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Greedy Pig Reborn


Expert adviser Greedy Pig Reborn - 100% fully automatic betting type hedging Forex trading robot. Unlike it's predecessor this adviser equipped with a new type of signal module that uses a consolidation range scanner to find best suitable market entries to start a hedging process. This is a long term system,piggy is greedy but uses a smart way to grow big. If you thinking of getting rich over night with this one you are very wrong!


  • ECN account, leverage 1:400 and higher
  • $1000 initial deposit or $100 for cent accounts 
  • Use some sort of vps
  • Account must support hedging 


  • Default settings ready to be used on EurUsd M30 
  • Safe stable trading and low DD despite martingale
  • Consolidation range scanner
  • 4/5 digit brokers
  • Virtual trailing stop
  • ECN order execution style stripping out TP or the standard way sending orders with TP
  • Powerful money management system with 3 choices

    Adviser settings

    • Dashboard settings - Background and frame colors
    • Adviser settings - Order comments,auto/manual magic set,slippage,execution style,spread filters
    • Risk assessment - Risk modes, 1: fixed lot,2: dynamic lots,3: manual lots unit size
    • Consolidation scanner - ADX min strength,ATR max factor,barcount,hilo time frame,ATR time frame
    • Order/Martingale - Profit pips,order distance, lots exponent,max orders,close max exit
      • Hedge idle triggers - RSI time frame, shifts, period
      • Martingale triggers - RSI time frame, shifts, period,buy/sell levels
    • Trailing stop - On/off,virtual,break even, break even pips, start pips, step pips
    • Weekday manager - Control of weekdays and trading times ( Auto GMT offset adjusted )

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