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Mythical Bot Pro

For DEMO version visit our demo product here.

This is a scalping robot / dashboard. Three extra types of signals that it gives you:

1- Counter Trend Signal : Based on factors that would indicate a possible change in the direction of trend.

2- Breakout Signal : Based on the factor that when price gets outside of special channel calculation, there is a high chance to retrace back to the middle of the channel.

3- Candlestick Pattern Signal : This is based on many different candle stick patters to send out the signal (read bellow)

To get the base signal beside those three mentioned above, we use seven different factors :

1- Leading Momentum : Calculates a momentum that is really leading.

2- Momentum : Calculates the second momentum. This one is not leading.

3- Impulse : Calculates possible impulse move between candlesticks.

4- Ratio : Calculates a ratio between candlesticks.

5- Market : Calculates market's sentiment.

6- Flow : Calculates the flow of volume.

7- Price : Different price action factors that should all agree to each other for this factor alone.

Only when all seven of the above factors agree with a buy or sell signal, we get the "base" signal. After getting the base signal, we add four filters to reduce the number of false signals:

1- Trend : Calculates the trend line and custom factor that shows the strength of that trend line.

2- OBV Direction : Calculates the direction of OBV movement

3- OBV Phase : Calculates if the OBV is in rising phase or falling phase

4- Prediction : A simple neural network system (not LSTM) that tries to predict the direction of market movement based on many factors as input

Only when all four filters agree with the base signal, we get the Final signal.

The professional version features :

1- User has additional help to find the market direction prediction to let the bot automatically choose between buy or sell conditions

2- User can choose to turn On/Off any of the base factors to get the base signal

3- User can choose to turn On/Off any of the filtering factors

4- Candlestick Pattern Signals are professional only feature

5- Market Heat Map is professional only feature

6- Options window is professional only feature

7- User can set the number of positions allowed per market and in total separately

8- Break even and Trailing stop is professional features only (not included in version 1.00, in progress for later versions)

9- Equity lock is professional feature only (not included in version 1.00, in progress for later versions)

10- User can choose between using base signal or filtered signal

The bot has a section to show your position / balance info in total and per market base. Also like normal version, it has sections for position management per market.

People can use this tool as a dashboard for manually open / close positions, or let the robot work and operate it only.

In our tests, the accuracy of filtered signals is above 80% on scalp take profit. 10% of the positions may need more than a week to win but they will eventually win or get scratched with minimal to no loss, and only 5% of the signals would get into trouble beyond this point that would need user's direct handling for getting them closed with some loss. In general, if you let the bot work on all 28 pairs with the minimum of 5 positions per pair, you will get 100-150$ rise in balance, although, the equity will fall back with some gap when the bot is turned on because it will constantly open positions for you.

Keep in mind :

1- Two of the panels (bottom right and the one above it) is not included in this bot and are free tools you can find either in market or on forums.

2- Minimum amount of balance to use with 28 pairs and 5 positions per pair, is 5000$. We don't recommend any amount bellow 1000$ (use only 5-6 markets and 5 positions per market or use 28 markets but 1-2 positions per market, first option is better)

3- Although the bot has a section to automatically try and predict market's dynamic direction, we highly suggest that you operate the Buy/Sell options yourself and only use this dynamic prediction for short times when you are away from keyboard and not in front of PC.

4- Estimated gain, fully automated all time, is around 20% per month. When operated manually, the number of problematic positions will drop hence higher gain per month.
Отзывы 3
Sun Minh Lay
Sun Minh Lay 2020.07.03 04:42 

For me, safety is above all. EA's BE function works very well. When BE turned on Auto mode, EA still opened more than 300 positions and closed with profit, albeit very small. I bought more than 100 EA on mql5 but this is the most satisfied me. This is a very good EA and professional coding.

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bundesrepublik 2020.07.06 14:25 

I'm not very convinced about the safety here.. But happy to change my review if it can be proven different Update23/07. The idea behind this EA is good, but it's definitely not giving 10% or so per month considering the DD you need to carry all the time (I don't agree with the vendors claim- Its far away from reality). There is also no control for news or sudden market changes. The claim to have 9x+ accurate signal is simply not true and in real market condition is impossible.The fact that this EA can't handle the bad positions with side trades or averaging is a big problem. The vendor needs to work on this EA since there are "bugs" and "interface issues". The price of this EA is just too high

Sun Minh Lay
Sun Minh Lay 2020.07.03 04:42 

For me, safety is above all. EA's BE function works very well. When BE turned on Auto mode, EA still opened more than 300 positions and closed with profit, albeit very small. I bought more than 100 EA on mql5 but this is the most satisfied me. This is a very good EA and professional coding.

