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Storm Breaker

Storm Breaker is a professional Expert Advisor.

The best result is on eur/usd on a 5 minute timeframe.

It uses very precise and effective protocols to open positions in precise market conditions.

It is the result of a long study on the Forex market.

The tick-by-tick 99.99% backtest was carried out on 7 years of data. Tested with high spread.

The parameters can be totally customized. There is the possibility of using fixed lots or reivest profits through the "Automatic_Lots" function.

Storm Breaker NOT use Grid or Martingale.


  • Automatic_Lots = "ON/OFF", for allow the reinvestment of profit
  • Fixed_Lots = lot size (default: 0.01); --> only if "automatic_lots" is set to "OFF"!
  • Capital_For_Every_001_Lots: only if "automatic_lots" is set to "ON"! 
  • Magic_Number = unique number for each chart (default: 13462)
  • Comment = order comment (default: "Storm Breaker")
  • sma= length of simple moving average (default: 100)
  • smma= length of second simple moving average (default: 300)
  • break_out_livel= period of bars considered for the breakout channel (default: 28)
  • volatility: intensity of the volatility filter (default: 0.0009)
  • seasonality: for allow seasonality filter (default: ON)
  • stop_loss = stop loss 
  • take_profit = take profit

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