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Mr Bee MT5

I present a new EA for long-term trading, an advisor for all pairs and for all life:)

By default, the EA has a low trading frequency and does not use scalping, martingale and other risky technologies, but if you want to increase the frequency and add risks, then you can reduce the accuracy, do the built-in re-optimization and/or enable grid trading.

EA contains following input parameters:

  • Fixed lots size (Lots) - fixed lots size for trade, default 0.1;
  • Lots as percent (Risk) - lots as percent from deposit, defauls 5;
  • Use grid orders multilots (MultiLots) - is a multiplication size factor for grid lots, default 0.0;
  • Profit for grid orders (GridProfit) - profit in pips for calculating and closing a grid of orders, default 1000;
  • Step for grid orders (GridStep) - pips step to open the next order in the grid, default 20;
  • Orders count maximum (MaxPositions) - maximum number of orders for grid trading, default 50;
  • Margin Level minimum (MarginLevel) - minimum allowable percentage for Margin Level, default 0.0;
  • TakeProfit (TakeProfit) - is orders take profit, default 100;
  • StopLoss (StopLoss) - is orders stop loss, default 1000;
  • Trailing Stop (TrailingStops) - is orders trailing stops , default 100;
  • Maximum spread (MaxSpread) - is maximal spread, default 50;
  • BUY Accuracy (BuyAccuracy) - is signal accuracy in percent to open BUY orders, default 10;
  • SELL Accuracy (BuyAccuracy) - is signal accuracy in percent to open SELL orders, default 10;
  • Indicator Filter (Indicator) - is the indicator used, default Candlestick Pattern;
  • Optimization Period in bars (OptimizeBars) - history period in bars for auto optimization, default 100000;
  • Auto Optimization (Autooptimize) - activation of auto optimization mode, default false;
  • PlayMonday,PlayTuesday,PlayWednesday,PlayThursday,PlayFriday - is time to play on weekdays, default "00:00-24:00";
  • PlaySaturday, PlaySunday - is time to play on weekend, default empty string;
  • Magic (Magic) - is orders magic number, default 16072020;
  • Comments (Comments) - is orders comments, default empty string;
  • Show signals panel (Visualize) - enable trade signals panel for visualization, default false;

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