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Candlestick Patterns Basic EA

Have you ever asked yourself if the candlestick patterns really work? .

I made an EA that is capable to recognize some of them. The main idea is to use it as a tool to realize if they can be profitable in some situation. 

The EA is totally free, that means that you can backtest it but you also can test it forward, in that case you better use a demo account until you are sure how to make money.

You can read more about the patterns that I used here  .

You can propose other patterns and I will add them in the new versions.

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Monica Labrador Lopez
Monica Labrador Lopez 2020.08.27 13:12   

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Версия 5.0 2020.09.15
Now the Break Even and Trailing Stop Loss option works without the need to initially put a Stop Loss
Версия 4.0 2020.09.10
a small adjustment in the closing system for profit
Версия 3.0 2020.09.08
Optimized Lot Management.
Added a big variety of closing systems.
Added a filter time that includes, daily, hour and minute filter.
Версия 2.0 2020.08.13
In this new version I give you the option to select more than one pattern at the same time.
In addition, you will be able to see from what type of pattern the operation was opened in the identification of the EA.
This new update was an idea proposed by the user "MdHaiqal".