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Advance Trend Expert


Welcome to introduce my Expert


Advance Trend Expert is a simple use Expert Adviser (EA) that attached to Meta Trader5 chart and use medium term trend and short term trend and some parameters to create signal. This expert protect you against high spreads and allow you, decrease risk of trade by set Trailing Stop-loss. In addition, chart Time Frames set automatically by your choose and you don’t worry about change your Time frames! If you Set wrong value for Trade Volume, Expert changes the wrong value to the minimum acceptable volume. 


Time-Frames= We Recommend you choose 1 Hour Period;

Every trade is protected by Stop-loss that you set;

You can set maximum spread of trades;

Use 1:100 Account leverage;


·         GeneralTimeFrame:  Is an Time-frames of your chart;

·         TradeVolume: Fixed trading lot;

·         Buypendingprice: this parameter open an buy position X-point under Bid price (1 pip=10 point);

·         Sellpendingprice: this parameter open an sell position X-point under Ask price (1 pip=10 point);

·         ExpireTime: Request Expiration time (in Second);

·         Buyst, Buytp, Sellst and Selltp: Stop-loss and Take-profit of long or short position in point (1 pip=10 point);

·         MACDFASTEMA,MACDSLOWEMA, MACDSMS and MACDTimeframe: This input use for Set MACD indicator parameters;

·         Sleep: This factor help you position didn’t open in same situation! (Delay interval in milliseconds);

·         TrailingStop: Set your Trailing Stops in point;

·         MinimumProfit: Set minimum profit of your position to active trailing stops;

·         Maximum_Spread: It’s used for set maximum spread that you allow your expert to trade;

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