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R1 NinDja

If you launch Backtest in MetaTrader 4, the result that will come out is the execution of the Ultimate signal. whereas Scalping and hedging signals will not be executed because they use Cross Pair signals. he is the Ninja that lurks in the market to steal profits for you.

"You can see the EA Performance in the Signal Section R1 NinDja Ultimate on my Profile"

Are you ready to get your freedom?

Visit for More : https://automatictrader.net/


• Trading follows the ongoing trend 

• Has three market entry mode namely Scalper,Hedging and Intraday 

• Open Transactions Almost Every Day 

• Have a Stop Loss and Take Profit 

• Automatic Lot Adjusts Risk Level of Balance

• Suitable for Compounding (long term investment) 

• Using 2 : 1 Probability (in Hedging Mode)  

• Using 1.5 : 1 Probability (in Intraday Mode)  

• Funds are safe because they only risk 2.5% of Balance per Trade if Loss at Hedging Mode and 1% at Scalper Mode

• Do not use dangerous trading systems such as MARTIANGLE and AVERAGING 

• Trade in 4 Major Pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and NZDUSD) 

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Версия 20.2 2020.08.02
Harmony Of trading
Версия 19.3 2020.07.25
More Profitable and Low risk
Версия 18.3 2020.07.21
G Version
Версия 16.52 2020.07.10
Robots become more active and Powerfull
Версия 16.4 2020.07.08
Great Renewal. EA can perform Sacalping then anticipate by Hedging using 2: 1 probability and Add Intraday mode with Probability 1: 1.5 and Scalper Breakout.
Версия 15.8 2020.07.06
improve profit performance and fix a few minor bugs