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Neural Trader EURUSD

This EA optimized for trading EURUSD . theoretical can trade every forex symbol. It is easy to setup only few input parameters. Just decide chose and set your Money management setting adn start tarding. EA use for trading signal varius standartTechnical indicators and settings.

EA traded only at first of new bar. so that are real ticks. Open price and every tick test should be nearly same.

No grid or martingale! No manual configuration or adjustment needed! Every trade is protected by stop loss.

Recoomended To use EURUSD  Timeframe H1

You can find signal for this ea hier. Please consider in this signal only EURUSD is coming from this EA

You find this neural startegie EA for other pairs


Minlotsize for every X amount of balance

Entry fix lots

Percentage of Balance to risk

Base Magic Number

GMT offset of your broker

Session open hour

Session close hour

Max. allowed Spread

Use Signal 0 - true/false

Use Signal 1 - true/false

Use Signal 2 - true/false

Use Signal 3 - true/false

Use Signal 4 - true/false

Use Signal 5 - true/false

Use Signal 6 - true/false

Use Signal 7 - true/false

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