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Stochastic RSI

This is the standard stochastic RSI indicator.

You would think if you look into source code for stochastic, and RSI indicators given by Metatrader and combine them you get the job done? Wrong! The sources given by Metatrader, when combined to get the stochastic RSI final result, will cause problems in calculation for last few candles unless you change time frame and come back to see the accurate result. And when a new candle is opened, you are facing the same problem again.

This is an indicator that is written from scratch without using a single line of code from original source codes provided by Metatrader. The formula is accurate without any wrong behavior. The result perfectly matches same indicator with same settings in standard websites like trading view.

The settings are tweaked a little to get faster response. The standard settings for stochastic is 3 for both %K and %D we changed them to 2. This will result faster response to chart without any lag.

Don't try downloading a demo. If you try downloading using the demo option, indicator will stay blank without drawing anything for you!

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Версия 1.5 2020.06.05
fixed array out of range error
Версия 1.1 2020.06.05
just a minor fix for some typo. nothing special