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Capitalism On H20

This is my finest creation. The EA uses a stable Martingale system to increase lots after a loss. Any Black Swan type market movements can be anticipated and corrective action can be taken if in a draw down. A good understanding of the forex market is expected. The EA took eight years to design based on research of data history. It uses artificial intelligence. This is the advisor you have been looking for. This is how smart traders get involved in the markets. Fifo Compatible.

Input Description

InitialTradeDirection - starting direction of trading: 0-purchases 1-sales
TradeType-type of trade: only purchases, only sales, alternating purchases with sales
CountGrid - number of pending orders
GridDistPoints is the distance between grid positions
KoefGridDistPoints-coefficient for changing the distance between grid positions
MartinForGridLots-coefficient of trading volume change between grid positions
TakeProfit - take profit of the first position opened on the market
Lotfix-trading volume for the first trade
Multimartin-coefficient for increasing the trading volume of a hedging position
KoefDistance-coefficient of change in the distance between positions in the grid of hedging positions
ProfitValue-closing all positions when the specified profit is reached
RecoveryMartingaleSwitch-switch types of hedging positions
HedgeMartDistPoints is the distance between the hedge positions
KoefHedgeMartDistPoints-coefficient for increasing the distance between hedging positions
Magic - the magic number of positions opened by the expert Advisor
Komment-comments for positions opened by the expert Advisor


10k USD per .01 Lots is safe 

Place Countgrid in inputs on at least 3

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