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Five Indicator Algorithm

5IA is a complex algorithm that has a heavy emphasis on money management and user control. It works by assigning specific functions and rules for the following indicators :

- Baseline: Ichimoku (Kijun Sen)

- Confirmation Indicator: CMF  

- Volume/Volatility: CHV 

- Exit Indicator: CCI  

- Money Management: ATR

Time frame: All, I recommended the Daily one, No matter the time frame,  Backtest with optimization strategy tester! to find the best settings;

Currency Pair: All, Personally I trade all at once on the Daily Chart;

5IA works by analyzing previous candle information in contrast with indicator values. That being said for daily time frame, the system needs to be online 15 min.  from market open (In my case market opens at 12.00 AM and 5IA  is working from 12.00 - 12.15 AM).

Recommended account balance: 2000 EUR or USD to trade all Pairs at once, but do not take this as a lower limit, it works well even with smaller sums.


5IA Features:

-              Set your own level of risk (Percent of the account equity. Default 2%).

(Ex: If your account equity is 10000 and you set the Risk = 2, maximum allowed risk per trade will be 200.)

-              Dynamic lot sizing ;(Ex: the lot size will change based on the market volatility determined by the ATR and your risk.) or you can use the fixed lot size option.

-              Fine tune your stop loss and take profit level (SLRatio and TPRatio);

(Ex: SLRatio = 1.5, will mean a stop loss placed 1.5*ATR; TPRatio = 1.5, will mean that the take profit placed 1.5*ATR);

-              Dynamic trail stop. (Can be disabled)

-              5IA parameters can be changed by the user to accommodate different currency pairs (I strongly recommend to use the mt4 Strategy tester to find your own personalized settings per currency pair, use optimization test for all parameters).

-              Baseline that protects against price turning and limiting losses, also deciding the direction of allowed trades;

-              a Confirmation indicator that is used for getting trade signals;

-              the Volume/Volatility indicator for preventing a side way market order and false signals .

-              Controlled order exits based on the CCI indicator;

-              Money management with the use of ATR, affecting the stoploss, takeprofit, and lot sizing;

- No trades are placed without a a stop loss (to prevent crazy market movements) but, if a trade goes south the other indicators will get you out long before it hits the stop loss.

Before you use it on a live account:

Backtest with the strategy tester optimization setting for at least 3 year period.  https://www.metatrader4.com/en/trading-platform/help/overview/strategy_tester.

Using personalized settings for each Currency  Pair is your golden ticket!

(Tip: The setting with the most return is not always the best, take the draw down into consideration.)


5IA by default is set for EUR/USD Daily chart:

DynamicStoploss = True/False             Disable or enable Dynamic Stoploss feature;

Risk = 2   Maximum risk allowed per trade 

FixedLots = 0.0 Change this with the desired lot size if you don’t want an automated lot sizing based on the Risk. 

SLRatio = Stop loss ratio, 1.75 will place  the stop loss 1.75*ATR. (Do not set this to 0, 5IA is hard coded to with a Stoploss in place). Recommended a minimum setting of 1 .

TPRatio = Takeprofit ratio, 1.5 will place  the takeprofit 1.5*ATR. 

TPRatio2 = 0; Take profit ratio, 1.5 will place  the takeprofit 1.5*ATR (If you match the values of TPRatio and TPRatio2 you will take all the profit at once;)

BaseLineParameter = The parameter for the Baseline Indicator. 

Conf1_Parameter = The parameter for the Confirmation Indicator. 

VolumeParameter = The parameter for the Volume/Volatility Indicator. 

ExitParameter = The parameter for the Exit Indicator. 

CCILevel1 = Exit Indicator upper level.

CCILevel2 = Exit Indicator lower level. 

Some good settings for the Daily chart;

Curency  SLRatio
 UsdCHF 1 1.1 33 50 12 16 110 -90
 UsdJPY 1 1.5 15 35 15 38 150 -150
 GbpUSD 1.2 1 86 64 16 20 140 -120
 UsdCAD 1 1.4 18 38 9 16 140 -120



Big thanks goes to  VP”, check him out his youtube channel,  “ No Nonsense Forex” !

If you want this system with your own custom indicators email me at  moisebogdanM.@gmail.com (only free indicators accepted).

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Версия 1.75 2020.09.21
Code update for Dynamic StopLoss Feature
Версия 1.74 2020.09.20
Code cleaning and optimization
Версия 1.73 2020.09.19
Added a simplified option to disable Dynamic Stoploss;
Версия 1.72 2020.08.28
Added EUR/USD Settings
Версия 1.71 2020.08.21
Code optimization for better performance
Версия 1.7 2020.08.13
Inproved Lotsizing