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Audusd IM Maverick EA

This EA is totally and exclusively developed for AUDUSD, it's a more complicated variant of the original intermarket EA our team developed, except that the tests showed that only AUDUSD can be traded at minimum risk, and minimum drawdown. So we further optimized it for AUDUSD.

Please note the new 5th version has default settings for use on the 30min or 60min chart.  Specific setings for use on other timeframes will be given to clients, testing is still in progress.   This EA  can also be used on EURUSD.  The ideal input settings found are different,  you have to set

elasped bars to 3, and threshold to 29.

It appears that this EA is capable of making $4,000-$8,000 per month, on a large account on the one hour chart, on one lot, at 100:1. It is not clear if the best way is to run it on a single chart, or on 2-3 different AUDUSD charts, so as to reduce risk even further.   We are currently on the 4th version of this EA,  much better than the 3rd,  and still trading one trade at a time. We are not sure about trading up to 2 or 3 smaller size trades, and if it wouldbe better. However it's not possible to test this at the moment.


This EA is very hard to simulate,  so we tested on actual tick by tick live action, and it was able to pass these basic tests on the hourly chart trading

3-6 hours on each test.

It is based on the 'Maverick' type of algorithms, optimized for AUDUSD, using inter market (IM) data.

Maverick algorithms are called so, because they were developed in isolation and in original thinking, without using pre-existing or popular indicators.

Their development goes back several years, and we use machine learning and pattern recognition methods to spot the exact algorithm used. This work is based on small data samples, as we want the EA to make money here and now, we don't care about backtesting over10 years and millions of trades. It has to be profitable over few hours!  Trades last from about 2 hours to 10 hours each.

Automated trading AI for AUDUSD, complex algorithms, intermarket patterns, machine learning, single market analysis.

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Версия 5.0 2020.08.13
This is a solid, brand new version, which works much better than all previous versions.
Версия 4.0 2020.07.21
This is called V2, but actually has been upgraded to version 4, with new algorithms to make the EA work over smaller time frames, and at much smaller drawdown.