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Tradecraft Bitcoin Bot Free MT5

Tradecraft Bitcoin Bot is a FREE version of the Tradecraft trading bot, that since 2016 earned over 65 BTC for its users! (WARNING: past results don't guarantee future profits; most profits were made in the last 2017-2018 bubble)

Unless you are a crypto-veteran, you have to read the instruction to use the bot! Please check the "Comments" section for a link.

Bot Features:
The bot works with the Binance crypto-currency exchange. It does not trade Forex symbols.
- Bot works as a MetaTrader 4 trading panel.
- It can work connected to any FOREX Broker. Bot can use your FOREX price feed, to display calculations of your deposit and profits in your national currency or any other currency paired with USD in your price feed.
- It copies trades of full version accounts allowing you to put your Bitcoin at risk (does not work with USD or USDT, you need to own BTC).
- You can copy one of the 3 master accounts with different levels of risk and track their and yours daily results.
- The sets are selected from over 1600 different configuration combinations, that are being constantly back-tested on the historical 1M OHLC data on the Tradecraft server, to allow you to use best-performing settings.
- Easy to set up configuration, you don't need to browse tenths or hundreds of lines of settings.
- Friendly user interface
- Trade history and analysis

Limitations of free version:
- Maximum supported account: 0.08 BTC
- Maximum trade size: 0.02 BTC/position
- Trades closed on client restart
- Your computer/VPS needs to work 24/7 for bot to trade
- [%] P/L potential may be reduced in comparison to full version
- Trades and Take Profit changes are delayed by 15-30 secs
- Limited number of trades per day

Become a crypto-currency hustler and trade over 200 different altcoins! Bot automatically selects tradeable currencies based on their volume, spread, market conditions and thousands of combinations of options in back-testing!

WARNING: To use this bot you need:
- to own at least 0.02 bitcoin (0.06-0.08 is highly recommended)
- and be able to trade on BINANCE Exchange (US customers are not allowed there).


   1. API KEYS

  • 1.1 Public API Key - the Public API key you create on Binance Exchange
  • 1.2 Secret API Key - the Secret API key you create on Binance Exchange


  • 2.1 Allow Trading - allows you to enable/disable trading
  • 2.2 Auto-buy BNB to lower fees by 25[%] - using BNB (Binance Coin) allows you to lower fees you pay by 25%. This option will buy the minimal amount automatically, when you run out of it.
  • 2.3 Maximum trade size in [%] - This lets you reduce maximum trade size. Values below 20% will cause less trades due too small size of a single trade.


  • 3.1 Select Risk - You can select which master account (from full version of the bot) will you be copying. Each account has risk set accordingly to their names.


  • 4.1 Frames Per Seconds - You can increase or decrease frameskip of the interface. If your terminal takes too much cpu, feel free to drop it to as low as 1. 

More details, in the instruction in the Comments tab.


MT5 version of the bot is not as responsive at MT4 version, due to differences in function speed provided by the MetaQuotes for each terminal, regarding graphical functions. If the interface is not responsive enough, you may want to try the MT4 version, where those issues don't occur. While MT5 version is less responsive, it may also take less CPU time with default settings than MT4 version. 

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