hossirainy 2020.07.02 11:50   

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Версия 4.3 2020.07.20
- Fixed a potential bug that would cause the failure of opening positions with returning -1 message.
- Removed Alerts from the failure of a position opening, now only puts printing in the expert tab of the terminal
- Added position valid time. This will help to scratch any position that keeps open beyond the valid time. The setting in the input section is hours, so, for example, if you want to have a valid time of 3 and a half hours, you would set to 3.5. The default value is 12 hours. In other words, if any position remains open beyond 12 hours, the moment markets get back to the position and we pass the swap and commission, the position will be closed automatically. This should help to reduce the number of problematic positions a little bit.
Версия 4.2 2020.07.02
Fixed a bug that wouldn't let Noelia's time frame sit on H4 and D timer frames and would jump from H1 to M1.
Версия 4.1 2020.07.01
Fixed a minor bug that was causing the Market Phase Button not showing proper timeframe when using the Change All time frame buttons.
Версия 4.0 2020.07.01
1- YOU NEED TO RESET YOUR SETTINGS AGAIN (sorry for that this should be the last time)
2- Added EQL (Equity Lock) button, if it's turned on, when the gap between equity and balance is less than the value you set in the options section, in addition of alarm, notification, and email, it will "FLATTEN" your account (close every open position). Also, the message will be slightly different indicating the flattening.
3- Changed the default spread limit values based on my ECN account on the "Alpari - ECN 1" server. These values should much closer to everyone's broker and maybe a few points of adjustment per server or broker may be needed.
4- Added On/Off button per market. When a market is off, it will completely bypass calculations for signals and filters giving more responsive result and faster info update to those people who are not using every 28 pair. The off markets will show black buttons and if they have any open position, only the profit loss section will have a much darker background. Keep in mind, the calculations for ATR, spread, break-even, and trailing stop will still work and continue on off markets, so if you have any position open in them, there is no reason to worry.
5- Added more time frame options for Noelia's Market Phase calculation from one minute up to daily. The default value is still 5 minutes.
6- Added "All Changing" buttons for Noelia's time frame, hitting any one of the 7 buttons, will change every market's base time frame set for the "Brain"
Версия 3.0 2020.06.18
Added Intensive Selection mode to Dynamic Direction Prediction
Added Auto Min Max selection to taking profits in different timeframes
Added Default values for break-even, trailing stop and their gaps
Switched the Default take profit set to 15 minute maximum of three
Switched the Default state "ON" for trailing stop and break-even
Версия 2.85 2020.06.18
Fixed a minor bug that was causing the wrong selection of "take profit" in different user selection cases. Added a little logic for more aggressive dealing with turning OFF buy/sell cases when the selected take profit is in 5 or 15-minute ATR situations and the direction prediction is happening in 5 or 15 minutes. In other words, if we are predicting the market in 5 minutes or 15 minutes, and at the same time we are targeting the second or third take profit targets, we need to turn off the buy or sell condition faster so that near the end of a wave we won't fall into a position that won't hit take profit.
Версия 2.75 2020.06.17
Fixed a minor bug causing the buy-sell manual settings to reset by the bot when the dynamic direction was turned off for that market. Fixed the logic. Now when you turn off the prediction, whatever you set for buy and sell will be persistent.
Версия 2.7 2020.06.15
A little code adjustment, trying to fix a bug when some positions are opened in ECN type accounts without a take profit being set.
Версия 2.6 2020.06.12
Minor adjustment, when you turn cleaning mode on for a market, it won't open a new position on that market until all the positions get scratched and the cleaning mode automatically turned off or you turn off cleaning mode manually. You don't need any resetting of the options, just update and refresh the list of experts for this to update on chart like any other updates.
Версия 2.5 2020.06.12
Added a cleaning column, when activated for a market, will close positions the moment they starting to go above 0 in profit. This is a perfect way to turn on the option for a market when that market is facing a problem and needs to close it's positions as scratch traders.

Версия 2.2 2020.06.12
Added sanity check for when the account is ECN or ECN Pro and the position fails to get it's take-profit. Now it will try to raise the take profit point by point for 2 pips and retry again. In the end, if it still fails to put the take profit order, the operator will get an alarm so that he can set that one position manually, shouldn't happen often but when the operator set to use lower take profit targets had a chance of happening.
Версия 2.1 2020.06.11
1- Fixed EQ buttons in option panel not functioning, now you can properly adjust the gap for equity alarming in the options panel
2- Changed the logic for toggling off buy or sell near the end of a phase a little, now should have better reaction toward the end of a phase with mush less window time for false signals.
3- Added logic so that when it's session OFF time, if any open position gets positive profit, even a single cent, the robot will immediately close the position, cleaning the panel for the next active trading session time as much as possible.
Версия 2.0 2020.06.10
Version 2.0 :

1- Changed the algorithm for dynamic market direction calculation to a whole new and much better and accurate one (Noelia's Market Phase)
2- Added the ability to choose to take a profit target per market, no more limitation on that.
3- Added functionality to Break Even, and Trailing Stop, Two buttons added per row to toggle them on/off per market (B, T buttons)
4- Added a function that will send an alert, notification, and email, when the difference between Equity and Balance is less than the EQ option you have set.
5- Changed the code for minimum possible take profit, instead of using 20 points as hardcoded minimal limit, now we are using the information from broker and set the minimum possible value.

Keep in Mind :
1- You now need to reset your settings for the additional factors to behave properly. Turn off the bot before updating, reset settings, tweak settings to your desire, then turn on the bot again.
2- Break Even, Trailing Stop, only works when the Start and Gap parameters are not zero.
3- EQ Alert, notification, and email only works when the EQ setting is not set to zero.
4- Only use Trailing stop and Break-even, when you are using higher take profit targets (Dark Blue and Orange values) else, for 1.7 pips for example, there is no meaning to use something like that. But again, it's up to you.