smart time filter to avoid unexpected
149 USD