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This robot will help you manage your sell orders;
If no sell trade is placed, the robot will place one for you, once you attach it tho the chart that you prefer. If sell orders are already placed, they will only be managed.
About the inputs: 
-Profit in Pips: It can be smaller that the Trail Above Input only if you don't want to run Trailing Stops.
-SizeInLots: Pretty obvious :) 
-STEP: If the trade is going negative by Step pips, a new trade will be open
Trail_Pips: The amount of pips that you will trail 
Trail_Above: Trail_pips will be activated only when the position will reach Trail_Above pips. For example: If the trade will reach 100pips profit(Trail_Above), a 30pips Trail Stop(Trail_pips value) will be activated.

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