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VPS Sentinel

The VPS Sentinel Expert Advisor will be your ally to protect your trading capital and keep you updated of the status of your trading terminal (MT4) running on your remote VPS (Virtual Private Server).

With the VPS Sentinel running on your terminal, you will have a first line of defence against any problem that could occur. You will also be able to:

  • Define a Global Stop level (Stop-Out) and decide if you want to close all your pending and running trades if your equity drops below that security level.
  • Be warned if your MT4 disconnects from the trading server (so your EA won't be able to receive new ticks and won't execute any action).
  • Receive notifications if any order exceeds your maximum predefined number of lots per trade.
  • Receive push alerts on your phone to warn you if something happens.
  • Receive emails to your own custom address warning you if something went wrong.

If you have your EAs running on your own computer or on a VPS server, this tool will very useful and valuable to you to avoid any disgusting surprises.

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Версия 2.0 2020.07.16
Updated multi-symbol execution on closing orders.