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Bra50 Artificial Intelligence Bot EA5

Bra50 Artificial Intelligence Bot EA5 (BAIB) is an Expert Advisor based on neural networks that differs from traditional robots available on the market that use statistics as the basis of their operations. The BAIB maximizes your profits through incredible artificial intelligence that makes the data more potentiated through pattern recognition and complex calculations. The neural networks that make up the BAIB maximize their weights and synapses according to the available data and in this way, the robot becomes highly adaptable to market fluctuations and able to predict with a high degree of precision the best actions to be taken in order to maximize profits. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Attention!!!   This Expert Advisor should only be used on the Bra50 asset and M30 timeframe!
Broker with Bra50 asset: ActivTrades

BAIB has a unique Artificial Intelligence strategy.

  • It BUYS when a neural network interprets an upward trend.
  • It SELL when a neural network interprets a downward trend.
  • It rarely reaches stop loss and take profit levels.

Easy setup
  • Symbol: Bra50 
  • Time frame: M30 
  • Recommended lots: use the minimum lot (0.01) for one week and increase according to your investment profile.

    Simple but effective

    • Test before you buy.
    • Apply the EA on the M30 chart.
    • Enable the "Allow algo trading" button.


    If you have any questions, access our telegram group:
     Telegram group
    Good luck!

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